NVIDIA Tesla GPU 4x C1060 ALUs

NVIDIA Tesla GPU 4x C1060 ALUs
  • Ted Guy

    cracking with nvidia this guy is funny

  • Joel Crocker

    I would like A used one for gpu encoding for 4k for my server - I would like to get ready for 4k encoding - please msg A ebay link - thank you

  • GoodDay

    lol why do you need this if you can just get 1 titan x pascal

  • Alexandre Haggerty Pereira de Souza

    Hi, Is it possible to connect one of those to a laptop? Dell Precision M6600?

  • zomege

    0:26 oh yes "rails" so i can easily store that cabinet with my 50 other cabinets. Easy storage lawl

  • Leaperite Productions

    Those were M1060, the C1060 is the desktop fan attached equivalent.M1060 is the server version with passive cooling

  • Mark Bohm

    Sounds good, too bad I have no idea what you are talking about

  • cyberjack

    You tried PYRIT ? how many PMK/S you think ?

  • 100redeye

    "everybody watching this video is a math genius..." pfft, I have no idea how I got here

  • The Doctor

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Gerald Nordahl

    Will it help my solitaire game?

  • Emre wercil

    yesss play gpu miners farme :d :D

  • Kingy B

    That thing is a relic !

  • zomege

    so would i need like a generator cord to connect on of those. and do u think a residential power supply could support that or would you need to call the power company and make arrangements?

  • Mwert Serte

    Can those old GPUs be taken out to run later model Tesla GPUs in the same unit?

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