The Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia

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  • Ronald C Krause Jr

    For anything relating to BitCoin mining; whether it is one single computer (or asic miner) - use solar/battery.Get two computers or two asic that run under 3k watt total or go use any system - even the most powerful miner on the planet. Using the starting system as an example - the cost of the 3k solar/battery system doesn't take all that long to recover the full amount of the hardware. Take a look at how much one would make from day one - then eventually factor in how much one would make once the solar/battery system is paid for.I honestly cannot figure out why anyone would not run solar/battery for mining

  • Deine Mudda

    Children in Africa could have eaten those bitcoins...


    Are you a special needs list

  • Cara Mengobati

    xianjiiirr... kerenn gila

  • Don Mega

    Destroying the planet to create nothing tangible.Most of the electricity generated in russia definitely isn't from renewable sources.

  • sjh7132

    It's just Megawatts, not Megawatts per hour.

  • SevenDeMagnus

    Thanks. How much is their cost of electricity?

  • ViperDemon6819 Wright

    Fuck you piece of shit miners

  • Sam Johnson

    Be very careful!!!  I invested a good bit in CCG Mining, but just realized that the drop in payout per day is ENORMOUS!!!  My payout is going down almost 2% every three days!!!!! At this rate my two year contracts will be worthless in two months, two months worthless!!  :(

  • Ketty Brown

    I have invested in more than 5O ICOs . To be honest , Strong team is great rewards in this industry. For upcoming ICOs , GIG9 is my favourite choice . Incredible concept by the prestigious Oxford university UK students . Totally into this ??

  • Dovahkiin

    14 th/s x 3000=42000 th/s = 1.10 million dollar per month

  • Jack Pop

    Holy shit 20 btc a day

  • Francesco Bacelli

    if you need a good wallet

  • ItsSkule

    6m a month, 100m a year o.0

  • sirhendro

    With the average electricity prices in Europe this farm would set your electricity bill to 10 million euro's a year xD

  • Michael Sarujan Müller

    Giveaway!!!!!!!!Send us Litcoins and you will get back more. LRqdeWp1fuTw9DJxibTEYL5iACkmdKU5WVSend us 0.1 LTC and get 0.3 LTC.0.5 LTC -> 1 LTC1 LTC - 2 LTCMore and more.

  • dralezero

    Speghetti "stable wiring system"

  • dOny ardiAnsyAh

    Hello everyone.can you please help to donate some ETH to the people who realy need help and poor help please it will help thank you very much. 🙇‍♂️0x99d1c1079661fc4cbcb12dc1e0c898767d00210a

  • ImbaGame 567

    Get some rest dude. Your voice sounded like you haven't take a sleep for a month..

  • Nayzeth Reyes

    I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  • joe nodden

    Lol, now I bet they're out of business.

  • Captain Mishu Gaming

    so u make 374 million dollars per year? what the fuck thats insane

  • Kurdish Investor

    Crazy Russian hackers cousin

  • Lukas Pesl

    this is not real russian bitcoin farm. in real russian bitcoin farm there would be people closed in the hall and doing the hash calcuations with pen and paper

  • armando murillo

    There was a guy who received .07 of bitcoin and he said ,, they gave me so little lol,,,,, i wanna punch that dude it was free bitcoin

  • Dread Lord

    What can you benefit from bitcoin mining again?

  • Darick Ribas

    for donation this is the Bitcoin wallet address 17Navx5LhA7kCZQykya3koecS14sWhiHK1 thks God Bless you

  • Kenzphotograph Y

    all this bullshit! There s some future conspiracy to do with Videocards )

  • henryscp 07

    Thx because of guys like you the prices rise

  • I - News

    Хело френз... Ай рисентли стамулд апон да сорс абаут.....

  • Omid Javidi

    15UVYG1ptkkbq6n1aSsSH3YcgJaKKj8GEf one of you rich guys give me bitcoins thanks

  • Wheelie Hooligans

    this should be ILLEGAL cunts.

  • Al ameen Marcos

    I’m interested to buy

  • Eric Budd

    And this is what people do for higher profits over longer margins... create complete waste, chaos, corruption and greed. This is a great lie. It’s like trying to mine water out a desert. But, it’s the waste that is bothersome and corrupt. Instead of intelligent people mining and tweaking their algorithms and following strings of numbers, basic in quantum string theory... we have POWER. And when I mined 14 blocks in a day using GPU and my proprietary, wireless processor... suddenly the council created ‘orphan’ blocks and instead of honoring intelligence and evolution... my work has been corrupted, robbed and my accounts swiped. If this is the future of crypto currencies... paper money and debt slavery is a better option.

  • Alessandro7432

    That cable management is pure horror. Neatness counts, especially with data cables

  • Guru vishal Guruji

    Networking marketing 9811179477 I have an opportunity by which you transform your family life financial freedom please meet me Whatsapp & call9811179477Bitcoin cryptocurrency education knowledge Digital marketing education startup

  • Frank Hill

    Are you interested in earning a consistent income by trading Binary Option and Bitcoin mining?Am a full time Binary Options Trader and Bitcoin Mining,i do manage account for individuals/corporate and generate Daily,weekly and monthly profit, i can help manage your live trading account to make a formidable profit within a certain period of trade (usually weeks/monthly depending on when you will be making withdrawal without complain),if you wants to lean how to trade or know more about Binary trading and Bitcon Mining Please be very free to contact me through my

  • shay bloodmoon

    looks like edward snowdens handy work:Noted whistleblower Edward Snowden has come out in support of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency zcash, calling it the "most interesting alternative" to bitcoin... now why was he ordered to russia again? GO ON... PULL THE OTHER ONE.

  • Bitcoin 100%

    vai ter conteúdo novo no meu canal também só avisando para quem não é inscrito 😉

  • You Bastard, I HATE YOU

    As long as those gpu prices stay out of the reach of fucking pc gamers, im happy


    you need a nuclear plant!!

  • Robert Whitstone

    The Russian goverment is so broke its now mining bitcoin to help its GDP

  • mrdave2112

    Are the computer processing facilities being built for cryptos around the world really for the government? Is satoshi  Nakamoto the government and how do you know? I hope I get an answer.

  • Little Kitty

    Waste of Money.High Power Consumption.Bad for the Earth

  • Aisan Fadhli

    can anyone donate me need money for dental implant god bless u all btc adress- 3QTD5RpSXw3zMByejMfeKy9nHHaULxzFRP

  • Andy T

    In soviet russia you don't mine bitcoin, bit coin mine you.

  • ColdMystery

    Lul.. 😂Nowadays 600 BTC a month gets ya like 9.000.000 USD per month..

  • ser6791

    Like your video! it's a fact that everybody can raise some money by investing in crypto or in any projects based on blockchain! I found one of very good for investing project, TokenGo! The idea is to let u to start your own project based on blockchain and to participate in the ico! I think that is really cool! The project has a future. Join if you are interested!

  • Petros Komninos

    gift me one if bitcoin fails <3

  • José Dourado

    in Russia.....thing about that when the bubble bursts 😉

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