How To Choose The Best Graphics Card (For You!)

How To Choose The Best Graphics Card (For You!)
ft. the Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! -

Here's a guide to walk you through the key points to consider when narrowing down your graphics card choice -- because after you've chosen your GPU, you'll still probably have 10 to 15 graphics card variants to choose from. Enjoy!

$1200 July Build -
Reference vs Custom GPUs -
Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme -

Thanks to Zotac for providing the GTX 1070 AMP! graphics card for use in this video.

Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! @ Amazon -

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  • Dank Ass

    I have the same card but it runs at 82 degrees after hours of gaming how do i get it to run quiet

  • A random Cat on the Internet

    I'm probably buying the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

  • Dave Maclellan

    I need a GPU because my Acer only has a horrible one built in to the processor ( or thats what i was told ) What decent GPU can i get for 100 $ or less ?

  • Matej Bukovec

    Why are prices in USA always 15-20% cheaper than in Europe, for the same things? And that includes cars, tehnical equipment, electronics, and basically everything else, even for food (for the same brands)?And I'm not talking only about american brands (cause that would be understandable), but also for Asian and even European ones.And salaries are double of those in Europe, at average, in USA.

  • Lord Beerus

    this gpu is $1000 on amazon

  • LRK007

    i was planning on buying a gtx 1070 and i had the monry but then the fucking miners swooped in.

  • Ghola Tleilaxu

    Well as of 3rd of March 2018 you can choose to buy a graphics card or a good second hand car for the same price. Because they sell the graphics card for 300% more than it's worth.

  • Extreme tech boys

    you earned a subscriber mr. paul

  • Minux

    400$ "budget" fuck off

  • Wedding Photographer

    MSI GTX 1070 went for 449 in 2016, and in 2018, it's over $600, god damn it the miners! the whole cryptocurrency mining is such a waste of energy and natural resources, these craps will have to end soon!

  • Amri Soul

    Someone help!! I need to know about what do i need to get to boost my gaming experiences.. Im thinking about buying graphic card but i only have 4gb ram, is that good? or do i need to add more. if i do, how much do you think i need to add? And do i need sonething else other than GC and ram?

  • StriX

    Everyone talks about overclocking everything but is it necessary just to play games? forgive the noob question just starting to learn about gaming PCs before I build one, would a 1070 play any game in standard clock?

  • Shreyansh Mishra

    Anybody know the difference between zotac 1070 amp vs amp CORE

  • hegotaspare

    I've got the AMD MSI RX 580 Gaming X. Its pretty loud even in a quiet case at 4K resolution high settings, I can see why gamers use headphones to block out the noise of the GPU fans.

  • Jonathan Bright

    For the time being I'm actually running a pc with sub 1080p monitors, but one is mirrored to a 1080 tv for couch gaming. For this reason and the fact that I was lucky enough to get a 1060 6G for MSRP through EVGA at launch, I'm happy to say that this card is perfect for me, even counting in the inevitable 4K monitor upgrade a year or two down the road (playing games in 1080p on a 4K monitor will be perfect and won't blur any text)

  • Ibrahim Haider

    You should be asked which 🤣

  • JoeAceJR

    Im spending around 40 bucks for my graphics card.

  • Haiden

    I hate watching these videos, especially because my GPU seemed to die right after I updated drivers. :( RIP GTX 760 , you lasted me 4 years.

  • Nahian Dumsi

    Who will pay the money for our best choice graphics card will YOU

  • Wally Spencer

    why should i spend 400 dollars for a gpu?

  • beefaroni

    I just realized you’re true guy from NewEgg

  • David Duarte

    I will never care for cards other than Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI.

  • zZoKo

    simple...ASUS ROG GTX 1080 TI STRIX OC

  • CJ Mattias

    You don't need a 1070 for most games... 1060 will run most games high/ultra graphics@1080p at 60+ fps...

  • Amri Soul

    Someone help!! I need to know about what do i need to get to boost my gaming experiences.. Im thinking about buying graphic card but i only have 4gb ram, is that good? or do i need to add more. if i do, how much do you think i need to add? And do i need sonething else other than GC and ram?

  • Monkey Monkey

    My 2 biggest pc build head scratchers are what cpu and gpu I need, I'm not a massive gamer but I wouldn't mind connecting it up to my TV. So I can watch my movies of of it. As for cpu's there are so many I need a cpu lodged in my head just to get the right one! I think a i5 will be more than enough, but I'm not wanting to upgrade every year so I'm thinking i7. All I will say is I like rgb lighting if it done decently!

  • Vamshi Rajarikam

    It is more like a GTX 1070 review than Finding The Best Graphic Card

  • CJH200iiWii

    Does it matter what size your PC is?, I heard that you need to know how big your computer is so you can find a card that fits, and how much juice your computer has.

  • Hwi Seong

    I need help is it called graphics card or video card

  • FDN

    We need a Noctua GPU.

  • Garth Clark

    HI Paul...good information here. I often felt it would be a good idea for someone in hardware reviews to have a basic "baseline" graphics card that does equal processing as the Intel HD graphics built into the CPU. Why? Lots of folks simply ignore the Intel HD graphics feature and buy a discrete video card and often do not gain anything, if not lowering their GPU processing that came with the CPU. So, it would be interesting for a hardware review that would show the performance of the Intel HD Graphics in comparison to some of the video cards that perform equally or less than Intel.Why? To eliminate any confusion where to begin looking in performance levels with graphic cards and the price factor associated with them.

  • preston garvey

    mines 90% is that good?


    the video need to call why choose ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX 1070

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