My Zcash / Etherium dual mining rigs

4 x GTX1060 6GB / 3 x GTX1070 8GB / 1 x GTX1080 8GB. ~3000 sol/s / ~ 180MH/s
  • iramike

    the asus 1060 6gb dual oc is to noisy ?? i justa wanna play with this card or is quite ?

  • Mike ™

    Dangerous, I hope you by now built or purchased a mining rack for those cards.. if that table were to get bumped, RIP some of those cards and their fan blades.

  • Francesco Andreoli

    do you recommend the 1070? or do you think is too expensive?

  • Hitesh Bhagat

    hie there.. great setup.. i just also started with my gaming rig. fx 6300 & msi gaming x 1060.. adding another 1060 in a couple f days.i have a ques.. in ewbf miner it shows hashrate of 325 sol/s and in pool it is absolutely incosistent.. like 120 sol/s or 65sol/s or so.. this is going on since 12 hours or so.. making no real headway.. also gpu0 accepted share 155ms.. is this high ms causing my shares to deliver slow ?? will add another 1060 only if it would make some real diff.all those top miners in pool, like you.. they have so much consistent hashrates.. their share chart is absolutely consistent without any fluctuation.. wonder what i can do to acheive that.. plz reply to this.. it would a great help to me.. :)

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