Check out the latest update on the 8 GPU mining rig! Jay shows the final results from the rig! 241MH total from all 8 GPUs!!

Huge thanks to Evan from (Youtube)-Evanjdevelopment he gave me a hand to reach the 30.5mh mark on the GTR 580s (hynix). Check out www.dogezer.com for projects and ICO if you guys have any question feel free to send him a message on Youtube for more info!!

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6- XFX RX580 GTR 8GB (hynix)- 30.5mh
2- XFX RX580 GTS 8GB (samsung)- 29.2mh
Power Consumption- 1447 watts
Update now at 1354 watts

Mobo- Asus Prime Z270-A
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2yk1evW

Amazon- http://amzn.to/2hUnCFV

Amazon- http://amzn.to/2hgbSge

CPU- Intel Pentium Processor G4400 LGA 1151
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2he8PVX

Memory- Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR 4 2400mhz
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2zHIKK6

Power Supply- EVGA Supernova P2 Platinum 1200 watts

Power Supply- EVGA Supernova p2 850 watts
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2Av9iLO

PCI Extensions- 2 packs MintCell 6-Pack PCIe 6-Pin 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card

M.2 to PCI-E- CFIKTE NGFF to PCI-E riser card M.2 port to PCIE expansion card X4 slot
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2E3pE0l

Fans-2 boxes of Corsair SP120 2pack

Frame- Veddha Professional 8 GPU Miner Case Aluminum Stackable Mining Case Rig Open Air Frame
Amazon- http://amzn.to/2yiE7C1
  • Aneel Ak

    we have six ??FXX?? Gpus 2:02

  • Galib Shishir

    Hi there! Cool build! If you don't mind helping a brother out here I would really appreciate it. I have 8 GPUs of the model NP106 and I have been trying to use them for a monero rig. Is there any way I can use ccminer or claymore even though they are not GTX or AMD build. Would appreciate your view on how to go about with it. Thanks, bro!

  • Geekanoids

    New to all this, what software are you running for the mining?

  • Loris

    How much dollars cost KW/h in ur country?

  • TheRealReasons

    I have a problem where if I try to run all 8 of my 580s the screen freezes off and on for long periods. If I run 6 it runs just fine. Any info on how to fix this? Thank you

  • J H

    hi.. nice rig!! wish u could help with my 8 gpu issues. im using asus b250 mining motherbrd, 8 x sapphire rx570 8gb gpu. I done bios modded all gpus succesfully and all of them are able to mine at 30mhs when running individually on main pci-e slot.Problem occurs when i put all 8 gpus on risers. Windows 10 became unstable and only 1 card is mining at 30mhs but the other 7 mining at 21mhs. Please help. thanks.

  • Austin Frandsen

    Tried your settings in Trixx and went from 21Mh/s to 29Mh/s. However it was only stable for an hour and is now back at 21/Mh/s per card. Any thoughts or insight? Greatly appreciated!

  • Chris Woods

    Dude! I could really use your help. I have the same 580’s and can’t seem to overclock the gpu’s and I can’t get anymore than 17 mhz per card.

  • Naveed U. Rehman

    What steps you took to bump up Hash rate? It ll be great help if u could share it.

  • FreZzy_Zockt


  • Arya Ohadi

    Running on windows or Linux?


    IF I have solar power how much could i earn for 7 rx 580 8gb?

  • אני כלב

    How much you make a month?And what should i get 3 gtx 1080 ti or 4 gtx 1080 or 6 rx 580

  • Pototo

    amigo necesitó ayuda con la configuracion del afterburner para minar 30

  • Darth Sidious

    Hey man I'm currently mining ETH I stumbled across this video I was wandering if you can give me some pointers to help me get my 3 rx580's 8gb to stabilize they discover 20 shares at one hour then 34 next 48 then down to 10 what is it with that

  • Bejinar Nati

    My friend gifted me an i5 2400, i bought a motherboard with 8 gigs of ddr3 memory and now i'm desperatly searching for a freaking GPU :'(

  • Γιωργος Σουρμπας

    Really a big fan of you guys,Thumbs up!and shered with my collage friendsanyway thanks for this amazing wonderfulcool video.http://jkool.club/

  • Minutes2tech

    Nice man ! Good stuff


    consider suicide, no offense

  • Zaid BA

    give me one for free

  • Pototo

    amigo necesitó ayuda con la configuracion del afterburner para minar 30

  • Mark Yan.

    Do you recommend Claymore running ETH and Decred? or just Ether ? also, XFX RX580 GTR 8GB the RX580, 8GB Video Cards require 2 or 1 8-pin plug for power supply? I have asrock h110+ MB and thinking doing 8 GTX 6GB and 5 of these RX580 8Gb. Let me know your advice, thanks

  • The Best Gaming

    i hope this bitcoin die and you lose all your money

  • Chrixio

    i hate people like you, all miners are assholes and can go ***.

  • Dido Ortiz

    so i have been looking for decent priced GPUs for a while and ill be damned if there art any ... anywhere. Did your purchase these one by one or is there a good place to buy in bulk? thanks for your help in advance.

  • Tsunemori Ruka

    is a 1000w psu enough for 6 gpu rx580 4gb rig?

  • Z

    What is the main reason to undervolt ? Is it for saving electricity? Anyone ?

  • Rade Petreski

    How much is the lowest price?

  • Nico

    Your fans on the side are 100% useless...


    fuck you miner go and fuck you

  • jos jos

    What is the consume of wats per gpu?

  • Thomas Howl

    Ah, this is why my cards are so expensive. 😂

  • Dean Harper

    ive done every thing youve done and its still between 18-20 mhs per card got 8gpuany way u would look on teamviewer ?

  • g 804

    hallo,please tell me how to withdrawn money from ethereum pool ? i have same xfx cards miner and i don,t no how to withdrawn money. can you tell me or send me video?

  • Amer Dragolj

    What software are you using? Doesnt look like nicehash.. if im right, any specific reason for not using it? Ty

  • Tolga Karaahmet

    hi my friend, wich mining software you are using??

  • Andrew Manus

    Great Video! This is what I am looking to duplicate. I am a newbie so forgive the basic question. Of the two cards you have which one would you buy again? I ask as I heard the hynix memory was not that great but you seem to be doing well with it. I am getting ready to purchase my 580's. .

  • Games

    Any tutorials how to change card bios?

  • Chris Rms

    can someone help me build a mining rig please.. rmschris0@gmail.com

  • Rey Reyna

    I gotta know what you did. Currently i dont like my xfx gtr 580 runs hot and slower than my sapphire nitro plus rx 570

  • kiLLjoy24CALI

    Can it run minecraft on ultra settings?

  • monte white


  • RangerFu

    Whats the size of the frame

  • jpthsd

    how much have you already made since running this mining activities vs your payment to computer parts & electricity?Electricity for non-low income is NOT CHEAP!

  • sultan shah

    can i use 3x gtx 1070 g1 gigabyte with corsair tx750 watt

  • Chica From chica

    i can tell u a system that will cost you $3100 that will mine 693.078MH/S producing 3000w depending on ho much your electric provider chargers im going off $0.19KWH that will make $500 per week after ELECTRICTY usage pricerunning 30GPUDONT BUY THE ALREADY BUILT GRAPHIC CARDS THE RIP YOU OFF

  • Gábor Vass


  • TheRealReasons

    Quick question Jay. Do you have a video showing how you setup your bios on your MB and the GPU's?

  • VeRyDickulous

    How is it possible to limit GPU usage on Nicehash ? Thank you for your help !

  • Marshal Hembram

    Is it profitable to start mining at this current situation?If yes then which cryptocurrency mining is profitable bitcoin, ethereum or z cash?

  • IQ encodoc

    Hello friends, I have a dilemma which I would like to bring to your attention, and if you could answer it would be greatly appreciated. I have two sapphire rx 580 nitro + 8gb gpus in my rig. They mine at different speeds, sadly, even though they are the exact same cards with the exact same settings. For Electroneum for instance, I get 308 H/s on GPU 0 and 780 H/s oh GPU 1. GPU 1 is also the only one finding shares as well. Same problem with Ethereum, GPU 0 gets only 21 Mh/s and GPU 1 gets 30 Mh/s. Any tips on what the problem might be? I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the software, ensured they both are on the same settings etc and have WattMan set to "compute". Also, it never shows the temps or fan speeds for GPU 0, only for GPU 1. Thanks in advance for anyone's time!

  • Miguel Eduardo Niemtschik

    Love your RIG its AWESOME!!!

  • Justin Willett

    HeyJay, I decided to go with an 8 GPU rig instead of 6. I have a Corsair HX1200i PSU what is your recommendation for a second PSU? An 850? Can i get away with a 750?

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