50 GPU Home Cryptomine 1070 Nvidia - Mining rigs

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  • James 18

    thank you for fucking up the prices of gpu's

  • Supernatural

    As a gamer, fuck you.

  • Google User

    you really meant to say 50-60 celcius? or F

  • pitabreadforyou

    bc of you i cant buy a GPU for less then double the original price. FU

  • Heiko Laur

    gimme 300 dollars for rx580 8gb please me want moneyyy

  • Darren Morris

    by my calculations your making $383 a day ?

  • Igor Ś

    143kzSwev2F4mckFjeVgLDx4LPM1G3YYRv split up BITCOIN help me start this trip :)

  • arun kumar

    How to reduce temperature exceed fan.. Are u put an AC that room??

  • TANKkiller47

    Because of you I can't buy a gpu asshole

  • Thats StorM

    so this is where all of the gpu's on every single website is?

  • Sk8footy

    all you fuss are lame as phuck The miner do not affect the market.The markets are controlled by manufacturer's you guys are so ignorant you guys complaini bet all the guys with negative comments are console faggs! and are not able to install the right drivers for a video cardif you dont understand the process of mining and how profitable mining is. Turn on your playstation 4 and play COD: Let the big boys make some money while you cry and moan about only being able to afford 1 video card.Cuh....

  • Shaun Comino

    get a fucking job you fucking neck beard. People genuinely want to play games on their nice pc's they built but it's people like you that won't let them.

  • Blake_Dia

    bitcoins https://www.kryptex.org/?ref=c13d5762

  • Ery De La Guerra

    Wtf this dude is a greedy scumbag. He got like 10 mining rigs and still asking for donations

  • Ryan Jacobs

    Add air filters to remove the dust to keep the rigs a bit cooler also cover darken the windows or cover them to keep the place cooler.

  • aftermath88

    i will mine for ur asses

  • SoftieFTW

    How much does it make

  • Tronoxis Gaming

    where do you live? i wana see this with my "eyes" hehe

  • Ridwan C

    OR maybe try cloudmining instead, instead of building your own rig and mining yourself, you can pay others to use their hardware and setups to mine for you, and make profits, took me not too long to make back my investment and then I started re-investing profits https://hashflare.io/r/F1E252AB Hashflare is most secure and trustworthy, been around for a few years now, and you can calculate potential profits here https://hashflareprofit.com/

  • lim andy


  • Films&videos

    how much you made money in 30 days

  • harold spahn

    i have to agree with gamers everywhere, its shit like this that is killing the market on GPUs just so you guys can hopefully pull more money in than what you have already spent. i find this rediculous and stupid. the other thing i find stupid is that you are asking for DONATIONS!!!! ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE! with all the money you spent on these GPUs maybe you should have kept the money if you need donations, i will not subscribe to you and im disgusted by people like you.

  • lrz bullys

    name fans in wall ? model

  • Peter Parker

    what software are you use for mining???

  • pierre jean


  • Q Money

    How much did this set up cost you in USD? How long did it take to cover initial cost of set up and what's your monthly profits after deducting electric costs? I'm sorry if you already answered all these questions, I couldn't find it in the comments. I'm curious because I plan on setting up my own rigs in the near future. I have 10k to invest and I'm probably going to wait for the next gen GPU's to come out. This is a very nice set up man, props to you. There's the rats nests I've seen the novices all over youtube build and then there's pro amateurs like your set up. Very nicely done. I plan on my set up being clean like yours with a room of my house dedicated to mining.

  • Edward Yeboah

    I neither mine nor game, but this gamer hating on miner thing is one of the most retarded things I've ever come across. Why not hate on all the businesses who use and waste electricity? I'm pretty sure the same market forces are acting on the price of electricity too. Also hate taxi drivers, they have to buy fuel to make a living and the trucks could do with that to deliver PCs and accessories. Also hate on console owne... Might as well just bloody hate everyone who's paying for anything because one way or another the price of a GPU will be affected!

  • Stephan Blaschick

    I hate this. Fuck mining

  • Blacktanhuskey

    bruh be careful they just adverted raid fam they about to blow up your printers and kill u shoulda gone gun dealer first.

  • Stefan Aldea

    where do you get all this power and how much you pay / kwatt?

  • LivePolska

    Where are you from? ;)

  • Jovan Calic

    Why 1070? I thought you could get similar hash and similar power consumption with rx 580, 480? (8gb)

  • Eric Green

    Looks like a grow op, but cool stuff.

  • Will Whitez

    Sounds just as illegal as a grow room in a basement.......

  • Allen Kemmett

    Three words.. Envestment / Return = Loss.

  • Marcus C

    Gamer idiots (And I'm a gamer) You fail to realize that WE are saving the GPU market. You guys abandoned the computer/gpu market during the PS2 and Xbox 360 era. Which should the market cater to? The uncommon computer gamer running 2 cards in SLI (that most companies do not support because of the licensing to run SLI) or selling a set of 4+ cards to a gpu miner, who will come and purchase another set annually IF not sooner...

  • Kevin Vo

    Very nice and clean room, can u please make a video show how to set up the electricity and the fuel box please. It’s would help us save so much money to hire an electrician. Thank you

  • Wayne Hancock

    You should put a smoke alarm in that room...

  • John Kerry

    Please help me buy one of my childhood dreams - a professional arranger from Korg (PA3x for ex.). Any small donation is welcome - bitcoin wallet:14HRBFe2xJBzrhsSPA4d5ypZayib32n3q9REPLY

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