30-31 MH/s RX480 8G AMD Sapphire Nitro+ Bios Mod Ethereum Mining XFX MSI Monero

How to Mod your AMD Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 8G GPU Bios and overclock your VRAM memory to get more MH/s (30-31+ MH/s) when Mining Ethereum / ETH Classic.

This should work with any 8G RX480 including XFX, MSI, and Powercolor.

Should also boost mining rate for other alt coins like LBRY and Monero

Notes on Overclocking Memory - 2200 MHz may work fine on your card, you may be able to get more. Try up to 2250. If you get a dropping hash rate try to lower your memory clock until you find a stable number.

Shoutouts and Thanks to iMineBlocks and the Ethereum Forum Community: specifically Boysie

Software used:
-Claymore Miner
-Radeon Settings
-Windows 10

Get Polaris Bios Editor here:

Get Atiwinflash here:

Get your Ledger Wallet Nano S or Blue here:

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  • Konstantin felsher

    Hi, Cryptomined! 1st I made everything with new 17 version drivers and its not works, miner cant see GPU after bios flashing.Then I reinstall 16.9.2 drivers and everything goes well! I got as well as you 26+ Mh/sThen I made overclock by memory 2200Mhz, didn't get 30Mh/s, but 28.5Mh/s and its not stable after memory overclock hashrate are jumping around 22-28 Mhsomething like:282526222528...

  • Tommy Turbo

    I’m getting 19mh/s with my rx480 8gs and 16mh/s with my rx480 4gs. I’ve tried flashing the bios this way and the cards just go offline. Been mining at these terrible stock levels for weeks. I also use claymore miner. Please help lol.

  • Anthony Delgado

    Saludos, servira para una rx570?

  • triplex triplexxx


  • MSP

    Just curious: Why do I need to switch the V Bios Switch? I overclocked my without it. and it's working and stable. Not saying I didn't need you advise, just want to learn. Thanks by the video! :)

  • Ryathor

    what do you watch for to see if it's stable? memory voltage? core voltage?

  • Richard Zafra

    Now what can be replace with rx 480 8gb oc ??

  • Muhamad Amru Eldan

    Hello , i have 6x xfx rx 480 RS , i have reached the 28.5 Mhs on each card but the power consumption is horrible it's 200W per card were one card pull 250~260 W from walll while 4x cards pull 860W .I have tried undervolt 100mV , it's stable but no power reduction at all. The only way reducing the power is to play with power limit but it's lowering the core clock causing the hashrate to decrease.I have seen people with 6x 480 with power consumption of 970 W.I am going crazy with this high power usage

  • Gökhan Yılmaz

    Which driver version did you use actually?

  • Lisa Lowery

    I did this mod on my RX 580 8GB and i got less Mh/s --- wtf??

  • Theo Gourlin

    Anyone here having trouble with the flash ? Mine do have less than 10mh/s after flash and can't figure out why


    I did everything according to the video however, I had to use a pixel clock patcher to make my computer recognize the drivers. But now i'm getting worse performance, I'm getting 13 mh/s after bios flash. Before i had 24 mh/s. What have i done wrong?

  • Martha Pe

    this mod works in therx470 xfx(pine group) 4GB, if the memory is elpidia?

  • Oddogg

    does it work with msi armor rx470 4gb?

  • J - LUIS

    i just want to know sir if did you block sa dev fee or not ?

  • skotias J

    Hi crypto.. what is a good nitro rx480 nitro setting for core and memory, Under volt and maunal wattman volt setting ..dunno why latley im only.getting low to mid 27 mh on my 3 rigsIm normal 2100 to 2120 on most memory , minis 32 volt stable,Manual volt setting from 818 to 1118

  • La Gom

    does a rx 480 still get 30 mh?

  • QuidPanic Gaming

    I did this with my RX480 Samsung memory 8GB using ETHos memory clock 2235 core clock 1250 but i just get 26/mhs

  • Taner asiya

    Why no one talks about watts?

  • Ali Berjaoui

    Can I flash the Graphicscard over the riser?

  • Rajib Bhuiyan

    Hello Cryptomined;I have tried to flash into my gpu with latest version, model: msi rx480 gaming x 8gb,mining program(nanopool) it doesn't recognize the gpu and it close the program. i flashed again with original bios its normal again!How could i improve my hashrate?Standard(23MH/s)i would really appreciate if you could give me the right instructions for this model.Thank you!

  • Nicolas Gleiser

    with the new driver this is not working anymore, the system are not Recognizing the amd gpu .

  • Hesam Noori


  • aalberici998

    hi. I have followed all the steps inc the bios timing mod. The card works ok BUT nicehash does not recognize the card after the bios flash where the timings have been copied. Do you know why this is?Thanks

  • syah industries

    Iam grom indonesia. sorry i wanna ask ... place to mine other than in nicehash where ??

  • Mugentime

    Hi, I did everything step by step and moded the bios correctly (double checked with Polaris) mining Is stable but can not get over 24 mhs... anyone knows what might be the problem?

  • Karen C

    what was the power usage at the 30.7?

  • PC Gameplay

    I used the 1650 and it usually stays on 28 but overclocking is having no effect at all when it did in the past. I was easily getting it up to the 30 and even 31. But for some reason the overclocks aren't having any effect. Could be the AMD block chain beta driver i'm using. I'll give this driver a go. I like the sound of not needing a patcher.

  • super thanks

    Does the memory type matter? How many watts? Thanks!

  • gysmo1984

    Quick question. Does this configuration generate any hw errors?

  • Anima Maerens

    Something went wrong with my install. Windows no longer recognizes the card and it runs on integrated graphics. I can't access settings and i can't install drivers either. I'm quite sure it broke my card. Followed the instructions step by step. Warning to anyone who wants to try this.

  • Alex Laukola

    Hi, I flashed my card using atiflash,polaris,ets, able change out of box speed 24mh up to 27mh, i did it on my personal desktop and put in rig running SimpleMining OS, worked perfect, but have problem with second part, if I change parameters with MSI afterburner or Wattman on my desktop and disconnecting and connecting to my rig changes not saved, what i'm doing wrong?

  • Ali Berjaoui

    I did the same, everything is 1: 1, but more than 24MHS I get not, can you help me? I have 10 rigs, I also pay for it. I have Samsung Chip

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