Colorful GTX 1070 iGame X-TOP Review - The dirt-cheap and fast 1070??

One of the cheapest GTX 1070s you can buy and it has a massive cooler and an overbuilt VRM. Too good to be true?

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  • Datkidofc

    If any wants this download the geek or wish app and buy it for 30 U.S bucks .LMK if it is a scam tho

  • Francoc

    Gift me your oldest graphic card :(, my country is fucked up.

  • Jim Raynor

    Artifacts ............. Dont ! dont ! Buy

  • Robbe Delarbre

    Should I buy this when it is 350€? Normal gtx 1070 are like 430€ in my country

  • Casimir Kulikowski

    I found this on wish for 1 dollar so i ordered 4

  • Ward Vanderstraeten

    Who the F would spend money on this piece of cheap asian shit? If you buy this crap, don't come whining if it defects or doesn't even work... You can barely find anything about it on the internet? It's made with lowest quality materials. If you want to buy a graphics card, stick to the known brands!!! Unless you have the IQ of a fucking seashell

  • jinha jeong

    this is one of the most nosiest vga that I saw

  • EmberHound

    what if i can get it for 250 dollars ?

  • TheCheater

    the turbo button works but you have to click to turbo AND reboot the pc to take action

  • Wen son

    Hi, what the dimensions of the graphic card?

  • Denny Arista

    What about the U-Top version? the difference in price is quite big so i'd like to know about the performance difference as well.

  • Wilmar R Ramos G

    you have to restart the PC in order for the "Turbo" button to work after having pushed the button.

  • Edwin Ooi

    Dat Kamen Rider Agito emblem

  • Nestey

    How you turn on the LED, in my Card it dont turn on

  • Wolf Reviewing

    HA cheap ... a price i spend on a laptop or even a desk computer before upgrading yeah not cheap unless your loadedand you even say ( DIRT ) cheap? if its DIRT for you please please send me one i would actully be really greatful

  • Slimedict

    I found one of these on wish for 1 euro lol

  • That One Skater Guy

    I could buy a name brand 1080ti for the same price, this isnt cheap

  • Muhammad Rafly Emotional Disorder

    Pake asus Gpu tweak bisa kan

  • Antreas Giatrou

    this card is cheap???you must be awfully rich!!

  • Ben Kuyt

    Every card is loud at 100% load. And it gets hot cause they probably used cheap thermal paste, just replace that thermal paste with some Arctic Silver.

  • element74

    how much was it at the time of uploading, and compared to retail in the US?

  • Andrew Rico Abraham

    What's the ambient temperature? I'm afraid it'll get hotter if placed in non AC room. Unfortunately with this pricing this is the only 1070 I can afford

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