50 GPU Home Cryptomine 1070 Nvidia - Mining rigs

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To control minig farm I`m using HiveOs.
HiveOs link:
Register with PROMO code and You will get 10USD for using HiveOS.
  • Danyel Grauel

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  • elmer nunez


  • Cryptoworld

    One day this world will be full with mining rigs lol

  • y4si0

    You shuold use them for heating in the winter. ;)

  • Jack king

    Good luck actully buying and using this "digial" currency, its only good for buying drugs and illegal shit, can you go into walmart and buy food with bitcoin, no . You are sitting on nothing,

  • Jaimy Muller

    You are one of the reasons why gpu prices are sky high. CURSE YOU

  • Thomas Nunez

    How can i buy 20 or 30 gpus? f they only let you buy one per account

  • Tekken 7

    Can`t wait to invest in GIG9!!what about you??

  • George M

    Hi sir,Is every motherboard working with its own operative system and you launch the miners from each "computer"? or are you using a client-server implementation there? If so, please tell me about the linux distro / windows version. Much appreciated.

  • wind 2800

    i hope this this fad dies soon so that people that use GPUs for actual computers can buy them for cheap when the secondary market gets flooded with them

  • Mark Jones

    You can honestly go fuck yourself

  • Numero Uno

    You are the f****king reason why my Pc is without a GPU!

  • Bomber Domme

    i hope you die on cancer for destroying pc gaming.

  • Casey Jones

    so when did you stop growing marijuana in there and deside to grow coins...????

  • Kyle Kennedy

    this guy still cant play pubg on ultra

  • andre Saintp

    ho much money do you make per day?

  • Anthony Artigue

    its people like you that have ruined the gaming industry.. I hope karma finds you for being so greedy. burn that shit down.

  • S gill

    Why not just grow pot? Lol

  • ghost med

    i will like to get some btc 1CJJVir71YkfCYGDpCihsA8TehjPX9Qnv9

  • elmer nunez


  • ForaPhil

    All this hardware and electricity just to compute some random numbers that are really useless for anything except generating some virtual money. I think the whole concept of crypto currency is just idiotic at its core. It keeps going up like a gold rush but it's just a boom, everyone earning money, but few are actually cashing out. When people start cashing out in high number the value is gonna drop fast.


    how much money you earn per month from these ?

  • richitko hrichitko

    Return of this investment is in deep shit lol

  • desertaxe

    wht's mining? which coin?which miner app.?

  • Zhang Eileen

    i know how much it costs. come on


    You fucking idiot that why the grafics cards cost a lot of money now on 2018 bitch

  • bliz0123

    so thats where all the 1070s on newegg went

  • tom chose

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  • PredZone

    I have still a 770 u want to give me a 1070 :D

  • William Trost

    I hope this dudes house burns down and all those graphics cards with it. Get a real job

  • Slim

    I would burn this dudes house down

  • Isikalu Muiz

    hello i need help how to start my own mining at home to

  • litty mctiddyGMZ

    what happened to actually working for money

  • Lam Gwapo

    Put them on a rack incase of flood lol

  • Kamran

    Karma’s a bitch remember that! You guys messed up the gaming community, once the time comes all you lots will loose out on the profit no revenue will be made. I hope this get banned or anything cause this is cancer! #FUCKTHISSHIT

  • Lee Fall

    Mining is such a waste of energy. POS is the future POW is like the internal combustion engine... it should be scrapped.

  • Todd Smolik

    Surge protectors lol ??

  • Keen Gaming

    Great job keep up the good work!

  • jack daniels

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  • adrianTNT

    @Home CryptoMine what are you mining now

  • Hoglund Hudkins

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