I Mined Ethereum for 6 Months (How much $$$ I earned)

Today we are going to be going over the results from my Ethereum mine, which I have been running for 6 months now. We go over how the experience has been, how much money I made, and what I learned from the experience.

Parts List:
CPU: Intel i5-7600

Motherboard: MSI Z270A-PRO

Ram: G Skill Ripjaws 8GB

SSD: Adata 128GB

Powersupply: EVGA 1200W

Graphics Card: MSI GTX1060 6GB

Graphics Card Risers: (6 Pack)

Wifi Adapter:

Power Switch:


Monitor: ASUS VS228H-P

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*As always, this is not meant to be financial advice. Please consult a certified financial planner and do your own research before making any investment. Invest responsibly. ;)

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  • The Brick Nomads

    is your motherboard sagging?

  • Rafael Rios

    he have time to make money and smoke weed :)

  • kena bartholomew

    Very useful info. I would love connect. I'm getting in to mining and crypto a little more deep. I have a New Token that's about to explode. +18687836414

  • Mario Fatelevich

    I got lost... where the electricity expenses are here?

  • Muranium

    great video ....though i have a question

  • Neon Cat

    Gimme ya rig, I need dat gpu power to render shit in blenda

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