Ethereum Mining Rig set up GTX 1070 Founders Edition

Ethereum Mining Rig set up with 5 GPU GTX 1070 Founders Edition

    I'm getting 31.1 mh/s on my 1070s at +600 on memory clock

  • cab

    what will you do when POS comes?

  • Crypto Banana

    You should be able to pull 28-30mh/s on each with +500 Memmory, 75% Power limit. That' will both lower your power usage by alot, and also produce better results, your temps will be lower as well.

  • Film Making

    can i buy this card no nvidia gtx 1070 now any better than this

  • Jonathan Frakes

    You can pull off 32.5 mh/s on each GPU at +800 mem clock because 1070 FE cards have Samsung memory.

  • Colt Albrecht

    Nice rig man, I ordered some 1070 ti fe...hoping to get a little better hashrate

  • Anime Gamer

    This is why in 2018 building a PC is going to be more expensive than it was in 2017 and 2016 Because of You minors it's ridiculous this is why no one can have anything nice is because people like you ruin it we want to try to build PC for gaming not getting online currency that's not even stable enough to keep at a going rate when just like that it can be taken off the market and went more and more people get ahold of it it's going to lose its value because right now China has Bandit Russia's talking about getting a hold of it what's next Who's Next going to get a hold of it and do the more people get a hold of it the less likely this is going to be as much as it used to be it's pathetic wegamers want to build PCS for either Recreation or gaming and it's so expensive because you crypto miners make it hard for us this is why you're not liked in the community rather lock you in a room and keep you by yourself so you don't harm our ways of having fun

  • amil sadekin

    Lol...u sud get atleast 32 to 35mhs

  • 007

    Hi Mike, what kind of Riser I should buy for similar Rig? I have ordered Nvidia GTX 1070 ti and Corsair HX1200 1200W 80 Plus Platinum power supply.

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