8x GPU GTX 1080 Ti Mining Rig - Fresh Build w/ Faster Cards, 2400w PSU and Warehouse Update

Direct Link for 2400w 94% Platinum PSU Kit ($159) -


Direct Link for 160w ATX Adapter ($34) -

  • Goku Godly

    Y'all rich with good job just have one 1070 :(


    Do you power your cards with dual 6 pin cable instead of all 8 pins? I see on the psu that there are only 6 pin at the source but I can't see the 2 plugs on the cards very well... I want to power 8 gpu with 2 psu, 1 1000W and 1 1600W but my 1600 psu has cables with 8 pins at the source and 1x8pin+1x6pin so there would be 2 pins missing... I am wondering if I have to buy other cable with dual 8 pins or use the 2x6 to 1x8 that comes with my gpu to cross the cables to plug all the cards.

  • Harry Hightower

    The PicoPSU your talking about works great i bought one from them and put together my own kit the only problem i see is no remote shut down using there Breakout board with the PicoPSU set up and 2400 W psu . other wise powering it all with the server PSU works great .......

  • Flower.

    How much humans did you killed or, how much kidney's did you sell for getting this Comp-- I mean Nasa Comp?

  • GS850GLZ 1982

    Your circuits could handle 10k watts , no? 60amps * 208 * .8... never heard of 208 so just curious.

  • Very hea

    omg new vid ~ nice ~

  • Alexandru Costan

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video.I am taking baby steps in expanding my mining rig, currently I have 6x NVIDIA GTX 1070 ,and I just ordered a couple of more.The Delta PSU runs on 200v-240v, how can I fix the issue as in my house I believe the wall sockets run on 120v.Also, I am using a KILL A WATT meter to measure how hungry my rig is, and I am confused about something.The meter says it consumes 108v and about ~1100w, how can is that possible if I am running with a 1000w PSU RM1000x. Are these real values ? Am I maxing out the PSU and also the electric sistem in my house or that specific socket ?Thanks !

  • leejameswhitehouse

    Are you renting servers? :)

  • Patrick Wright

    Do you have 6 pin to 8 pin adapters for the server power supply? Is that not an issue when plugging in your gpus? You mentioned gpus are rated at 250 watts a piece. I imagine that is two 8 pins connectors on each gpu and then the risers need power. Can you do a video on how you connected the gpus with that power supply?

  • Anthony Lipari

    what hash rate you getting on the 1080ti's ? with what coin?

  • Anand GymBoy

    I am interested in that 2400w PSU, how much noise(DBa)? I am planning to put it in my living room

  • Jonathan Woodside

    But, can it run minesweeper?

  • Newb Miner

    What is the total wattage on the server PSU when you moved the MB over?

  • Shane Walker

    Is this just a hobby because you have a lot of expensive accessories plus a giant warehouse. I would think you would need to fill that place up with rigs to pay the bills.

  • Long K

    Nice, Zcash just enter the Asian crypt market...

  • Rod

    Did you have a fire extinguisher?

  • Gold Brick

    Hi, have you taken apart the Power supply from the HP server, I have few of them Do I have retrofit for what you showed at the beginning of the video.Can you share please.

  • Mark Konialian

    Hi team green. I am very curious about your power solution. I just got a unit that has 600v 3phase service with 125amp panel. What do you have and also do you know the calculation. Thanks

  • Flipaholics

    how long does these gpu's last, and how many hashes a sec are they alltogether? really considering setting up a rig like this

  • Leonardo Joy

    are you using SniffDog miner?


    how much ram in total for 8 1080ti or for each one....???

  • Goku Godly

    Y'all rich with good job just have one 1070 :(


    hey my brother what is up?$ still on the zec?? how is the new space treating you and whats your plans for the future? thanks for sharing you guys got me started mining. peace

  • ArianPilot

    Looks good, I have 10x Evga 1080ti FTW3 myself and looking to get another 70 next month; what are you guys mining?

  • Stéphane C

    Nice video, what is the référence of your hp psu on the first rig ? Witch extension do you use to provide pcie express cables with that kind of psu ?

  • Patrick Wright

    has that motherboard adapter damaged the board? is it stable? Any issues. Many thanks.

  • osityan

    Did you find that your shelving unit for the rig was adequate and held up ok?

  • Christian Dominguez

    How do you connect ATX PSU with the server PSU? Does it power up together?

  • Ruben Hc

    How do you connect the risers to the 12V server power supply?

  • i_i52i_i

    How much cash per day via this?

  • 8030609

    link for power supply?

  • Stock Market Investing

    Wow thats a lot of hash power! Beautiful :)

  • Dax Kent

    Great Video as always.  Very informative and thanks for sharing your experience.How are you rebooting the system using the ATX adapter on the 2400w PSU?Does the Motherboard Power switch still work as it normally does with an ATX PSU?  or do you have to use the button on the breakout board?I use these boxes to PING monitor my rigs and then cycle the power if they don't respond.  The relay connections just trigger the power switch on the ASUS mother board.https://www.brickelectric.com/io-system-c-2/bem104-server-remote-reboot-swtich-and-auto-ping-monitor-p-42.html?zenid=6c93e0940cd0353211f836a003e64a7f#.WiQq5E0_m_4It's a great system for my windows rigs and handles locks, freezes and pretty much all issues by simply rebooting the server automatically.  Be great to keep them in place with these new PSU's.   Any thoughts?

  • Daniel Silva

    hey, Team Green First things first, very nice work!I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind, how can you connect 8 graphic cards on the same motherboard?What are you mining?* I ordered 4 Antminer L3+ but they just email me saying that it's already out of stock!! *so, I'm thinking to start to build my own mining ring!Many thanks in advance!!!

  • Ben Babo

    just a heads up with that asrock mb. It's a mega pain in the ass to try and get 13 cards on it and to run stable without the pcie USB touching and shorting. I had to make little spacers to prevent it from making gpu falling off bus in simplemining. Bits be trippin mixes different riser types to combat this as well in his 13gpu video. I would like to see if that 16x slot can be fitted with a 4 pcie extension. Super jelly of your mining lab and would love to have a spot like that in the future. Keep up the good work and thanks for the content and feedback you provide.

  • Jaden -

    mad fucking respect for this

  • Marco Ruiz

    I'd also like to know more about the PSU, where did you got it? how do you power the risers, GPUs?

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    hmm, I will check out this psu, keep the updates coming

  • Peter Cocks

    So you're not mining ETH?

  • Matt S

    Are those outlets all on the same circuit or separate? Surely each one isn't its own invididual circuit?

  • Fahad Swati

    The digital currency Bitcoin, once a toy for computer nerds, is now soaring in price, triggering a new gold rush.I bought 5 TH of SHA-256 just shy of 1 year ago . My Verdict, it is truely a great product, great returns, especially if you decide to reinvest your funds. After the first 1.5 Months your initial investment would have been covered, from then on, all returns are profit (If you decide to withdraw). I highly recommend reinvesting, as Albert Einstein once said "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world". I have made over $9200 from a simple $750 investment, that being because I reinvested. To signup here is the link. Start from as low as 2.2$. https://hashflare.io/r/3094F42

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Hey man, I recently got one of thoes 2400w psu, but on the board some of the pins are further out then others. I think you also have some of those. Do you think that is a problem, or just have they came?

  • Grand Maester

    can you tell me how and where do you mine? im new to this

  • mark gaviola

    what kinda hash rate can get with one bench

  • Barnabas Busa

    Why do you need the EVGA PSU if you recommend the Direct Link adapter? Isn't the direct link supposed to make you get rid of the original PSU altogether?How many cards could you potentially power up with this 2400W PSU?

  • Reggie James

    Is your warehouse air-conditioned? What is the heat like looks to be a large open area. any fans or venting?

  • Carlos Ivan

    the ATX Adapter doesnt work for 8-pin processors thats why you dont use on your rig ...

  • Bossin Shid

    But can it play Crisis on ultra setting?

  • Fatin Aziz

    can someone send me 1 bitcoin please , i want married ...i need it, may god bless u sir Luno : 1DvGorSpGVDhMUsSbXrzwwi4hjKbT27Z6B


    Great vids!! Bro maybe you can help me. Im watching you videos and im wondering, what psu shud i buy for my rig. I want to run 6 1080Ti. An 1200w Psu its enough for everything?

  • Custm

    what CPU? and what RAM?

  • Lateema Spencer

    Is there a specific sequence that you must use to power the psu? I plugged it in and got a yellow light. No cards plugged into it yet... No green light on the left breakout board... and the numbers do not light up...

  • Laker Chaser

    Dude this setup is so legit. Hope you guys are killin it right now...

  • Gghh Ggggyy

    Why not using one motherboard that runs 13-14 GPUs instead?

  • Elias Nord Boden

    I have 2x watercooled gtx 980 ti, will i profit from mining?

  • jason lee

    Does the asus z270 boards support 7 gpu? I thought you needed an addition power supply like molex/sata port in order to give pcie slots extra power to support more than 4gpu which the asus z270 does not have. I'm contemplating switching to those because I'm having some issues with my biostar b250 btc+.

  • Thien Nguyen

    Hey Team Green , How much is cost for using the 2400w PSU including 1600w for evga power supply ?

  • V S

    Sweet ! I got the same 2400 W weeks ago runs 8 1080 tis just fine / P.M. company that sells them rocks :) Also about that lil' Pico Psu pls be careful when touching it with bare hands ( gloves should help) I have seen one of them burned ( oils on your fingers) ... They work just fine even 160w version should be fine but they have super unprotected boards... Hope this helps Thank you for another great vid ! - Quick question : why did you switch from Asus to Assrock ?

  • Lauren Ennis

    Can you give me a complete breakdown of the parts list for this rig?

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