ETHER MINING: How to get 25 mh/s with a GTX 1060 (Windows)


Optimized ethminer.exe:

genoil's miner:

Alternate link for genoil's miner:

ethminer -U -S [poolserver-goes-here] -O [address.rigname] --cuda-grid-size 8192 --cuda-block-size 128
  • Hari Prasad

    will this work in asus 1060 3gb card it has hynix memory

  • Badri Sundararajan

    Please Help! I have a ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB AMP running on Windows 10 (cracked). I ran the Claymore's Ethereum Miner and it was giving only 2.3 Mhs. I've seen videos where people get 16-20 Mhs with this card. But I couldn't even cross 3 Mhs. Please help me figure out if there is a way to get at least 18Mhs. Thanks !

  • Theexpert blogDZ

    I want help is Asus gtx 1060 6gb ou 9gbps better or the msi gtx 1060 6gb ou 9gbps gaming x for mining

  • Geebin Inc

    Whyyyyyy are you talking so low 😕

  • Dev D

    Can any body help me. I got only 2mhs on my 1060 6gb.

  • GeekyBruce

    how much earning a day with 25mh/s ???

  • ah mat

    hi, want to ask. i get 24mhs for eth using zotac 1060 6gb amp. but my temp up to to get low temp between 60-70?help me

  • Lisa Adler

    Thank you. I just started and said I was only going to get .72¢ a day out of my Zotac 1060 6gb amp

  • pandilucciano

    start.bat text is specific for the GTX 1060? can I use a regular one.Do I need to modify the pool information on the "Nicehash-Stratum-OpenCL.bat" file?

  • Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene

    Boring useless idiot

  • Captain Dark

    My msi R9 390 gets 25.39mh/s

  • Wonder Lingerie Plus

    Hi what pool are you mining in?

  • megapet777

    with those clocks you must have samsung memory

  • 22/7 Games

    Downvote. PLAN your video out next time. You spend all your time moving your mouse around doing a whole lot of nothing or showing skins on MSI-AB. I learned nothing from this video except how to waste my time watching it. Also, instead of posting unix/non-windows CR/LF line endings on your batch script/cmd, maybe save with proper windows line endings next time. You would probably confuse at least a few less people next time. :-(

  • Firdavs Masaidov

    is 23.8 MH/s on 1060 3Gb normal

  • MotoK tips

    Easy answer... Get an RX480 or 580 and Bios mod it and get 30MH/s.

  • juniorek8

    GTX 1060 3GB Palit StormX (Samsung) P0 State OC: Power Limit - 70% Core Clock - +100MHzMemory Clock - +600MHzETH = 24.61 Mh(CUDA) 22.5Mh(OpenCL)

  • ShuhDonk

    while mining lower your power to 65 and core to -100, mem is all that matters when eth mining.

  • Lankyspy

    Help!!I only get 500 kh/s with my gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb windforce 0_0 plz help mebefore I overclocked it, it was mining at 460 and now after overclocking it mines at 530 kh/s 0_0Yes I have the latest version of windows 10 and latest driver update.Could it be the miner I use??? I use CCMINER 2.2.3 latest version.Could it be the coin im trying to mine (Litecoin)????HELP!!

  • Knife Fiend

    Nicehash went down and im struggling brother have a 1070 and just ordered a 1080 I need a really easy new software to mine on. Nicehash was my first experience mining and it was brainlessly easy. please help anyone?

  • Skjoldhøj Værkstedsforening

    EVGA card? Or the MSI ? ? and the 3GB version??

  • Spencer Lewis

    Where do I get the [poolserver-goes-here] from?

  • Kevin Scott

    Your setx commands are being disregarded. You need them each on a separate line.


    im mining on the ethermine eu 1 pool, when i run the bat file to open the miner, ethminer stops responding and closes. PLease help?

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