Gtx 1070 8gb nicehash mining in a dorm room

Bitcoin mining using a gtx 1070 in my dorm room at college. I do not have to pay utilities here so there is no electricity costs to me.
Let me know if you have any ways I can improve my earnings!
  • Sergey Pupko

    I don't know if it's a market fluctuation or what but I'm sitting at 2.85-3.15 dollars a day right now with my 1070. Mem at +750 And core at +150 at 90% power.

  • Andres Jia

    38 m/h is really good for 1070. Usually they're 26-28 and 30 oc. It was the price of bitcoin. Now you should be making more.

  • Cancerous Kid

    You got in alright volcals vid so I subbed to you

  • Holden Caulfield

    hey whats your total setup worth, p.s. i subscribed to you as your easy to understand and i know even less than you but hopefully not for long. haha thanks for the vid

  • Taiese Saofaigaalii

    well i guess im not the only one who came here based on your comment lol

  • FreedomFighter

    I found this from the comment section of the other video, solid little run down, thanks for this


    try to make lowe your oc make it on deafault and retry nicehash is not good with oc the memory my rx 560 2gb has 2 dollars a day and oc it fails down to 1.80 so yeah try it

  • William Staib

    Get $10 in BTC when you invest $100. Can be now, can be in 6 months. Just have to use this sign up link:

  • Porvenir Lopez

    What is your OC configuration to reach 38 mhs ?

  • Derrick Domena

    Its because bitcoin droped in price causing all the altcoins drop with it. I have a 1070 and a week and a half ago I was making $2.6 a day. Nicehash miner mines the altcoins and then converts it into bitcoin.

  • J Haning

    Your earnings will vary by price of BTC and the exchange rates of coins tied to the algorithms used by the program. I mine one of my rigs with Nicehash and it has 6 1070 8GB cards and a 1060 6GB card. I found most days choosing only Lyra or Equihash or both for it to go back and forth took my earnings from $8-15 daily to $14-20 daily doing nothing more than not letting it use time to mine Pascal or others that pay little. I did have a couple of days as high as $40 when Bitcoin drops and alt coins rise and happened over this last weekend. I do overclock memory +220 on each and all are ASUS STRiX top overclocked versions. An idea to perhaps increase net earnings!

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