8x GPU GTX 1080 Ti Zcash Zec Mining Rig

New build today to test z270a motherboard with 8x GPUs
  • Graphic Tutors

    Help! Does this system perform well for a render farm?

  • fat4ll

    u gotta do 80-85% tdp.... and try to go for 3.5sol/w

  • Liftheavy

    What kind of processor fan are you using and how much Ram ?

  • Bircan Ali

    how you intall your windows mate?

  • Oto Toradze

    hey man, can you tell me something about connection failover ? i mean there is option in claymore which lets you reconnect automatically to the server but i can't find it EWBF miner..

  • jibcamera

    thnx dude....killer rig!

  • Amit Mathur

    Hello What is the name of cables you are using to connect GPUs to MoBo? If possible please post a link. I have asus x299 Prima A which has 6 Pcie and2 M.2 slots. Planning for 8 1080ti rig.

  • Ray Luxembourg

    What mining method are u using? and how much monthly does 8 1080ti's can generate? and after having such a rig do you think you would have bought ASIC miner instead?

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