3 Graphics Card Cheap Monero Mining Rig GTX 660/GT710/GT640 Graphics Cards

"3 Graphics Card Cheap Monero Mining Rig GTX 660/GT710/GT640 Graphics Cards" no description available.
  • Chacha isarangkul

    I have xfx 5870 and his rx 460 to set up with motherbord msi 970 msi 970a-g43

  • Benjamín Salinas 1 medio

    Pueden decirme el hashrate de la gt710 completo?

  • Isaac Ramos

    good you could send me the specifications of the processor and what kind of power source you have, I want to mount something the same, greetings

  • Water Ox

    Why do you have all your video cards only using a little of their capacity? ... Leave you graphics card for you monitor at about 50% and the rest max out... make sure the fans are set correctly...

  • Terry Lusher

    my gtx 580 alone does that i have 8 core cpu which does about 140 h/s gtx 1050 about 250 h/s gtx 280 about 290/300 h/s and a hd7850 thich does about 320 h/s all in all about 1k/s

  • Bram G

    How much h/s does the gt710 produce if you use that GPU only at the max?

  • Philippe mendoza

    we have Free electricity here in philippines 24/7 just contact us :)

  • ItsKapow

    How much do you make a day with that setup?

  • Samuel Taylor

    Speak louder!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kobus van Tonder

    Dude can you sound any less enthusiastic damn you sound like the world is tumbling in on you

  • Javith Mohamed

    big cheaters dont use minergate, wasting your time and money

  • edgar wahl

    I am faster with my cpu allone. 450 /hhs/s per second on the 8 core CPU Xenon My graphics card make 800 hs/s per second

  • nadir tube

    i dont understand you have 2 value in gpu class so you have 400h/s or what !! plz help !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have gt 710 2go ddr3

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    Hella interested. What software. Where to

  • Nordic .I

    I don't think the smaller card is worth adding.My entry level xaiomi a4 phone runs just shy of 12H/s while connected to my PC USB port for charging.... it actually has power left for charging, albeit slowly. but still, it is like 3 or 4H/s/Watt.

  • Onkar Gadale

    I m using xmr-stak-cpu it gives me 180 h/s without any gpuMy cpu is AMD FX 4300With 8gig RamIf I m going with 710 how much I get from them

  • Zayd Abbas

    I make 75 hash on an old laptop cpu (2 core i5 2.4ghz) use Ubuntu

  • Chacha isarangkul

    xfx5870 & rx How to set up with Minergate

  • Dark Void Infinity

    guys please tell me which software should i use to mine , i am using gtx 750 ti , 1050 ti and rx 570 4gb nitro+ for mining. i need some guide to earn huge profit out of my rig.

  • Juanito Ferrero


  • anton8201

    hahaha with my 1 x HD7750 1 gb without clock i make 150~170 H/s ! You with 3 even cant made 160 H/s Why ? Now 18.9.2017. 170H/s =0,29usd/day

  • Virgo NET

    Money you can get money / month after mine using vga GT 710

  • edgar wahl

    I have a DL180 G6 Server and usinng Linux Ubuntu Server, no GUI´s, only Console

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