How To increase mining efficiency by Overclock & Undervolt 1070 Ti using MSI Afterburner

If you want to setup a mining rig
The links for the items are below:

Power button link :
Anti Static Band :
Motherboard ( gigabyte h110-d3a motherboard )
Processor ( Intel Pentium G4400 )
Ram ( DDR4 4GB Ram )
SSD ( WD Green 120GB Internal Solid State Drive )
Cable Ties ( Novoflex 100mm Cable Ties, Pack of 100 )
GPU Riser Adapter Card ( PCI-E 1x to 16x Powered Riser Adapter Card )
Graphics Card ( Zotac GTX1070 AMP! Edition )
SMPS ( Corsair RMx Series, RM1000x )
Mining Rig Frame

1080 Ti -
AMD RX Vega 61 -
AMD RX Vega 56 -
1070 Ti -
1060 6GB -
RX 570 -

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  • ankur jain

    video is very useful pls also upload videos on about pc settings like virtual memories setting etc

  • hoshiyar singh

    हेलो मम मेरे पास Zotac कंपनी के 1060 min के 5 ग्राफ़िक कार्ड है और 1070 EMP के 3 card है क्या में इन को साथ में माइनिंग के लिए लगा सकता हूँ एक ही मदर बोर्ड में

  • MCA Software Solutions

    Thanks for the video. Kindly show/ or write us how to clock 1080 and AMD 580 GPU

  • Majed mohamed

    Thanks for that amazing video,i have 6x asus rog strix 1070ti 8gb what I should to change in msi afterburner and I'm mining etherum in ubuntu so can you help me please

  • deven singh

    Mam iam getting blue screen errorAfter that my system shuts off..any solution ?

  • Leandro Barbosa

    I'm mining ETH while i'm sleeping.. My OC is: Power Limit: 60% / Core Clock: +140 / Memory Clock: +800. The temperature it's 55ºC all the time at 35% Fans (Asus Strix GTX 1070) and GPU Clock: 1450MHZ / Memory Clock: 4608MHZ / 781mV. Is it safe? Thanks.

  • Vikas Gupta

    I have rig with 3 kind of cards rx570, galax 1060 6gb and asus 1060 6gb rog kindly tell suitable settings max efficiency with less electricity consumption regards

  • hoshiyar singh

    हेलो मम मेरे पास Zotac कंपनी के 1060 min के 5 ग्राफ़िक कार्ड है और 1070 EMP के 3 card है क्या में इन को साथ में माइनिंग के लिए लगा सकता हूँ एक ही मदर बोर्ड में

  • Gerald Jirau

    65% ?!? Fuck I'm lucky to see 72% stable and the cards uses Samsung chips.

  • bigbdtx

    Like the video, why the vacuum in the background tho lol

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    I luv ur voice 😍Thanks for the tips.What is ur power consumption with 3 cards ???For 3 days I've consumed around 70 units for 4 cards 1070's msi 😣😟Share ur exp. Plz Plz make a video regarding psu units 😀plzzZ

  • Christopher Y

    Any idea what is the best setting for Asus Strix GTX 1080 ti for equihash algorithm to get better hashrate?? And the power limit too.

  • Captain Rylen

    Any stable setting you suggest for evga 1070 ti mining ethash algo? Running mem at 680 core 100... power 63tdp.. a micron memory... i would like to run it at 60-63tdp

  • a bc

    After overclock my 1 of Asus Strix GTX1060 6GB Micron memory, running a while the MSI afterburner reflesh slow & observed the core clock drop to only 632Mhz. How to get rid of it & what is the problem? Any guide for this? Thanks.

  • Kunal Prajapati

    Thank U Mam.Mere pas gigabyte 1060 (6 GB) micron ke 6 card ke grafic card vali rig he par muje MSI afterburner set krna nahi ata. Please suggest me best settings MSI afterburner for save electricity.

  • Vishal Chavan

    Very helpful video mam.thank tell me about ccminer .how can i check output which i mine.

  • Adrian 1991

    Nice video , im a zec ,vtc and btg miner and when i saw your video i think about you are making a nice content but i suggest you if you have 3 gpu rig or more lower power limit of gpus to 60-70% more or less cause the main priority in mining is consumption the more power limit you setup you will pay more for electricity bills also i have to say that +500-700 on memory its like a suicide for a gpu with power limit restriction u can damage memory of the gpu.... i use like +200 and its enough and profitable without damaging any gpu.... anyway good video!

  • chris Fontaine

    thank you very much for explaining the difference between ram ect. cheers to you

  • a bc

    Hi, that's a great video. Could you guide me I have NVidia GTX1060 6GB with Micron memory. And currently solo mining on ETH, what is the best adjustment shall I do to max the efficiency? Thanks.

  • ashok g

    I am using zotac 1060 6gb amp edition,Biostar tb250 6 slot motherboard,I am using pimp os(Linux),my each gpu18+ mh/s only. But many people got 21 to 25 mh/s. Can u please help out

  • Geordan Reisner

    Hi Ceng I did everything you said in the video and still im only hashing 16.00 Mh/s...What am I doing wrong?

  • Behzad Azad

    Thnx for video, as i got 2x asus strix 1070 oc ... i cant decrease power limit !!! What should i do with it ???

  • Abhijeet Das

    It's too good..really helped to increase the hash u guys..awesome video

  • raptor eagles

    Nice video. In fact first video I've watched which has a girl talking about hardcore mining stuff. Great job.

  • Anbu Chelian

    1070 ti or 1080 which one to go for?

  • Ceng Kahyaoğlu

    Thx for the video. Liked and subscribed. I have GTX 1070 Asus with the cip of Micron. Currently I'm mining Zcash. What kind of adjustment shall I do for the max efficiency ?

  • Alex Laukola

    Hi, I flashed my card using atiflash,polaris,ets, able change out of box speed 24mh up to 27mh, i did it on my personal desktop and put in rig running SimpleMining OS, worked perfect, but have problem with second part, if I change parameters with MSI afterburner or Wattman on my desktop and disconnecting and connecting to my rig changes not saved, what i'm doing wrong?

  • Exiled For Life

    pls tell me about GTX 1060 .. i m mining zcash .. hynix memory ..

  • MyGoogle

    Thanks and more tips and tricks please

  • Alexandrite

    U are misleading the people never even overclock the graphic cards to 700 mhz on memory ...the memory modules would fry away ..... Even if the graphics card is stable it won't last long .... I am not criticizing you but 400 mhz is fair amount ....even the voltage is reduced to 60% so I am probably sure your graphic cards would strangled to death with lack of voltage to drag 700 mhz of overclocking on memory modules

  • ottotrends

    Yes Of-course video was helpful but still having Some Question below ?1: How to know the limits/ Range (Core Clock, Memory clock,Power & Temp.) of our cards like mine is Asus Strix Rx570?2: Can you please make video on Advantages & Disadvantage of Over-Clocking & Under- Clocking?3: Upto which mark we need to overclock (Rx570)?4: Which Temp. is good for cards (Temp Limits)?5: How much Life of Cards?Hope you will ans Que... And any Suggestion for me i am using Asus Strix Rx570 GPUs

  • Tamás Ugróczky

    First i thought in myself "well, another kid" but now im a subscriber

  • dimitris sazos

    how u can overclock gtx 1070 to 700mhz memory? thats disaster ..

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