GOKU Coin Unleashed! 2500% POS High Profit Opportunity

Goku Coin is the new kid on the block in the world of POS coins. It still has a great entry price. Available in Nova Exchange and just got listed in Cryptopia. This is a great opportunity to make profit if you missed Buzz Coin, and Ember Coin.

BUY GOKU https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_G...
Bitcoin garden -

YOBIT for BUZZ COIN: https://yobit.io/?bonus=kWBAy

NOVA Exchange: https://novaexchange.com/?re=fdcvpq8c...

GUNBOT and get 5% discount: https://thecryptobot.com/?gun=198

Easily buy Bitcoins from anywhere in the world with Debit or Credit Cards:
CEX: https://cex.io/r/0/up105684941/0/
CoinMamma: https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=codbtc
  • MTequen

    Cuánto demora en madurar las monedas ? Compre 40k pero me sale que está en staking solo 10k aunque sube poco a poco y la recompensa será en dos días...


    hola¡¡¡ayuda porfavor¡¡ como lo retiro de novaexchange a mi billetera como lo retiro¡¡¡

  • Sean Connor

    what the best wallet bro i downloaded the latest one ..

  • DarkCrypto

    Hey CDBTC, Do you mind making a tutorial video on how to set up your wallet on amazon snail?

  • Doe Jack

    Hi, Can I get the invite for the GokuCoin discord? That's where we get the GokuCoin wallet right?

  • Adam Bell

    where i download the goku wallet ?


    BUY GOKU: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_GOKU/?re=fdcvpq8ceej6qgb0j34jhttps://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=GOKU_BTC#Bitcoin garden -https://bitcoingarden.org/forum/index.php?topic=19513.0Easily buy Bitcoins from anywhere in the world with Debit or Credit Cards:CEX: https://cex.io/r/0/up105684941/0/CoinMamma: https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=codbtcWallet for Donations: Bitcoin: 1CF28uQi8xa4XcscRuL4aAgkScgq3khdXnDash: XaoYVYjr2ZXe4wCTTHcBFKFmYbAkEC4mEDv

  • Sean Connor

    WHAT THE RATE IT SAYS 5000% another place 1000 and you saying 2500

  • Sean Connor

    there only 59 million goku not 367  they burned 225 million wow that huge !

  • Brandon Bitcoin

    Wasn't gunna do a video on Goku Coin yet but just released mine.

  • Sean Connor

    Send me invite to discord !


    Shit coin, 2500% think about why most Give 4-20%2500%= approx 200%/month, by the end of yr 1 it will be saturated with coin killing the price, it's a pyramid scam, that's why there's no vids, you should close this channel and open a cat channel. Lmao so if I hold $1000 worth I can pull $60/day, that's $1800/month, sounds legit


    GOKU Discord: https://discord.gg/rpxbpqS

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