Water Cooling for 8 GPU Mining Rig GTX 1080Ti смотреть онлайн в hd 720 качестве бесплатно на русском

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  • KiemPlant

    "...one zero one eight tea eye cards...."help xD

  • Khosrow Yadegar

    Those who dislike this video are mostly gamers and selfish! why are you gamers hate miners ?! you just want to buy maximum one or two graphics cards and spending maximum 100-200$ more money !!! and that's why you guys dislike every single video on youtube about mining ?! by the way there are lots of graphics cards that are higher and better for games but not good for mining, that's why their price didn't change over time...

  • Karel Zemek

    Hello, i see there is 2 cooling circuits - one for 4 cards. Could you tell me please, how is temperature of water in the circuit and how is consumption of these 4 cards? Thank you.

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  • Anton Evdakov

    Как ты закрепил карты, кроме болта ?

  • Miro Slatinsek

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  • global SOLNKI

    TCC is best Indian coin

  • Bastian Cordero Araneda

    How much money you can make montly? greetings dude

  • 123rkss

    thats one expensive rig. i would have used stock cards and just sink the whole rig in mineral oil ;)

  • jitendra srivastava

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  • m.birol ölmez

    oil cooling system https://youtu.be/fAkfVEQRizY

  • Anton Evdakov

    Ты прикрутил разера к конструкционному алюминию ?

  • Crypto AniX

    hi there i got 1080ti aorus waterforce waterblock 12 of them can u give me some advice for that>? what tools to use

  • BRyan Choong

    bro it is called ten eighty ti


    Looks like this system works too, but how about system leaking? Nice work!!!

  • Chris Ridgeway

    Hey Promining.shop, can you contact me, I have an idea about how to make the rig smaller and quieter

  • Sebastien Lambert

    You did a very nice Setup. Congratulations :)    Quiet and cool.   I opted for GTX Hybrid instead. Easier to setup for me to build. and about the same price i guest or cheaper. I still like your Watercooled rig. :)

  • Esli Abimael Montes Lara

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  • Genius Freak

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  • Ryan Canada

    Nice building. I have a small room near to garage, and the temperature this season always under -15 here, I think this can help me :P .

  • John Adam

    What is the temperature of the GPU?

  • Jonny Boy

    Nice but a massive waste of money. You can get good cooling just spacing your cards more and change that crappy thermal paste that comes from the factory makes a difference.

  • Juan Manuel

    not sure why you made 2 loops.... u should use 3 rads for all the cards.

  • dinerman2000

    what a waist of good graphics cards ,thats why i carnt afford one ,you are pushing the prices up

  • Bart de klerk

    Where can i buy the watercooling parts or kit?

  • Matt Nelson

    N00b. Water is passing straight through and not going through the blocks...

  • maximsx911

    райзеры продавят подложку, и замкнут на алюминиевый уголок, там километровые провода от пайки, и ПИЗДЕЦ картам

  • rayzen67

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  • sss sss

    I need just 2BTC 31hDH8C4bc8DHvwbkZzLqiH9A4TjHjfRe

  • Chok wallet


  • Amador Bautista Jr

    how much did you cost for those water block?

  • Rahman Mohamed


  • Critical Force

    How can i find like this a water cooling system ? i looked Aliexpress but i cant find

  • Critical Force

    How can i find this cooler system ?

  • IgetZTech

    You are the reason I can't afford a gtx 1080 ti, I just need one. :(

  • designamk1

    Hey man. You must use the EWBF miner with the devfee removedhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2007661.0

  • Jakus Jacobsen

    Those poor little pumps are gonna buuuuuurn! A parallel flow system like that makes for very high flow rates. At these rates the DDC pumps get very very hot and can burn themselves out. D5's would have been a better choice or just a serial flow system.Contrary to what may seem right a very low restriction free flowing system uses much more power than a restrictive low flowing system. It might seem like the pump would have to work harder to push through the restrictive system but in reality the high flow system is doing more work (moving more water) so uses more power. The higher the flow rate the more power used and the hotter the system gets. A DDC at high flow can get over 100C

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