Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig / Genesis Mining #EvolveWithUs - The Series Episode 1

Iceland - May 2017. On behalf of Genesis Mining, CTO Stefan Schindler gives a quick introduction on how to build a cryptocurrency mining rig.

The altcoins of Genesis Mining’s customers are being mined right here.

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  • Ricardo Marmolejo García

    Because of you I can't buy a graphics card

  • TexasNinja33 / TwitchTV

    Sell me one or two of your vertical rig frame!!


    Offer fair prices for altcoin mining!

  • Ronaldo Augusto

    Coca-Cola advertisement in 3:10 lol

  • Arslan Zahid

    From where i can buy this rack?

  • tecnolover2642

    Does anyone know where he got the money to buy all these? If he paid outright for the whole thing good on him...if he took out a loan hes a fool. Also if your pissed because the price of video cards are so high now you can thank this bozo.

  • Sound Police


  • Enzo

    What parts are you using ??

  • Aurimas Didziulis

    What song is that ? :D

  • Fares AlAli

    Which gpu is he using?

  • Bigsnowie Mad Reach

    when these bs coins go to shit...there will be ALOT of GPUs for sale, and hella cheap :)

  • Aurimas Didziulis

    and what PSU is that ? anyone knows name of it

  • Sebastian Sebastian

    Yuuupi!!! Fuck school ,job and life I'm starting dig... :( Money is God!!!

  • terpenstien

    Not fast enough bruh lol

  • Yulius Cahyadi

    i want to buy one of this service to mining but the website says it's out of can i buy?? #GenesisMining

  • Emperor Kuzco

    where to get that frame

  • Franklin Rodrigues Freire

    Could you please, teache me how to make this aluminum structure?

  • Rudy Rdian Rudy Rdian

    Yeah, this is the suspect who made gamers suffer of gpu hahahaha.....police please arrest them !! :-P

  • Marco

    Não invista nessa mineradora, é falsa, rouba seu investimento e você nunca recebe. Conheço a Genesis Mining e sei que são uma quadrilha para roubar seus bitcois ou seu dinheiro.

  • Tatiks

    that rig design is 10/10!! great video

  • Aurimas Didziulis

    what motherboard is that ?

  • trinigold

    I wonder how much profit you can make with one of these, minus electricity and maintenance

  • Foofer Bob

    Why power each computer individually? Wouldn't it be more efficient to distribute power centrally. The same with the operating system, is there no way to network the OS like the old mainframes did back in the day?

  • Mr_PingÜino


  • Jorgew01

    great video, what stort of PSU is that? never seen that sort before

  • Kodi Pagan Shqiptare


  • Aurimas Didziulis

    what is the background song

  • TheDarknessOfGames

    This is why our graphic card price went up

  • Anthony Wilcox

    this is the EXACT reason why someone looking to build a computer for gaming cant right now. this is some bullshit. fucking buying out all stock and its destroying the price for everyone else not looking to get involved with mining. i really fucking hope cryptocurrency takes a nose dive

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