GTX 1070 Ti Hash Rate ZCash Ethereum + Giveaway Info

Quick video to show the hash rate of GTX 1070 Ti. Subscribe and stay tuned for additional information on the hash power giveaway - one lucky subscriber will get to be the boss for a day and reap the benefits!
  • endy1 tandiono


  • Z

    Need help** need help my sol/s are not balanced Gpu0 347 sol/s 1080ti zotac Gpu1 505 sol/s 1070ti zotac Gpu2 733 sol/s 1080ti zotac Gpu3 469 sol/s 1080ti zotac Mining equihash all temps are under 60c 100 pwr 2000core5100 mem

  • Tommy Mai

    I run mine at 80 pw, +147 core, +595 memory and i get 6000mh/s on my 6 1070ti msi good?

  • Levelman

    ZEC: t1dBSyPSd9rxYAFSkPPrqkumQ7jpxUWC96m SKY IS THE LIMIT!

  • endy1 tandiono

    thx 0xd4d7937b3f171cc0d073958123c155d37bb6a9a1

  • alieblic

    What miner are you using for zcash?

  • nelson jones



    Hey Team green where are you? Did you ordered some Asics Z9 mini?

  • ACMartin55

    I had to cut my rig down to 650 on the memory clock. I started getting crazy artifacting on my screen when I had it sitting at your current settings.

  • Halb&Halb

    I am running here a Gainward 1070 Ti, with PL 60, Core +250, Mem +600. I am getting 470-480 Sols. Power is between 105-109 Watt. So Efficiency is around 4.4-4.5 S/W. Think this is very good, what do you say?

  • TheBunnyRuna

    I want to see my power usage and efficiency ! anyone has good knowledge about this?

  • Captain Rylen

    I have same settings on my evga gtx 1071 ti ffw2. Getting artifact at about 700 mem with 200 core and 60 power. I actually get around 490-510 MH. the other 2 cards run 500-512 MH. The crazy part is when i drop down to 650 mem and 200 core and 60 watts of power i get 480-500 when i try zcash. Some of my cards is also getting artifact above 710 -725.

  • raymond

    Hi, I need some advise and help here. I saw your video here and it was a great information provided to all miner. I am using zotac gtx1070ti. When I start my rig with my 1070ti at default settings 100% POWER the gpu clock over boost automatic and fluctuating between from 1760 to 1860mhz(sometime 1900+ without increasing any mhz). And When I reduce the POWER to 70%or75%, the base runs between 1610mhz to1690mhz. The factory default for this card is 1603mhz to 1683mhz, it should maintain in this range when the card start running at 100% POWER. Is my card faulty? I need your advise. Thanks.

  • John Celton

    Eth for giveaway: 0x9A8D7B3A845BfD459511b1024deE2963214e11f3

  • IOS In-app Review

    ETH please: 0xa9e361BB6590c5627ec69E209a5051F96261Cd0dthanks.btw, how much power draw on eth mining at 32mh/s?

  • Mantas Pukelis

    Looks quite empty for such a big space. If you have free space why not host some rigs? I'm a developer can help you setup a webpage even do an ICO to buy more equipment do a mini cloud mining operation>?

  • isake97

    Hey man do you know that nvidia relise new gpu in 2018 tipe gtx20xx or in 2018 stay on old model

  • Noel Ervine

    Hi, what miner were you using that showed the power usage and efficiency ?ThanksNoel

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    Good video thumbs up If your still doing that hash power give away zcash t1Ya1PHPQbMYnTShxdGT5vkW8FxsAbjaBsQ

  • Benjamin Rusch

    Great Video, thanks for sharing! I have a gtx 1080, what OC setup would be best for ZCash?

  • Tesh Singh

    What miner software you using?

  • Tony Stiffen

    Hey man, 1070ti is better than 1080ti ?

  • Tito Shalgam

    i could help u out in video if u agree :P so sure do me favore i want to see the work of ur garage the whole day 24h i will make video of it in return to u :) : BITCOIN : 39Sk21RHmF2zP3F5SxgoH1bf1rUYVdiQbP

  • GeeK APATHiO

    reducing the power limit while increasing the core clock doesnt work, look at your effective clock speeds 1506. its like asking someone to breath then choking them.

  • gofres

    I’m running 1070ti’s at 60% power, 0 core, 700 mem and getting same etc hash speeds but much lower energy consumption

  • Junior Gutierrez

    Hello, i like your video, i don't have idea EWBF miner includes --pec comand it's very useful. are you try wiht DSTM miner? i like to know ypur impressions of this miner. Sorry for my bad english jeje

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