8x GPU GTX 1080 Ti Zcash Zec Mining Rig

New build today to test z270a motherboard with 8x GPUs
  • NS Farm

    How did you connect 5 GPUs to 1600W? My gpus come with 8+8 pins and the psu come with 9 slots only for gpus , I need 10 slots for 5 gpus :(

  • Luis Carlos Tirado Casillas

    Thats why now you cant find the gtx 1080Ti under 1000$

  • Goyren Add

    Fuck you, really fuck you, you are the reason why i cant buy a good graphics card

  • frozn00

    Any way I can get a parts list?

  • Ben Otum

    Can it run minecraft

  • Paul Mita

    I have x10 MSI gtx 1080 ti cards ... Stock settings and 100% power .Each card does 680/700 . Low I think ...The problem is the I cannot overclock at all this cards !If I try to overclock even +100 to memory or clock ,the rate drops to 630/650 .Same for power limit ... if I drop to 80% the rate goes down to 630/640 .If I add the +200 on memory for examples ...the pc freeze . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Ian Kelly

    Waste of good GPU's.

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