Ethereum mining Asus Rx 470 4gb with 170mh on 780w power usage.

Ethereum mining Asus Rx 470 4gb with 170mh on 780w power usage.

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Ethereum mining Asus Rx 470 4gb with 170mh on 780w power usage.
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    Hey guntis ! thanks for videoim asking about what msi afterburner settings u let those cards to run fine ? thanks i got exactly the same ^O^

  • Rospy TVR

    maybe u can help me with an issue with MSI RX 470 8 g? micron anyone if knows....I got 7 PCI motherboard ASROCK z87 fatality killer, and after fhashing my motherboard not recognize the card that is flashed...any opinion or experience solution...?

  • Alexander Dela rosa

    please donate some. BTC add. 39UCcwhiYGrt3kctdBZVW2LBqQnGjhxqRk God will bless you more.

  • ThanksMia

    Can u please explain me why a GPU and not an antminer antminer have more hash rate how much internet rate do they consume?

  • Glenn Luarez

    I Always like your videos keep it commin

  • Mehran Ali

    please tell me asus rx 470 is best or amd rx 470 is best for ethereum mining please help me...

  • d5j4vu

    thank you for sharing this. You're great!

  • Duy Vũ Nguyễn

    780W? Unbelievable. GPU-Z value?


    good day a is it even going to praferble to miming ethereum afther it gose to proof of stake on november

  • Tommy

    u should write down the list u used to build every rig that u have,

  • Felipe Mateus

    Goodnight friend. Ethereum is compensating more than Bitcoin?

  • triplex triplexxx

    hey guntis which miner are you using where can i download it

  • Darko Zivanovic

    Thanks for this upload :) Can you please help. I have 5 rx 470 4gb gpu-s which gave around 21 h/s alltogether aroyund 106 so I tried to boost it a bit. Reinstalled drivers but now I have issue that my computer doesnt recognize all cards only 2 or 3. So can you help me with instructions how to properly install drivers also I tried to do the bios flash but my values for 2000 mhz were already "777"etc so there was no point to copy upper values there....I would very much like to have 28 h/s for my cards :D so can you please help. Thanks lot.

  • ZJoe

    What do you think about gtx 1060 3Gb mining?

  • Cryptonian

    Why does you website say 'based in ireland' and your accent is clearly not irish?

  • josip culina

    hey guntis can you help what if i cannot get mist or ethereum wallet blockchain to sync ? i tried everything parity fast eth installing difrent operating system nothing works for me ? is that meaning i cannot mine ethereum or i can mine it with another wallet. so can i get paid if i dont have mist wallet or official ethereum wallet ?

  • D Brotes

    Nice tutorials mate! But you should consider to change the background music sometime! Please xD

  • Jbwjbw 19

    Guntis, do you have a list of recommended tools to download with the ETH miner?

  • Pedro Costa

    thanks for you videos man, just a question: for a 6 card rig - rx480 - what PSU do you advise? 1200W or 1500W? I was thinking to put 2 800W there to create less dependancy

  • rationalityfirst

    Man, the times when BTC was 1k, and now people cry it's crashing when it's droppping to 6k.

  • Caleb Njiiri

    What motherboard is he using

  • Loránd BB

    how noise is this miner, could you sleep in the same area with it?

  • padam negi

    thanks for you it is good job.

  • Morten Masters

    Thank you very much Guntis for all your videos. I tried flashing my msi RX480 Gaming x (only running 1 card) but the drivers stopped working and I am getting the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in the device manager. I would really appreciate your advise to resolve this issue. Many thanks

  • Saksham Agrawal

    My monitor doesn't showing anything when connecting hdmi cable to graphic cards ????

  • BitToad

    thanks again, that's the bit I was woried about.

  • Hardva

    very nice computer :) how many each RX?

  • stone kasper

    what is your motherboard ?

  • EMON AL-shariar

    how much u earn rx470 evey month?

  • Stoyan Kirov

    How do you guys find GPUs? Everything is out of stock...

  • Mohan Das

    is this asus rx470 4gb good card for eth mining?

  • Yu Da Lim

    Hi tried flashing one gpu but it seems to flash forever..

  • triplex triplexxx


  • Pemburu Janda

    [ Gigabyte RX 570 4G ] or [ ASUS RX 570 4G ] the fastest and most efficient you think?

  • Chilled Chunes

    Great video, I had been wondering how profitable something like this was here in Ireland with electricity costs as they are. I would love to get set up myself so if you wouldn't mind answering the following questions that would be great :)1) Who is your Electricity provider and what is their rate per KwH?2) How much was the total outlay for your rig and where did you source the parts from?Any help on these would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guntis!

  • Fabio Fernandez

    How can you touch the voltage? My msi after does not leave me in gray. How can I enable it? My boards are rx 470 asus strix 4gb

  • zhonglin liang

    Brother where your graphics card is produced, where you can buy, and now it seems that the whole market is out of stock

  • Gabriel Garcia Carrea

    Hi is these still profitable, cause look amazing and now with 260$ for each ETH would be great Thanks.

  • Ted D

    This guy is making plans to buy an island today :-) Great video and I'm glad you did it.

  • gabrielpapi1

    What's the power consumption of the PC when idle?

  • johan situmeang

    Hi Guntis Vitolins, do you make your own mining rig? may I ask for the dimension of the mining rig? please. thanks

  • Sebastian L

    Hi! Will you make a video with rx 580 as well?

  • Jano CL

    Min 0:37 is Gran Canaria?

  • Words From Experts

    hey man, thank you for nice videos. I have learned a lots by watching your channel. Just wonder where did you order cards considering the supply is so low everywhere, ebay, amazon, etc...

  • pol core

    Hi do yoi have the bios mod?

  • Dhanabalan Sivabalasubramaniam

    I m planning to built my own Mining Rig. Hope you can help me out. I have seen your mining rig so impressive. 1.Asus RX470 4gb x6 units2.EVGA 1000 Super Nova3.Corsair RM1000x 80 Plus Gold4.H81 PRO BTC R2.0 (ASROCK)5.INTEL CELERON PROCESSOR G1840 LGA11506.SSD 120GB7.RISER CARD_16X to 1xPCIe riser and cable, 600mm USB Cable X6 units8.Mining Rig9.12cm High speed cooling fans10.MEMORY_4 GB RamJust wondering this system really works. Need your opinion. Thank you buddy....

  • Gaurav wason

    HI IF ANY ONE LOOKING FOR RX580 8gb Graphic CARD on Qty onle. LET ME KNOW @ 00971557601347


    How long it takes to ship it within Europe?

  • liamisic911

    I need help with my rig, I've got 6 rx470's and I'm getting only one card to work at 28mh's 4 of the other cards work at 22mh's and the last one at 25 mh's while the money it's making is not bad I would like to get 28 out of all of them, if anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

  • PC INFORMA 2014

    Hi.I have some questions.1) Why you have flashed the original bios?2) did you have a powersupply on that rig? What if electricity fell down?3) is not clear on the video, what did you have done AFTER linked the GPU with the PCI adapter (pc1 to pci16).Thanks for replay.P.s can I Ask you the price of all your Rig?

  • Polash360

    You have used any software?plz send me link........

  • MrPorter1983

    How to unlock vcore ? I have driver Amd blockchain and Afterburner but i can Not change the voltage :-/ mu get 168mh but :-/ 1050W


    What motherboard did you use?

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    Thanks for sharing bro!

  • [RW]Robi

    how much you make per day?

  • Denis A

    Does anyone know a site where we can contact directly with the sellers of graphics cards....(USED GRAPHIC CARDS)NOT e bay Not amazon NOT alibaba NO third part

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