$0 Ethereum Mining Upgrade - How To Hack Your BIOS

Here's one of the big reasons why people choose AMD Radeon GPU's over Nvidia for Ethereum mining: because you can modify the BIOS to get some easy performance gains that outpace any competing GTX graphics card.

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• Pixel Clock Patcher: https://goo.gl/wkQR38

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  • Wesley Savage

    I couldn't get my Rx 480 to be detected after the flash. I have the new amd adrenaline drivers. I tried reinstalling them with no luck. I used the pixle clock patcher. I reverted my card to the original BIOS and it worked again. Please help i want that increased hashrate. :)

  • OmniKrauzer

    "IF its option 1....I'm sorry" I cried out laughing XD lololol. Love your stuff bro. You got a sub!

  • anony mous

    No longer profitable in ETH Mining. I run 24 gpu with 31mhs per card. Free electricity and air conditioning cos I work in Power Plant. Considerably spacious free rack 42ues system. Just mining for fun and test actually, bcos ppl outside thinking mining is profitable, so I decided to do my own physical mining cos I dont mind losing USD20k just like that.Should you thinking of start to mine, stop it baby. Unless you are ready to lose like me. I can make usd20k from other way of project in 2-3 months. No sweat and harm to lose usd20k just like that.

  • Redgrin

    does memory try matter like Hynix vs Samsung?

  • M E

    it worked , i got 28.8 mhs from 21 mhs i had before ,THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!

  • Gamer ROG

    I have 12 identical 570s. Would I need to do all the steps for every card? Or can I just change 1 BIOS & use it for all cards? Would the type of memory mater?

  • lazo babic

    Thank you pale..please can you tell me what to do with RX 480 4GDDR & R9 280X 3GDDR...which rate to put in this case-i mean overclocking their gpu bios?Thank you

  • Neetesh Raj

    You are best broExplain very simply

  • Gamer ROG

    My BIOS don't look like the one in the video. I have 8GB 570 but the BIOS looks like the 4GB version? There is no "1." or "2."

  • chibiebil

    overclocking the card with the normal tools is under warranty. At least for Nvidia cards. No idea about amd...

  • Efreitor Habibulin

    gee, what a hack... thats just a standard bios mod... hacker... also you can still return your card even after flashing bios, if you save the original file and put it back, i've done it multiple times, had no questions asked.

  • Milos

    Guys, would it be possible to connect 2 Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 's to Asrock h55m-le motherboard. Also, I have Intel core i3 530 CPU and 4GB RAM. I'm going to make a starter ethereum mining rig. Sorry for the newbie question but I have to start learning from somewhere.

  • Shadsters Gaming

    How does the Ati 550 4gb hold up on hash rates

  • Kurial

    Anyone know of the impact this has on gaming? Plan to mine and game on the side, but flashing the bios takes like 20 mins every time. Can I low spec game without hassle (Overwatch on Low 144hz)?

  • andrija a

    my rx 470 stays the same amout of hashrate eben though i flash it with everystep? why???

  • Clint Joshu

    great channel donated some to help you guys out!

  • Ivan Lovric

    You have a boring mouth

  • Samuel Mayhan

    Thanks for the tips, Nerdy Paul Walker.


    The GPU on the background just die

  • Hicham Elouali

    How can you overclock vtx 1050ti plz?

  • Marchello Josefsson

    No offence dude, but just get to the point. time is a factor ’. ok

  • kuviCk Andrew

    After I double click start.bat file this message show up " EthDcrMiner64.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command". After 1 second the cmd.exe disappears. Please help me

  • Pravin Nayakar

    I've not backed up the Asus RX570 expedition OC VBIOS..now I ended up with moded BIOS Which doesn't works with driver what to do now..

  • Donne's Vlogs

    now im interested on bitcoin your my idol

  • udit sharma

    do you wany to sell yr old gpu's..

  • CryptoCraig MillerMiner

    You prolly only want one GPU installed on the system when flashing the GPU's bios...

  • chanso vashum

    Stop minng eth its almost mined

  • Dan Laurentiu

    On your back of your chair is written "Drakon " ?? that is the devil dude, wtf ??? get that name wiped out of your stuff omg

  • Zeusbeer

    Is it safe to lower frequencies on core clock while having the same voltage? And if you do lower the core clock, do you have more headroom for the memory clock?

  • Neil Miranda

    Man, I tried to mine BTC back in 2009. I am not sure if I was able to, mining is always complicated. I have been studying for around a month day and night, barely sleeping. I have watched many of your videos, thank you for this incredible material. I tried to make a build of my own, I am not sure if it will be better thought. But I bought an AsRock Pro B350 up to 6 cards. I got a very good memory cards of 8gb from corsair. I read here and there that running in a ssd gives us more stability and less crashes so I decided to purchase one and I am not really sure, we are not using the cpu at all, but I bought a good amd ryzen 3 1200x with 10mb of extra cache memory just in case for a real good price.

  • hanabih

    Please do NOT use gpuz to save and backup your bios. Use atiwinflash to load and backup your original and modded roms. Edit in srb Polaris editor.

  • Thai Q. Ly

    Thanks in advance all. I just got additional RX cards and now setting up my first mining rig. Kindly help. How do I config to run multiple cards to mine? I can't get anything working right now. Many thanks

  • Mooseboy240

    what is a batchfile jesus christ people just blast through information without explaining 50% of the process

  • Osman Alaçam

    thank you for the great video, I like the way you teach, can you make a video for Linux users? thanks

  • Z

    What is better at mining a 1070 ti or 1080 ?

  • Usman Majeed

    wrong timing my 570 4g card gives 29.5 and 8g give 35 :)

  • LordSykocutioner

    Wouldn't just overclocking the memory do the same thing but with less risk?

  • DJ ArcForce

    Just used the info in this video to mod the bios on my MSi RX570 8g Armor OC edition card. Went from 633 h/s on cryptonight to 752 h/s and 21 Mh/s on ETH to just shy of 26 Mh/s. Not sure how far I can push the memory OC on this card with Hynix memory. WhatToMine recommends the ETH Mod I just did, underclocking the core to 1100 and OCing the memory to 2000 which is what I've done but wondering if I can push the memory further and have it stay stable. I guess I can just inch it up little by little until it become unreliable and then back off a couple steps. Anyhow, good video and definitely helped me make more money. Thumbs up!

  • andrenegwer

    Odd thing i noticed, 20 days ago Nicehash was paying 0.43 mBTC for 400 sol/s (equihash).Today they are paying the same for 800/s , what gives? Are they stealing hashing power for themselves or what do you guys think?

  • pierre jean

    do I need high speed internet in order to do mining?

  • dearic payne

    No website for mining or your fake websites!..wow.. delete your videos...lol.. yeah..your gone!

  • NeonRon

    I am not actually paying for utilities, would this help me to have earn more money daily despite power consumption? NiceHash with 280x and 750ti

  • nicholasscholten

    Why not use Windows Ethereum Miner? You download it, install it, put your Ethereum user ID and password in, click mine. Done.

  • Rafał Sitnik

    Me 1 card nvidia make 96Mh/s v100

  • Calamari_

    Ok i see all these comments and posts saying the 1080 gets around 3-4 dollars

  • Richard Hstdt

    I hate you for the high graphicscard price

  • Thai Q. Ly

    I have an XFX 580 8GB and it's only getting around 20Mhash... After OC I get around 22Mhash. Any idea what is wrong?

  • anthony aponte

    Steps for install drivers for 7 gpu with modded bios? I've tested each one and works fine but when plug al together it doesn't start :(

  • Frans Noah

    Risk is good, so take it or you losse it. Your Trick is verry Good Bro. Keep it up !

  • Robert Joyce

    an excellent video. however, I only own 7 1050ti's can you instruct on how to modify it's bios?

  • Mahir Fredericks

    well done Paul walker of pc's

  • Harlan S

    Thank you! I increased my performance by %16.25.

  • C White

    Of course increasing your speed might lower the life expectancy of your GPU. You can lose 3 months worth of mining on replacing a GPU. I'd keep it at stock..

  • Aminlv

    hi tnx for good video, just got problem i have r9 280 but polaris can't seems to read saved bios any idea what to do with it?

  • Michael Hill

    what about the amd radeon rx 550 4gb?

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