How to Bios Mod RX 570 33+ mh only 85Watt

if you need help Pls tell me full details about your system specially motherboard 

RX 570 33+ mh only 85Watt Bios Mod

How to Mod Bios Sapphire nitro+ Rx 570 37mhs(step by step)

How to Bios Mod Gigabyte Aorus RX570 4GB(Step by step)

iNSTALL Epu-6 Engine Increase Mining and Gaming Power on Low Watt Consumption

All the files Clean for virus.If you see the virus message ,its just a ad cancel it and download the Original file.

OverdriveN tool

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Driver

EPU6: How to Increase Mining and Gaming Power on Low Watt Consumption

MSI Afterburner


Ati Pixel Patcher


Manual ATIFlash in CMD: cd C:\ Atiflash atiflash -p 0 1 2 3 4 5 romname.rom


moded rom:!Wh8CwYaL!1PeS-vO8HBIE2Gt1Zgds3DHWjTe2q3KQjy8r_iYc6oA

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RX 570 33+ mh only 85Watt Bios Mod
  • Gaultier Garnier

    This is BS. Trying to get more than 30-31 Mh/s with those cards is a very bad idea.

  • Pemburu Janda

    hay...., help me, I have a vga 570 4 units. but the Hastrate I can only 15Mhs. total 60Mhs / 4 Rx 570. Please help me,,,

  • tarang patel

    rx 570 elpida need to bios mode current is 20 MH(ETH)

  • Pablo Rabanal

    question that way we do not shorten the useful life or rather how long it can last to undermine. Thanks in advance

  • E Money

    Kindly share the link of moded rom for elpida rx 570 4gb

  • Nazia rattri

    Do you have any good advice for RX580 ? i have RX580 and need some tuning as you doing 570

  • Vinh Tran

    what model is your motherboard. I want to get the same one. right now my rx 580 is hashing at 31-32 mh. I need the last step

  • Nikos keeper

    this is 160W actually

  • Whitek Fatalis

    lol dumb video, he using gpuz for measuring wattage

  • Peter Callison

    Epu 6 is only for Asus and was discontinued 6 years ago and does not support RX series - so what's up?

  • Aleksei Bogomolov

    Автор, молодец!!!! Работает данный метод. Три карты RX 580 дают в итоге 105.1 Mh/s

  • David Westenberger

    totally fucked up my card.

  • unfragablegaming

    Epic fail. GPU-Z shows 83W + 55W + 16W for a total of 154W consumption of the GPU

  • David Lopez

    Your gpu is going to burst into flames.

  • Vikas Ahuja

    you couldnot make understand people up to the mark. you have to improve very much communication skills.

  • Miner Gyn

    Hello Friend! I followed his steps and it worked out right here, I'm with the cclock at 1150 and mclock 2100, it's giving 33 mhs, but I'm having problems with memory, it's hovering, I noticed that at gpu z it drops to 1000 then rises to 2100 , then come down, come and go, how can I solve this?

  • CrayzZzyLeyla

    Hi guys. help me pls i have rx 580 nitro + 8GB (samsung) and motherboard Asus Prime z270-a. Need MOD bios and 31Mh/s =(Heeeelp (

  • Juan Carlos Benitez

    Hello, try to install the bios and give me an error, "does not match the subsitema id".My vga is Gigabyte Aourus Rx570 4Gb Hynix, I'm using "atiflash_277".What am I doing wrong?

  • Shofiqul Islam

    Hello bro can you please help me mod my RX 580 8g Nitro sapphire GPU memory type micron for increase hashrate and power consumption. mu system is main board Asrock pto btc + 4 gb ram. thanks

  • Miner Gyn

    Friend I was able to follow 35mhs, I realized that my Last Reported Hashrate increased with the changes, but the Current Calculated Hashrate did not increase, the rewards are the same way, it is as if the more earned mhs were not accepted by the pool, you did it ?

  • Gary The Lion

    Damn, my card is broken after I flashed the card. I could really use some help. I got a blue screen after I flashed the BIOS. How to recover the BIOS.After reboot the card is not recognized anymore and the only graphics card working is the on board. Please help!

  • SliderX

    Thanks man 👨 I got - 3 3 mh confirmed😂 Are you still here

  • Beetle Bayley

    See you're trying to weed out the competition....

  • Solid Solon

    has anybody else tried this epu-6 engine for mining... great video by the way... I'm looking for those old mob right now so I can give it a try...

  • Akseniya Cvetanova

    friend what processor you uses?

  • Canadian Bitcoin

    hi does this work with elpida?

  • Srikanth B

    This is a terrible video with no evidence what so ever on how the result is acheived,

  • mr Drew

    Run hwinfo and check memory errors. You will burn your memory chip.

  • Marko Jovicic

    Can you mod my original bios please, sapphire nitro+ rx 570 8gb samsung memory, can you please help??

  • Akseniya Cvetanova

    friend what processor do you use

  • Mark Ballard

    Setting DAG epoch #31. We're at epoch #174. 6:43

  • Carlos Eduardo Sarcinelli

    Show! Is this possible with the RX570 in the hiveOS??

  • lant92

    Hello. Does this rom works with all RX570 Hynix models or only with Sapphire Nitro + ??I have Asus Ex RX570 4gb hynix, mobo is Biostar tb250 btc pro

  • Miner Gyn

    Staff works yes! I managed to increase from 29 to 35, only to a problem of recognition of increased mhs, the pool continues the same thing, I will have spent 20 hours and not increased the rewards, it's like I'm mining with my 29 mhs

  • pankaj bhambhani

    Gpu2 hangs in opencl call, you need to restart miner. Getting this error after tried changing cables,slots,core,memory etc settings. Pls help somebody if u know any fix

  • David Westenberger

    IF YOU FUCKED UP YOUR CARD LIKE I DID THESE ARE THE STEPS TO FIX YOUR GPU OR AT LEAST WHAT I DID TO FIX MY GPU.STEP 1: boot using integrated graphicsSTEP 2: At this point your computer will recognize the card but thats about it, it will be giving you a TON of memory errors. flash the bios back to origional bios.STEP 3: card will still be super overclocked, so go to device manager, go to the rx570 and click uninstallSTEP 4: right click display drivers and click scan for hardware changes and it should re-add your rx570 and make it be back to normal OC settings. Thanks for making me waste a good hour and a half of my time!

  • chanchal koranga

    i have 24mh max on my sapphire RX570 8G after Modded bios.....

  • Cid Sapient

    lol 33.2Mh is the theoretical maximum of 580 8GB samsung cards with perfect binmeaning no one will ever hit that on a 580 let alone a 570and anyone hashing above 29Mh is hashing above 100watts on any AMD card

  • Nikola Lazic

    Can you make a video to show us what you done in this bios pls, or can you send me original bios of this card pls. Thanke you

  • Protric dz

  • DollarJonny

    После прошивки биоса нужно пропатчить драйвера atikmdag-patcher так как они без подписи.

  • muhler lorenzo

    Good work!!!? amazing and super nice videoonly you are sharing something new on netafter watching your video i subscribedyour amazing chann.. THANKS.

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