Ultra Cheap Mining rig. Earning $45 a month. NiceHash & Digibyte

This is my super cheap mining rig that I use to sell hash power on NiceHash and mine Digibyte. I spent $100 on 2 GTX 1050Ti 4GB Windforce GPUs and added them to my old old 2011 PC that ha been collecting dust. Now I can put it to work and earn a little BTC. Which I immediately turn around and invest in Ripple before Swell (10/16-10/18)
I had a hookup on the GPUs from a family member, but I want to work my way up to 3 GTX 1080tis.
This is more of a hobby and something I have recently gotten hooked on.

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I also give away Bitcoin form this as well!
  • VaibhavLovesCrypto

    Wow..Your journey from gamer to crypto expert is really awesome ..👌👌👍👍💐💐

  • Sean Harris

    Can I get away with mining DGB with NVIDIA GT730 graphics card that sits in a CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra?

  • stfuna4b

    45 dollars a MONTH? Get the fuck out of here.

  • muhammad anas

    How u connect 2 gtx 1050ti

  • N T

    hi what pool were you mining digibyte ? What hash rate to get 15 digibyte per day ?

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