My first mining rig (5 x GTX 1080 ti) and problems I had setting it up to mine crypto currency.

This is my first mining rig. I built the frame from scratch and currently has 5 EVGA SC Black Edition GTX 1080 Ti mining through NiceHash, although I originally was using simplemining OS. The Motherboard is an ASRock H110 Pro BTC+. It's powered by a Corsair HX1200i Platinum and Seasonic 660w platinum.

Due to stability issues with the Seasonic powering 2 of the 1080ti, the settings for those two cards are stock core clock and memory speed with a 65% undervolt. The 3 cards powered by the Corsair 1200HXi are at 80% with 90+ Core Clock and 500+ Memory Clock.

I made this video because I wanted to share some of the problems I came upon when building this, and also the solutions I came upon. This is my first video so feel free to share any constructive criticism so I can get better!

Also thanks to the channels Bits be trippin' and IMineBlocks for being the inspiration for getting me into mining.

GPU: 5 x EVGA 1080 Ti SC Black Edition
CPU: Pentium G4400 Processor
Motherboard: ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+
Ram: 2x8 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX
Power Supply 1: Corsair HX1200i Platinum
Power Supply 2: Seasonic 660w Platinum
Powered Risers: 5 x PCE164P-NO7 Version 007 Risers
Harddrive: 120 GB SanDisk SSD+
$20 copy of windows
About $35 worth of wood to create the frame
  • BigPaco213

    1080ti’s r the way to go! Idk why ppl saying AMD is better

  • Occlusion

    what.... my 1060 makes 3 dollers per card wtf... and my 1080 makes my about 5 doller just for that card

  • John May

    if you have 12v+ going through your motherboard-to riser card- to gpu. then have your 6pin express power connector from a different psu which is supplying the motherboard you can create a issue. especially with power supplies which like to sit at different voltages. I have personally tested some which float around 12.3v and some at 12.6v. you would need to disconnect the 12v+ going through the riser card from the motherboard and swap it for the 12v+ rail on the same psu supplying power to the gpu. basically you need to isolate and separate the voltages from the different power supplies. other wise the power supplies are fighting each other and any digital power correction is useless and going haywire all the time.

  • Dj0nT

    well done fucking piece of shit of miners .

  • Jokubas Vogulis

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  • onelife oncoding

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  • Melih Kalayci

    I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  • Diana

    How much did the whole thing cost you?

  • Daniel Mullen

    great vid really well explained for beginners like myself starting out, bit of noob question how long will it be before 1080ti become old and useless nonprofitable to mine, like when 1090ti or 1100ti's come out , i am half afraid start buying all the hardware knowing my luck i would accumulate all gpu's then setup by that stage newer gpu's be out 1100ti ?

  • Juan Guido

    Can we drop a bomb on these people using gpu for mining... i wanted to buy a gtx 1080ti but the fucking thing is around $1600

  • nina farnendus

    Wow a wonderful project gig9, looking promising and yielding all the way good luck team

  • kostas kotanidis


  • Casey Martin

    Go kill yourself for wasting these 1080Ti'sPiece of shit.

  • james r

    bitcoin mining disgusts me

  • Pandagasm

    shouldnt skimp on the PSUs, get the best ones you can, with the highest efficiency rating as it'll save you money in the long run. Two AX1200i would be good.

  • Stephan Blaschick

    I hate Mining with graphikcards 😠

  • Xamontt

    So thanks for helping screw up the video card market making it impossible to build a new PC

  • Ezequiel Bogado

    La concha de tu madre minero de mierda por culpa de ustedes las GPU estan carisimas, Ojala se te quemen todas y te cagues en tu puta madre

  • Burak Doğan

    Bitane bana ver oruspu çocuğu.

  • Florian Höbler

    please die cryptocurrency!

  • johnkop4

    Can you play video games?

  • Greatest Ever

    you ruin prices of gpus

  • Mr Haider

    Surely the cost of electricity outweighs the mining????

  • Jamie Yeo

    Funny how many people are saying you cant make your monney back got a 4 card 1080ti payed itself off in 4 months and has been running for almost 2 years now with out a single issue except haveing to replace 2 120mm fans guessing half the propaganda is to stop more people geting in to it so more free money for us and other half sad gamers who could not afford a card they dont fucking need any way 1080ti at worse is up by 200 rrp its not this 600 700 bs every one is saying

  • peppercar

    Sorry, but two minutes of your video was all I could stand. You need to be less animated. You have to hold your camera still. Trying to look at the hardware while you are jiggling and moving gives people headaches! Also, anything can overheat and start a fire. Even the best equipment can have manufacturing defects that will cause an electrical short. Never use wood for a computer rack - never! Always use metal!

  • no name

    How to connect external display

  • 77garga

    gtx 1080 TI draws over 300w per card and you need your total consumtion to be around 60&%of your total PSU power

  • Tonixz Mac

    18$ on adaptor lol just use a paperclip bro

  • ZUKI

    Just curious what is your current profit? I have 4 of the exact same cards also using Nicehash and I start sweating if it ever goes below $21. I would say my average is about $27 but it hangs out often in the $30 - $32 range. Of course I run my cards really hard and have about the max overclock they can take without crashing.

  • Som Nath

    It'll be the best option to install solar panels instead using regular electricity..

  • SkyNNyy ZxT

    Fuck miners fuck you hope you die u fucking cunt

  • hunter leazer

    How come people don't use ubuntu for mining and not windows ubuntu is free u can install it on multiple machines and it will install to a flash drive I hate windows in general I think people get frustrated with the Linux commands but it not hard to learn if you try I love ubuntu and fadora both

  • Phil Games

    Great rig 👍I’m trying to set my gaming pc up to mine but the GeForce GTX TITAN Z come up as UNSUPPORTED?I’m using NICEHASH v2Can anyone give me some advice as to how to get it supported please,Thanks,Phil.

  • Alex Paponette

    oh so this is why i cant find a gtx 1080ti at msrp price


    5x 1080tis and 18-20 dollars a day well my rx 560 ... i dont wanna talk about it

  • Inceptionz

    This guy has a Pentium cpu... Wtf

  • MSaifullah Samsudin


  • Jorden Datwatt

    Now we have so expensive graphic cards because idiots like this dude use it to mining...

  • Chadd Johnson

    Fuck you guys making graphics cards expensive

  • androciber

    those gtx 1080ti are making 3 pounds each worth of bitcoin :)) my gtx1080 makes 5 pounds at least

  • Ace Ortiz

    hi, can you please confirm if only 4 x 1080ti for your 1200w psu. or just 3 x 1080ti. just want to double check. thank you

  • VerbatimShelf 3

    i run a 1080 and an i5 in my gaming rig and it gets $5+ a day pretty steadily without any overclocking currently. do they make less when they are stacked or is this just because its months later that this 1080ti rig is making less?

  • dead angel

    Can tell me about internet cost for minning ? how much mb or gb spend? approximatly?

  • BaconmanMC

    what a waste a some perfect cards being used for mining when there MENT FOR GAMING!!!!!!!!! and no normal consumer can just get ONE CARD, because of miners taking 20 of them at a time i hope your system crashes and you loose all your money

  • Aisan Fadhli

    can anyone donate me need money for dental implant god bless u all btc adress- 3QTD5RpSXw3zMByejMfeKy9nHHaULxzFRP

  • Chad Olando

    Youre the reason why i cant buy one..... Please stop

  • UnboxModz

    How much do you earn per day?

  • BeastWhisperer

    Why some videos on YouTube show this cards making 7-8-9 dollars a day and then you show that you make only 3,5-4 dollars a day.I make with 2 1060 6gb 6-7,8 dollars a day, I'm gonna buy 4 more and I'm hoping to 18-20 dollars a day, this is my first mining rig.

  • iustus Vince

    you are one of the poeple who make the price for VGA fucking high

  • wendell stalanker

    Screw anyone who does this. You’re ruining PC gaming and driving up the costs of any descent GPU’s. You’re devaluing the dollar and creating an unstable money market. I can’t wait to see bitcoin crash even harder, i hope you lose everything.

  • Ugur Babacan

    After 4months of working 50hour per week.200Hours per month = i can buy just One 1080Ti for my PC.

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