Noob Destroyed $6000 Bitcoin Mining Rig

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  • Moh_20

    Make sure your SSD is not touching the power supply or any metal parts and then turn on your power supply again. I don’t know why but this happened to me when my SSD was touching the case, power supply will turn on for 1 second and then turn off as a safety mechanism.

  • princesstifany tifany

    Your power from power suplay for that card not enough, and don't forget to put monitor and install. If you don't want send to me.

  • C Davis

    Great fun! Keep these videos coming on your crypto mining rig endeavors!

  • Slobodan Praljak

    bottlenecks the whole fucking computer fucking makes the prices go up

  • Josef Venport

    You are really giving the Travelers a bad name!!!!!

  • Kenneth Jones

    This beats Benny Hill

  • Kewlar81

    Hey kevin are you going to expand your crypto mining?


    That is symptoms of a dead PSU

  • Tyler king

    If you have 2 PSU's you need the ATX link that tells the second PSU to turn on and off.

  • JMC

    It's a thing of beauty ----> Love the wood trim ----> Rock on !.

  • serfin

    You don’t have both psu working u need to daisy chain them.

  • Nismo King

    Not enough juice Power supply weak

  • Alex Nikolskiy

    Maybe he fried the motherboard with that much video cards

  • GGPL

    oh god he is throwing stuff arround what a complete idiot

  • Alex Benea

    Buy a server psu with like 1800w

  • MacGrams

    How is bit coins working out for you have you lost everything yet

  • marsman2009

    Either not enough power or a short circuit at a guess. Try with 1 gpu & add 1 at a time.

  • Rick Derkson

    I agree kev you dont have the power 4 all those cards un plug the new 4 cards and there is a clear cmos button on your mother board unplug all power from wall press clear cmos for 30 sec then plug back in and should work then get bigger power supply to run all the cards hope this helps

  • yoinkeedoodle

    you, could be the reason I couldn't buy this card for normal price. someone had bough it out of stock and raised the price up to 600

  • CrookedPie

    I advise you to check the fuse on your power supply. Altho the PSU's are rated for 1850W continuous, they don't do well if they get feedback from another PSU. Check your cabeling and check the fuse.

  • wolverine1981pl

    broken raiser fucked your rig?

  • Tyler TV

    Your videos hurt my brain.

  • M4DM0NK3Y

    A common cause is the cpu power cable not being connected. You can also test your power supplies using a PSU tester which i have found to be really handy at times. But overall I doubt you messed up anything.. Check all the ryzer cables and connections. Also consider booting up before connecting all your gpu's and then add them on one by one.

  • Allen Simmons

    You are totally cool, my crypto bro. Nice show.

  • Whatyoudo

    why bother with that bitcoin crap when you do so good on Ebay?  Just for interesting vid i guess?

  • Colin Stienke

    Well what kind of electric breaker do you have . Proubly poped it and you didn't even know it

  • Gabadaba 08

    like ur humorSubbed+ imma mine soon/ into crypto

  • Dominick Atanasio

    Which mining soft are you using with that? I thought that most of the serious software doesn't support gpu work

  • HolmeQweest

    Mine ETH or XMR instead of BTC

  • Cynigasm

    It's probably worth asking, are you using 2 24 pin to a single 24 pin adaptor, otherwise both power supplies won't boot simultaniously, also I would recommend unplugging all GPU's from the motherboard and PSU, try booting the motherboard from it's onboard output (assuming it has one) to ensure that your main components (everything except the GPU's) are still in working order.

  • Vincent

    not enough power. you need a 1000 watt power supply for a 6gpu setup. you dont want it running at its peak.turn down voltage with msi afterburner.since you have 8 gpu you will need probably 1200 watt then turn down power or run 2 psu.

  • Daniel Callins

    wyd what did I just watch

  • Orange Broom

    Buy cards specified for mining, not gaming

  • Dr Uze

    lol this is hilarious, one of the psu's doesnt even look like its connected

  • Suraj Tomar

    Man I am telling you have talent. This video was hilarious. keep it up, your channel will blow up

  • MrRicard75

    Kevin I don’t have a clue either but I gotta tell you the Benny Hill music had me laughing so hard

  • Kevin Talbot

    I quit my job and made $100,000 on ebay last year. See how you can too!

  • ngk330

    why dont you find a subscriber in your area to come teach you before you just waste cards lol

  • Vincent

    and sometimes you have to hold the switch down for a bit to get it to power on.

  • Amine Touati

    order a bigger power supply !

  • Rob Rotella

    You should power your system with server power supplies, they are more efficient and cheap. The 460w 38A (HP DPS-460) units can be purchased for under $10 on eBay.

  • christian garlick

    Make sure you got the CPU power plug connected in the MB.

  • Dwayne Breaux

    Motherboard is probably fryed due yo pci x1 touching each other, recomend electricial tape wrap around each one.

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