Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti

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  • Denis Shaforstov

    "2 HEYTCH DMI's" 2:45

  • ChorfyTv

    4:06 since when was the 1070 low end?

  • James PT

    Looking forward to the teardown, hoping a NZXT X62&G12 will fit.

  • Angelo

    Please test this on i5 8600K. I wanna know the average FPS for AAA games @ 1440p

  • Cristofer Tenno

    What is the difference between the advanced edition - ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-G and ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-8G-GA? The advanced edition costs 20 euros more in my country.

  • Lopata

    1050Ti - feel supreme having Ti in the naming of 180$ card1080Ti - top product, zero complains (if we don't count Xp existence)1070Ti - I want to buy a Lambo but I only have money to get Audi and still get pussiesWHATS NEXT???

  • yardo ka

    Question: does the fan only spins at a certain gpu temp or is it always spinning?

  • kris754a

    3:15 play at 0.25 speed... Thank me later

  • Emanuele Borghini

    Wait didn't it need 8+6 pin connectors?

  • calical26

    460 price this car will be around 490will be 7 to 9% slower then 1080

  • Xeanhort93

    Does it fit in NZXT Noctis 450 rog??

  • Howie47

    So, cost more than a 1080!

  • The Ultimate Gaming Expirience

    worth it to be Ti or not????????????

  • HopBooster

    How many inches is it?

  • ZanderLexx

    I just love fast porn stripping :) 3:12

  • David Watson

    wow whats this oc3d rushkit ? ive been an avid follower of oc3d and ttl for a while now but only just discovered this channel , is this like the very quick reviews of stuff whereas the oc3d is more in depth ? cheers

  • Chiken

    Does anybody know the diffrence between ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-8G-GAMING and ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-GAMING plz tell me ??

  • O!Technology

    Aorus stuff...I think you meant ROG stuff Tom...

  • Mason

    1:30 “Speed step up”

  • Darkobssession

    want to somethin nice compare this to a superclocked gtx 1080 i want to see which is faster... but do the max stable oc this one (gtx 1070 ti) shuld easily manage 2200 mhz on core and 9500 mhz on memory...

  • KunaiKrazy

    Liking purely because it's Tom.

  • Pienimusta

    What a cock tease and huge denial. So rude.

  • Advent Seph

    I guess it's nice it ends up cooling more expensive than it is, still a shame that the 1080 ti is well over a thousand here in Canada.

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