BtR - Fastest RX 580 at Ethereum Mining? 6 Top GPUs competes Part 3 of 7: GIGABYTE AORUS XTR RX 580

BtR - Fastest RX 580 at Ethereum Mining? 6 Top GPUs competes Part 3 of 7: GIGABYTE AORUS XTR RX 580

We set out to test the top six RX 580 models offered by MSI, XFX, PowerColor, Sapphire, ASUS and GIGABYTE to see which one will be the king of kings in mining.

The GPU Models we are putting up against each other are as followed:

1. MSI RX 580 Gaming X+ 8GB

2. ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 TOP edition 8GB


4. PowerColor Red Devil Golden Sample RX 580 8GB

5. XFX GTR-S RX 580 Black Edition

6. Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 Limited Edition

The software we use to monitor and test the GPUs are as followed:

1. TechPowerUp GPU-Z

2. HWinfo64

3. MSI Afterburner

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  • MrMantosius

    so how much mh/s for regular card not extreme one?

  • NCS

    hola desde argentina. tengo un problema con un aorus rx 580 que solo me entrega 13 mh/s en eth cual puede ser el problema ?? muchas gracias

  • Mike Krone

    How can you increase the hash rate and have the temp drop 25 Celsius? Something isn't right. Even water cooled don't run that low.

  • Marko

    @Beyond The Routine why did you ignore all the memory errors when reviewing this card ? im just curious cus theres like over 1.3k mem errors in HWinfo

  • Garisson 2012

    Best of the best!!!! For me)))

  • Erick Barbosa

    My rx580 nitro+ 4gb get only 11MH/s!!!Help!!!!!

  • Arthur GO

    Excellent video !! I´ve the same gpu and I tried to get the same MH/s but I´ve a problem I can´t modify the voltage on my afterburner is disabled :S , could you help me? There´s a special configuration in afterburner ?? Thanks

  • Fabio Plasencia

    Is it true that Core Clock should be lowered when OC for mining ? Mem Clock should get higher and power Should go low? Thanks

  • Jerson Marin

    Hi I've been watching your videos and they are great! Quick question how did u over clock this card? Which set do I have to copy to which? Thx for any info

  • tidygrant1

    In fact whch is better for mining in July 2017 GIGABYTE AORUS XTR RX 580 or MSI RX 580 GAMING x+ ?

  • Marcos Huespe

    i do this on my rx580 aorus xtr and a got 28/mhs but after 1 month my mHs dropp to 24-25 any idea why?

  • pranavan prana

    whats the hashrate of the normal AORUS card ?

  • Creepy insect

    Thanks too all crypto miners...Daimn

  • Jonathan VonEngeln

    What bios did you flash this Aorus with when you mentioned you flashed the bios in the video?

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