World's Fastest? Single Motherboard Mining Rig B250 Expert 19x GPU

One month later update:

13x 1080ti
6x p106
4gb ram
celeron g3930
2x 2400w server psus from Parallel Miner
1x 1600w evga p2 (Could do without if I really wanted to.)
12x 120mm case fans that just so happened to fit snugly in the case
Custom frame from eBay:

RAM/CPU make this thing extremely slow. Takes 15m or something to boot. Waiting on upgrades to arrive. Linux on nvOC.

Haven't spent much time playing with overclocks yet as it seems to be sort of unstable, but it's running fine at the moment on claymore eth/lbry. At dcri -400, I've got 378 Mh/s for ETH and 3360 Mh/s on LBRY. I do believe I'm underperforming whattomine benchmarks for my cards, but will spend more time with clocks and stuff when upgrades arrive.

240w power limit on 1080ti and 80w on the p106s. Total at the wall is about 3800w.

I was only getting a measly 520 Mh/s mining ETH only. Whattomine says I should be getting 590 on this setup. Will work on that later. (this was at 170w powerlimit though I believe)

14x 1080ti results in no boot. Hopefully a bios update in the future fixes that somehow. There's the possibility of mixing AMD and NVDA cards on one, but I don't see any suitable/easy methods for that on Linux.
  • Danil Kiselev

    ебать монстр на 1080ti....

  • ekifalen estrada

    My PC spec:Mb asus b250 mining expertDual Psu 1800wHdd ssd 76gbRam 8gb10Vga: 2 asus, 6 gigabyte gtx, 2 aorus: @nvidia 1080tiWin10Miner nicehashPage memory: 50gb - 60gbMy problem: when I am running 6 vga, it works well, but when I running 10 vga, only 6 vga worked and the other vga is crashed (not detected by nicehash if I restart again the nicehash)Is there anyone has the same problem with me?Is there any solution for my case?All comment very very appreciated, thank you

  • Anonny Moose

    Can this run off a typical house wall outlet?

  • Erfan Gholampour

    Awesome! If gpu's weren't this much expensive where i live I'd definitely build a gpu rig.

  • Wouter Dewet

    How are you running the motherboard with only one power supply?

  • Michael R

    I cant seem to get it powered up. Does this MB need a power switch? Currently using EATXPWR A and only habe 6 cards plugged into PCIEX16_A1 through A06.

  • Andre

    Fuck you from a gamer's perspective. Chasing up the GPU prices. Dick.

  • Christopher Richardson

    This is definitely a pull a stupid face video. New Bitcoin 7nm chip pcie card will go in this nicely when they arrive.

  • Puspendu Kumar Ray

    Sir I want help I have 5 amd Rx 580 (asus oc dual 4gb )Asus mining Expert motherboard 1000 w power supply & I get only 17 mh /Gpu what can I do


    fastest with stock cooler

  • Achuthan Param

    I too have this motherbord, but I have trouble figuring the "auxiliary power connectors"...did you connect all three to a single connector to your PSU-A? or did you use three socket to PSU-A?

  • Arun roshan

    Do I need 3 powersupply fro sure to start this motherboard

  • MusicLounge

    im running a monster i9 64gbram 10gb hdd 1tb ssd liquid cooling and solar with thermaltske tower and 21gpus 20 11gb and 1 6gb and i got profits within months

  • KeelanOD

    where did u get the p106s?

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Yeah lets kill all gamers dream by increasing the price of all GPUs for 100 times

  • Kerem Güvenel

    Hi,I have a problem with B250 Mining expert.When i connect 2 x Sapphire Rx580 8GB Nitro+ ,1 x Sapphire Rx580 8GB Nitro+ Special Edition and 3 x Sapphire Rx580 8GB Pulse to Asus B250 Mining Expert with Everest Forza 1200W PSU all is working but when i add one Sapphire Rx580 8GB Nitro+ SE to 7th slot, there is an "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart" error.I think there is an PSU problem and i connect one more 1200W PSU to Slot B and add one Sapphire Rx580 8GB Nitro+ SE to B slots (6 graphic cards in A slots, 1 is in B slots) PCIx1 but same.Could you please help me to solve it?B250 Mining Expert motherboard EATX12V, EATXPXR_A, AUXPWR_A1, AUXPWR_A2 and AUXPWR_A3 connectors, 6 risers and 6 graphic cards connected with first PSU.Specs are Intel i7-7700 , 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHZ RAM, 250GB Samsung SSD.

  • Lamri Mayouf

    donate beer pot bitcoin 14M4mWKQQAGUpmTwduCJEBhP8sK8e5W7T2

  • Juneao Alfred

    Believe me.. me and my brother was poor son of a bitch.. luckily his GF don't care.. probably because he know how to ehem.. perhaps.. we start to build shit mining rig and kbaammm!!! No pain no gain. This is Trailer.. the movie is coming soon.

  • Erik

    Hello, I have the same mobo with 12 RX 580 8G without connect the 4 pin input to the left of the pcie (I do not know the name of these 3 input), but I saw that you have connected it on your rig. So I am wondering if is necesary to connect its or not?

  • Necro Nemesis

    I like it. Breakout board server psu arrangement is brilliant. Going this route only 2 drawbacks I can see. 1. Downtime puts a lot of cards idle so I’m hoping for stability. 2. Current limitation on number of AMD cards.

  • Michael Harcrow

    Where did you get the material to make your frame?

  • HaL Moss

    Those poor graphics cards going to waste

  • Ben Hayes

    This is why gpu's are expensive and sold out

  • DEVUNK88

    most importantly what are we all learning from everyone building there own mining rigs?

  • shunorrr

    we want to play games!!! you fuckt us all with your stupid mining

  • Timothy Reed

    What sucks is that I can’t find a decent vid card that’s not marked up $100+ anyware. Nice setup guy and thx

  • Nikolay Ganovski

    what software and OS you use for mining?

  • Eduardo Alves de Souza

    More leds , more coin! KKK Nice rig

  • yutaku gaming

    how bitcoin in 1 day ?

  • Kevin Rodriguez Roman

    Are those the Nvidia GeForce now servers? 😂

  • Daniel Ramirez

    This is why ram isn't cheap huh

  • Mike Fara

    Can we see the board instead of 2 minutes of video cards? Some people here are looking to see how you connected the risers. Sigh.

  • Tuan Tran Thanh

    Hi all, I trying to set up 2 1060 on this asus, after few mins on BIOS, it said "" Please power down and connect the PCIe power cables for all Graphics Card" and then frozen...what is problem ?

  • RamcioELDiablo

    Best mining is gpu's.

  • Ryan Sharp

    So sad, all those cards could have had a greater purpose in life.

  • Crypto Mining

    Link Hashflare (Cloud Mining): de descuento: A4045DC0-2

  • redkevlar

    How do you monitor the video output? You're not using the onboard HDMI. My board has no output from onboard HDMI, so...I'm wondering how you are doing this.

  • Thomas Rossum

    You have all that and then you got a intel stock cooler

  • npsit1

    Why buy 19x $800 GPUs ($15,200) that may pump out 512Mh/s when you could spend the same amount on four Antminer S9s which would give you 54,000,000Mh/s?

  • Aman Khatri

    Let's grow up together I subscribed your channel now it's your turn. Subscribe my channel and let's provide audience to each other and grow quickly

  • Shaaf Studio

    This is the reason for the high price tag for Graphics card

  • RAH

    but can it run crysis tho

  • Ron Laws

    At least it's running a Decent OS :D

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