Mining coins with Nicehash. 8 PNY XLR8 GTX 1060 3GB cards. 193MH's

"Mining coins with Nicehash. 8 PNY XLR8 GTX 1060 3GB cards. 193MH's" no description available.
  • Sadiel Ojeda

    Hey thank you for your videos. How many satoshis is that rig giving you a day more or less? Also what do you think of these cards; can i use them with the mother board you are using. (MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X+ 6G GeForce GTX 1060 Graphic Card - 1.59 GHz Core - 1.81 GHz Boost Clock - 6 GB GDDR5 - PCI Express 3.0 x16) Thank you in advance for any help!

  • chaba72

    nice ! mine is the same , using 6gb 1060's 8 of them mining @ 180 mh/s steady, whats the dimentions on the frame?

  • koti palchuri

    Hii !! it’s a nice video and I just want to learn how to mine from scratch. Is there any course or if u willing to teach me I can pay you

  • sham sundar

    does 1000w psu is sufficient for 6 1060 gpu's???

  • seng tan

    Hi nice job, I think you have a MSI 270 SLI MB. How did you get the M.2 slot to work? My MB does not read the M.2 PCIE 4X slot . Thanks

  • Stephen Rimington

    awsome very informative video thankyou

  • Jan Bures

    Can you now still hold the 12USD per day profit even though the difficulty is rising up? Thanks

  • Moot

    Yes GPU Price Police, This man right here.

  • Christopher Berg

    90 bucks a month in electricity - you could very well half that cost with a few solar panels and could save even more if you could find a different power supply that could utilize the DC power directly from the PV array since all that runs on DC - you could also reduce heat?

  • Radu Voicu

    Hi delvis11,Thanks for the video, congrats on the hashrate. Can you share please the settings for the gpu overclocking? And what are you mining now on which pool?Thanks a lot ! Regards

  • Ivan Vuletić

    How much $ do you earn per day. Is it more than 1$ per card ?Btw do you think difficulty will increase and they will be able to mine 1+$ daily.Thank you.

  • nkosikhona mthembu

    Nobody can defeat ur rig

  • New Guy8786

    I was thinking of getting 8 (1060) nvidia cards so those are better

  • Deep Cryptomind

    Are your SATA connections connected to 3 powered risers?1000W PSU only has 3 SATA cables and each cable has 3 SATA slots.Most miners advised to connect 2 risers on each SATA cable only or else it will heat up the cable and might risk burning the PSU.

  • Sid

    Stop using nicehash, for the love of god. They are taking a good amount of your gains.

  • Dustin A

    Title says 3gb card but those look like the 6gb version?

  • Brandon

    Do you recommend the PNY GTX 1060?

  • Asif Amir

    Delvis Please can you tell me Full Card Name,because I did Search and i found Different Price of PNY XLR8 GTX 1060 3GB card

  • Liber 8

    Hi, Do you have any idea why I cannot connect any more than 2 GPUs to my ASROCK H81 motherboard???I have 4 GPUs but computer will not recognise any more than 2!!!!In the device manager on Windows 10 I get a message saying ' there is not enough resources for this device'Please help its driving me CRAZZZZZYYY!!!

  • chaerul rizal

    is that rig overclocked to get 24mh/s?

  • Asif Amir

    and if i build a x6 GPU of PNY XLR8 GTX 3GB Rig How i will mine in a Month ?

  • Garrett Green

    Your stupid fucking coins are the reason I can't find a GPU for a decent price


    Nice rig, i can get 22Mhz only, mind to share your frequency on core and memory? THX

  • ammar elemam

    Asus z270 4g ram 1000wssd drive gtx 1060

  • Ian B

    Nice rig. You mentioned you tried some other 1060s. Did you try the Gigabyte Windforce 2x OC? If so what rates did you get? I have 2 in a rig mixed with rx580s, but afterburner crashes when I try and make changes. I use Trixxx for the rx580s any suggestions for clocking on the 1060s and the best settings for the Gigabyte ones? I'm new to this too.Cheers...

  • TwoTon Hasher

    Sweet rig Delvis11. Does nice hash monitor the temps of the cards or do you just have to use afterburner?

  • Liber 8

    Hi, I think it is the new Windows 10 OS that is causing my problems.Which OS are you using on your rig?? Thanks.

  • Will136 LIT

    Thanks for fucking up the pc gaming prices

  • Shane Oneil

    Nice but you should off showed your nicehash screen to see what it's pulling in daily.. I have 2 1080ti doing 145mhs at 80÷ power that's about 400watt my rig could handle a 3rd and it would give me over 200mhs but it also cost more to set up so ehhhhh

  • Crypto Bucks

    So with the monitor off, I could run this on 900 or 1000 watt solar pannel.. hmm

  • jujube343

    Would the 6gb be better than 3?


    Payout from : 0.0002 BTC. DAILY PAYOUT! ( you can earn 0,5 usd /day with a overclocked GT 1030 ! )MUCH BETTER THAN NICEHASH!

  • TheTrailblazzer

    You are using 1060 with 3gb memory, is that correct? what coins are you minning on Nicehash? thanks

  • Epic Garage

    How much do you make off it in a month roughly?

  • AlexGhoro

    Really nice!, can someone please tell me how he can connect 8GPU with a single PSU? I mean I know the PSU has the power, but It's only have 6 VGA output cable lines

  • SHansard

    Nice rig, thanks for sharing

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