How to Overclock GPU for Mining - Nvidia EVGA

Learn how to maximize mining profit by overclocking Nvidia GPUs using EVGA Precision Xoc.

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EWBF Miner:
EVGA Precision Xoc:
EVGA 1080 Ti Hybrid SC2: [affiliate]


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  • AndTheCorrectAnswerIs

    Using sols/watt as an efficiency rating is no good because it does not take into account profitability. For example, if you save $.30 in electricity and decease your performance to the point that you lose $.50 in revenue, then it doesn't mattter that you saved lost overall profitability. People likewise get caught up in pursuing MH/s at the expense of all else. The only true figure to be concerned with is overall profitability. You should be measuring dollars produced per kilowatt. Certain algorithms are more income efficient with certain cards, certain bioses, etc.

  • Jonathan Tessier

    I just don't understand the point of raising the core clock or memory clock if you're going to lower the power target so low...Your cards are power throttleing anyway, and as you can see when you up the core clock modifier, it barely has any effect on the actual core clock.It's just such a lazy way to do it when you can just max out the power target and then change the voltage curve to your desired performance/efficiency.Side comment: Love how you title your video ' How to overclock' when you're not even OCing in the actual video. You're just undervolting/underclocking by playing with the power target LOL

  • Electric Sheep

    I am running dual 1070 hybrids ftw editions. Any idea what I should be running? Currently using nicehash. Thanks brother.

  • Deny2 Des

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Henry Ellers

    You should really rename this video...

  • Tonda Ruzicka

    Hi, on this page you will measure up your Hash Rate

  • Scottie K

    Always like your videos brother! Keep up the good work.

  • VideoWorld!

    What to do with the clocks for 6 x 1070ti ?

  • Volodymyr Volkiz

    This card is not good for minihg. You can't use it's app whith more than 4GPU

  • ludvel 22

    Why dont u want to have a high core clock if you have a lot of 1080tis?

  • A Aa

    were you going to a how to overclock the hybrid for gaming?


    but you just got 1200 sol/s ? even without overclocking i can get 1400 sol/s ?

  • Fernando Palencia III

    I am getting pretty bad temperatures using nano pool, anything else it stays in the 50's could it be the pool I use?

  • Crypto Crypt

    thank you! I was looking all over the place on how to get the sols/ watt to display. thanks for the info.

  • TommyGun 305

    Do you know what the - -pec equivalent it for claymores

  • Prithviraj Shelke

    As far as getting display back did you try TeamViewer? Do you think, you could bring the power levels up and once you've display go back to 65% power level and make it work?

  • lae her

    add --pec to ewbf miner and the box display but display 0 watt and 0 efficiency. anybody know why? any help is appreciated?

  • overlycreative1

    As a miner, this comes as a great help in understanding the best way to think of how to power a card and extract the most cheddar for the least amount of energy.

  • Paolo Lope

    what the hell is mining?

  • Dark Ploxius

    Does the “—fee 0” really work?

  • Daniyal Ali

    Thanks! Really good video !

  • Stephen Hornak

    You mentioned your machine went down to do a windows update. I would disable automatic updates.

  • Todd Shreve

    Efficiency != Profit. Focusing on efficiency is neato and all that, and as a geek I appreciate the video. But I assume we all mine to make money and that should be the focus here.

  • BigPaco213

    i have my 1080ti set at 127% power 50+ core, 996+ memory i hav Solar where i live so i dont pay for electricity

  • Dennis

    got my miner down to 1200 watts from the 1600 watts, first rig, still learning. this was very helpful.

  • Sanju R

    I am not able to overclock - it says cuda error

  • Amachetay Cybo

    1080 fuck those are pricey but worth it though. yea i love trading you make alot $ doing that 2 some of the exchanges are a bitch right now cause so many ppl are joining takes forever 2 get verified and other fun nuttynesss

  • Silver

    So dumb...Stock it uses 250 watts (each) but is mining at 1400 sol/s. Underclocked it uses 150 watts (each) and mines at 1200 sol/s.So you "save" 4.8 kw/h a day underclocking it BUT even with electricity rates at a HIGH 15 cents a kw/h thats only an extra $0.72 a day combined...for both cards. Throw 200 sol/s into a calc and you get $1.50 revenue a day without electricity taken off.Throwing away potential profits to save on your electricity bill....makes no sense. Just run the damn numbers.

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