EVGA GTX 1070 SuperClocked for Ethereum at 32 MH/s

Superclocking My GTX EVGA 1070 SC For Ethereum Mining!
  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    nice video, do you think tight ing the timings of the vram will get you more mhs

  • Hard Candy

    which cpu you are using ?

  • Alaa Sawaid

    Hello, i found a lot of pgu in this list the same brand and same 1070,,, do you know what us the different? https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6171-KR

  • Jimanio Ariba

    What Nvidia drivers for windows 10?

  • JoeOf91

    thx mine went from 26 to 31 mh/s for eth XD i feel like you could do more though

  • J P

    We made a rig of 6 of these(GTX 1070SC) same card but it only work with 3, when we add 4, 5 and 6. it just crash.....restart and did the same thing. Would you suggest solution?

  • Amachetay Cybo

    what if u have a water cooled one?

  • Henrique Ramon Fernandez Brites

    Hi bro... Is it with bios moded?

  • nick301

    Thanks for making this video! Do you notice problems with your cards because of overclocking them? We want to sell the cards after mining, and of course they should be ok to use...Also, do you know if RX580 might be better? I wanted GTX 1070 because they a more power efficient, right?

  • lenso010

    if this is so good why people still wants amd for mining?

  • Damon T.

    Wondering if you could assist. We are able to over clock but when we restart the machine the cards reset. Is there a way to resolve this?did you put a different bios on your cards?

  • Nestor Macias

    Dude... your whole screen is frezzing lol!!!

  • KonranTaisa

    Hello. Good video, but you`ve missed one thing - what is the power usage at base clock and after OC. Question is - is worth?


    can you adjust the fan speed with this model or is it locked?

  • Annette Asadoorian

    Why??? it's much easier to use https://qoinpro.com/ffe9316ec1aee32e6a47c9434a25234b

  • KernalPanic

    this is not the way to tune your card, put power at 87, core clock -50, memory at 800, see what you get.

  • Melvin Gimp

    This is useless for everyone who pays his electricity! just increase memory speed to max and drop powertarget as low as possible!! core clock does not matter so much.I have 30.4 MH/s with 4450 Mhz mem and 50% Powertarget (beafy card, maybe 60-70% on founders edition like cards). My card consumes under 100W while mining.

  • Ricardo D Rodriguez M

    Podrias compartirme el .BAT que utilizas para dwarfpool?

  • Isrrael Guerrero

    Hey vubg, great videos, you are probably the only person showing overclocks for the Nvidia cards. Keep it up friend!I have a question, is it stable to increase the core voltage + power limit that much? and if yes, doesn't it reduce the cards life expectancy by a lot?

  • Igor Pankiv

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  • ZugzWang 82

    What version of windows is this in and are you still pulling this today?

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