ASUS gtx 1070 dual OC 8GB stable mining hashrate clock

This video shows how to easily reach stable hashrate with ASUS gtx 1070 OC 8GB GPU.
As you can see this is an example of 5 GPU RIG with over 146 Mhash stable hashrate ethereum mining.
We are showing you comparison of mining pool (Nanopool) and Claymore miner statistics.

We are not suggesting to push this GPU more then we are cause your mining pool calculate hashrate can drop and this is only valid parameter for mining more coins and making more money from crypto coins.

Most important parameter in mining is stable calculate mining pool hashrate.
And now you know how to get to that.

Happy mining.

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  • MrChrisMoo

    so you get 29 MH/s, is that no overclock?

  • Crypto With Mike

    i have same card, and i do 32 m/hs. =)

  • bet sime

    Hey that is a good Job! I get "(30+)MHs" with 55-DegreesC, with Asus gtx 1070 Duel OC 8GB. I have 2 of them, I use MSI afterburner. Power at 70%, Core at 150, Memory at 480, Fan speed at 67"which is 2/3 of 100%"(So this GPU should Last a long time) This Has been Stable for a month now. When mining ETH "TURN THAT POWER DOWN!!!" Cheers!ETH- 0x29E63F40D008e1dFD4bEF8AD58f3fffA9ac7Cf01

  • Koca Metallec

    I'm planing to buy 6 of these cards for ETH mining, later ZCash (when ETH go to PoS)Do you still recommend them? I'm also consideringMSI GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G which are 12$ more expensive..Please help asap

  • Tanoka Awe

    hi i hope u send link for driver i sersh fo it but not found if u can send like plz and thx

  • Gledaj Uživo

    Tnx for the video. This GPU is very rear and I have trying to find clock settings for days till now I have find this video.From me you get one day eth mining on you wallet address.Good work.

  • ITeFun Solutions

    UPDATE: Installing new CUDA drivers we got 153.2 Mhash stable hashrate on Ubuntu 16.4. Happy mining.


    Can anyone enlighten me as to why people overclock the gpu core clock for ethereum rather than under clocking it as far as it will go and then just overclock the memory? Ive my 1070's all at -400 core and +550 on the memory all giving me close to 31mhs at 70% power setting.

  • nestor larez

    Hello, what driver version and operating system did you use?

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