Current Mining Rig Setup Overview, 16 GPU's, $22 / day, rolling with Hive OS

What's new in my crypto mining world? Not much, but profits are a plenty! My current setup, hashrates, etc.... plus some cool stuff for sale!

0:00 The beginning of the video
0:40 Hive OS Summary
1:58 Rig #1 "Bahama Mama"
3:51 Rig #2 "Spare Crap Rig"
4:32 Fans, fans everywhere!
8:56 Some stuff I'm looking to sell

What I'm currently using in my mining rigs.use for mining.

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=======Crypto Donations=======
Nicehash: 3NHBAaRAxexSouXpSJYs7NoTdft21M7GB5
Bitcoin BTC: 1Q1LBSzmCXSgx6QxwMQpwARCRWL6XBr9rB
Litecoin LTC: LeKdeVRFdb5upn5VW92CBmdxvBE7MABpqW
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Zcash ZEC: t1gD8JJuSWVhh5PZVnKoKyScomCK65ujuJK

=======Affiliate Links=======
MSI B250 Mining Expert
Asrock H110 Pro BTC+
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P

Video Cards:
Gigabyte 1050 2GB
EVGA 1060 3GB Superclocked

Power Supplies:
Corsair CX650M:
HP 750W Server:

Mailiya 6-Pack PCIe Powered Risers

Download HiveOS:

=======Great Website for Video Card Hunting=======

Questions? Comments?
Post down below or hit me up at my email,

=======Some of my Software=======
GUI for the DSTM equihash miner:

Warcraft Fishing Bot, Fishmonger! Try it out for free.
  • Litecoin Lucky

    Perhaps a longer rack for more space (airflow) between each card.Also can recommend the 12x riser slot Gigabyte Ga-B250-Fintech mother board which is my personal favourite.

  • Gazulith

    Your link for the b250 board is inop.

  • Drakilicious

    On subject of cooling. I almost question just putting a normal BOX FAN (you know one of the big ones; like for rooms) built into the frame would be more effective, cheaper, easier. True you'd have to have the fan plugged into a separate AC outlet but I think that would be 'cool' to do... you know.. think of a wind-tunnel design.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Holy shit! That's a lot of fans. I've been considering building some sort of box for my rig as well. Since I have my rig in my daughters room, the heat has become a problem. I have seen some really good ideas where people have been using in line duct fans to pipe air in and then out a window. I might try that.

  • Vegard Davidsen

    Thats ALOT of fans! :)

  • Ade Keleko

    Did you build your racks by yourself? Love your swag.

  • Drakilicious

    2nd comment but a few examples showing what I meant with my last box-fan msg:(I always felt a glass gun display case would be perfect for a rig too... I almost used one for a server once)

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