6 GPU Mining Rig - NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti

Finally getting my 6 GPU mining rig setup and running. I'm using the NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti cards for this mining rig.

My motherboard: http://geni.us/GTxd2
MY CPU: http://geni.us/4rqtu0i
My PSU: http://geni.us/LCuVG
MY GPU: http://geni.us/JvWp1
Nvidia shop: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/10series/geforce-store/
GPU Riser: http://geni.us/P6x9
SSD: http://geni.us/WfNF8v
Power Switch: http://geni.us/0DbPnL
RAM: http://amzn.to/2rrTGs4
Extra Screws: http://geni.us/5OIy

T-shirts: https://goo.gl/rRDC1G
Binance for Crypto Trading: https://www.binance.com/?ref=19559826

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/604653876592512/

Join Coinbase (FREE $10 BTC): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a062a51078da300e1c7071e


Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeremysciarappa
Snapchat: jeremysciarappa
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jeremysciarappa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeremysciarappa

Tips appreciated :)
BTC: 12XPL5KkH2g4sf3G3hFoD5VWi2axkdmzoT
ETH: 0x735cf4426893218979881620aaea28ea6b7a2f01
  • anonymous veracities

    hats better? antminer or gpu's??

  • duanekimball

    She won't need a blanket and sweater soon


    lol this guy is a newb... Bitcoin= Nvidia GPU, ATI=Ethereum, learn to do research prior to mining crypto coin.

  • DeAndre Taylor

    Just kidding man don't take no offence

  • Michael Hansen

    What is your ROI like now that you are a few months in on this rig? Would you still recommend a build like this or are have you found better success with your other projects?

  • TomTheDutchy

    I just ran a test on nicehash with 7 gtx 1080, we earned 10 dollar in one day, that was excluding the cost. What did i do wrong? The electricity is about 9 dollar so that would give 1 dollar profit on 7 cards. Can't be right. Hope somebody can help me out. I also have access to 4 amd 7900 gpu's and about 8 gtx 780, what would be the best setup, what coin would be the best to mine, any advice is very welcome! (if you are wondering how i have access to all that hardware, my brother in law programs them for work :P)


    How much is it making as of today like 2/21/18

  • Liftedview

    1000W for 6x 1070ti's? They each burn around 150W... 6x150=900 + rest of the system you are getting close to 100% load on that PSU if im not mistaken :SI personally have 8x 1070ti's running off total of 1500W (Have two 750 PSU connected with a dual-psu cable) 8x150 = 1200W so I should be at around 85% load :)But of course PSUs can handle 100% load that's what they are designed for after all. As long as they have a 5+ year warranty that's the most important factor.

  • Will Hug

    thanks for the Video, can i ask are you still earning $28 a day on 6 cards as that = about $4.66 per card. im getting no where near that im a running 2 x 1050Ti and 1 x 970 im getting around $2.30 in total :(

  • Adi Adiii

    kinda bad to invest in gpu, i have a feeling everything will be asics soon. then all those gpus will be worth 100 or less

  • Michael Vo

    Great video with good information. Keep these videos up!

  • wfwcowboys Tech

    Thanks for destroying the GPU market

  • Brian Cavanaugh

    I'm having some trouble getting my rig going. Can I borrow Diana? At least let her do your videos i mean i appreciate you doing these videos and im kinda copycatting what you do but I need Diana ... let me rephrase I would rather have Diana help me then you! Lol hope you are laughing about this! I am ! But seriously how much Bitcoin for Diana? Ethereum?

  • How I made

    lol at the gamers. start mining so you can buy more games.

  • Slatniik

    Is this a plug and play set up? do you need to buy and install windows?

  • gonzser

    Hi JMSWhich miner prog do yuou use to mine ETH ?Thanks grate info Helps welcomeBTC: mrvrTcoG32FWGeHUfuTaam2rY7vt8Sfwtq

  • Tolek 007

    hi Im new here tell me how you but windows 10 ?

  • Crypto Jini

    So, I was reading their technical foundation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning on top of blockchain technology? Wow! Count me in as an investor.

  • George Klein

    this is a great video. i have been following your channel watching for a few weeks. I also follow a few other YouTubers trying to get an understanding on GPU mining. What do you think of Crypto Plumber's mining operation? youtube.com/cryptoplumber

  • Jose Sanchez

    Hi I have a stupid question, how did you connect ur windows 10 pc to your mining rig?

  • Dario Vinciguerra

    Si na medda umana spero ca ti si abbrucia tutta la casa

  • Johnny Greene

    This is silly nonsense. Hate tp see people waste their money on propaganda. Don't be foolish people.

  • Tolek 007

    what you think i want start from nvidia gtx1060 3mb is worth ?

  • Jason Martinek

    Nice build! Really not liking GPU prices right now.

  • Alice Akra

    Hey buddy.. what those 1070ti get on equihash ..i have the 1070 nvidia brand cards they get 430 on equihash , my other brands get 460 ..i have a evga 1070ti it gets 505 ..just wondering if your getting 500 sols .. thanks love the channel

  • Andrew Park

    Oof. Spare us average people and let the GPUs stay in stock please?? So it can drop?? Pls.

  • anderson oliveira

    Could you do a test on Awesome Miner?

  • 4n0N

    This is why people who use the cards for their intended purposes can't get them anymore.

  • RDYS

    Thanks for the info. I dig Voskcoin also, cool to see he was here. You guys help us noobies a bunch.

  • Jipper 1197

    Why do you do this to us

  • M Mahmoud

    HiI get a screen shot to your CPU of your defective mother board.It was bended already

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