Palit/PNY GTX 1060 Dual 6GB Review

Today I take a look at the Palit GTX 1060 Dual Graphics Card! Overall a great card for the money, although not quietest, or fastest card in the world. We benchmark BF4, GTA 5, NFS 2016, Killing Floor 2 & the Valley Benchmark at 1080p & 4K!

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  • Joseph hes

    Can this card can be overclocked?

  • AstralStorm Games

    Hey! Do you recommend this card for game developing? the moment I have a 750 GTC Ti OC so an upgrade is really needed..

  • Hegyi Krisztián

    Great rewiev dude! If it would be the same price as it was a year ago, that would be much better... :/

  • area 2907754

    it is fine not to connect the 6 pin thing ?

  • Marco Schirru

    oh my lord, i've been in UK for loooong bloody time, but i don't get a damned word you say! What an accent on your voice :)

  • Johnnny

    Are the fans stop at idle mode?

  • the musical gamer

    Do not buy from pny they offer no warranty due to crypto manners Evan Theo it was ottherd with warnty

  • Timothy Balana

    SOooo the memory brand? issit samsung or hynix

  • Codian

    There are so many things wrong with this video. You filmed your screen... Very low rent and just seems lazy. Vary your voice tone. You sound like a drone. Learn to edit as well as it seems like there are a lot of useless bits and you don't post the numbers on the screen. Painful to listen to.

  • VvYASvV

    rey use the force rey

  • Paul Robertson

    you speak too fast and mumbled. slow down, chill out

  • Leonardo Dank

    damn im confused what to buy man :( msi gtx 1060 6gt or palit gtx 1060 jetstream and the xfx rx 480 gtr black edition

  • I know he Ate the cheese

    How well dose when you overclock temps

  • Ryan Brice

    Im about complete a PC build with this exact graphics card. Ive seen so many with 1080 and so overpriced yet this card can run smoothly with almost every game. So thank you so much for this review. It helps so much for my choice! :) <3

  • Bogdan Olaru

    Just assembled a pc with the 3gb version. I have 3 complaints.... Not a single led on it(Not that bad). No 0% fan speed and it's kinda loud in load. The last one... That plastic shroud feels cheap... performance wise it's not that bad :)

  • Sergey Lazaev

    Умерла сегодня такая, брал в днсе! писец блин


    Just ordered this one now for 220€ normaly it goes for around 350-400 here :D

  • Amine CHARAF

    does this card support stereoscopic 3D ?

  • Lim Enoch

    i get know evga 1060 normal version reach >80C in game; zotac are the same, so how about this palit 10603gb temp?

  • Mr EHEHE

    I just ordered this card I am so excited 3gb model though 6gb was 100 more.

  • Alysa Fajard

    which is better Zotac or Palit?

  • Ganesh kulal

    zotac 1060 6gb amp o ths pny 1060 6gb dual pls i need urgnt help

  • Ammiak 2033

    i5 3330 (3.0 Ghz) + this card - Processor is bottleneck?

  • JonnyTsunamiDude

    Which gpu is better?This card or the PNY gtx 1060 XLR8?

  • ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS

    Beautiful review very clear voice & nice benchmark congratulation I'm sub to your channel...

  • heymelon

    On average you pay 40% more for a 1070 than the 1060 (6gb version) and get 40% more performance. So seems pretty similar in price / performance overall from what I have seen across the board. 1060 3gb will get the job done in most games for a cheap price atm though. Just not so sure how future proof that amount of Vram is but let's hope

  • Gio Lacson

    Hey, I’m planning to get a Palit 1060 soon, are there big differences between the 3gb, 6gb and the Jetstream version? Any insight would be very appreciated.

  • Bezzegh Adam

    A friendly advice: lose that facial hair. It makes sou look like a kud who is playing an adult.

  • tieuquy linthinh

    gfx 1060 can do 4k with help of Nvidia GeForce experience of course at medium settings 40fps :))

  • Umer Riaz

    is it work on coolmax 420 watt power supply

  • Spirit76

    Thanks for the review well informed with excellent presentation. Keep up the good work man :)

  • Victor VVG

    would this GTX 1060 dual fan be upgrade for my assus OC 780 ti :?

  • אור ראובן

    Does it overheats fast?

  • Sean Tran

    can you tell me the recommendation between the Zotac 1060 6GB Amp edition and Palit super jetstream 6GB? I'm building a ryzen system with as low budget as possible.Cheers mate.

  • Skav

    do people play over 60?

  • MrCofetaru

    It looks like you hold a cat in ur hands lol

  • Sean Eredia

    do you think the single fan version will overheat?

  • Thrilling Hazardous

    what is the difference between palit dual gtx 1060 6gb and palit super jetstream gtx 1060 6gb?

  • ZanderCross

    Im using the single fan version of this card in 2017/2018 is great as it has pretty decent OC capabilitie, im hitting 2120mhx on the core clock and 4622mhz on the memory. its a little loud with my custom fan curve but i wear noise canceling headphones anyway so thats not a problem, and when i play some intense gaming on very high settings im hitting 60fps and my temps never go over 85 not bad considering it only cost me £320

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