Best GPU'S For Mining Ethereum (2018)

Hey guys, in this video I am going to be talking about the top 4 cards for mining ethereum in 2017. I will be comparing the RX 480, RX 580, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080ti . It is important to compare both performance and price when determining which card is best for you.

GTX 1070:

GTX 1080ti:

AMD RX 480:

AMD RX 580:

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  • Viral Viners

    I think ADM GPU's are really good in mining. Here i found a best GPU for mining Ethereum and others.Its cheap and low power consumption only 105W and amazing Hash rate 30MH/s with bios mod - think this is the best GPU for Starting.First of all its cheap and also low power consumption.And Hash rate is great compare than the price

  • sanjay deka

    AMD rx580 is good for Ethereum mining. N I hv one graphic card. Actually I m a beginner of mining fild. Plz tell me

  • Mike Juan

    I got two Vega 56's on Black Friday for $399 each, and they do 44 MG/s each for Eth, at 160 watts each. I didn't realize the 1080ti was so damn shitty for mining Eth.

  • Lee'sExchange

    4:30 AMD RX 580I do believe installing AMD official blockchain drivers reverses the Drag Epoch issue.Sources: downside to this would be unoptimizing gaming performance.

  • J Easting

    would you recommend the 1080TI if initial cost wasnt that big of deal? Like Im more interested in costs per day rather than the upfront fixed cost of buying it

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