Best Bang 4 Buck Mining Rig - How To Build 12x Card 1060 ETH GPU Miner

This build is focused all around one thing . .achieving ROI or return on investment as fast as possible.
Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon -
Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon -

1060 3gb (Shown) (Cheaper) (Alternative) ($25 rebate atm)
PCIE Risers
Motherboard (Alternative seller)
USB Harddrive (Better price Alt.)
Mining Shelf Rack (Black) (Silver)
PCIE 1x 6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin
Zip Ties
Arctic Silver Kit
Power Supplies 750w EVGA 1200w EVGA 750w Server 1200w Server (Gold) Pico PSU ATX Adap.
Powerline Ethernet Adapter
Felt Pads
Download smOS
Download HDD Raw Copy

In turn this is the most profitable on a bang for buck basis for a GPU Mining Rig that I have ever had or ever built. This build eliminates extra pieces and utilizes a very cost effective graphics card on the cryptocurrency that is currently most profitable to mine which is mining Ethereum/ETH/Ether. This build feels like an achievement per my original goals as I got into crypto to mine Ethereum. This build is also partially inspired by some of the mining rig builds completed by Bits Be Trippin.

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  • peppercar

    Thanks for making your videos with a still camera. No headaches! Also, anything can overheat and start a fire. Even the best equipment can have manufacturing defects that will cause an electrical short. Your rack is safest when you use metal.

  • matty corn has pre-built mining rigs already lol. they even have mining rigs without the gpus, so you can add gpus yourself, for cheap. Their current rigs have the gpu's valued at under $400 per graphics card. The graphics cards they use are radeon 570's.

  • Cevan Triplett

    Wonder how well this build still stands up today.

  • Gary Masson

    Good video - thanks. Good job.

  • Charles Nix

    How much brain power does it take to run a mining operation.

  • Stefan Kostic

    Install CryptoTab and start mining on your browser! You can earn bitcoins just for searching the web... Check out CryptoTab now:

  • Kids First

    It would cost over $7000 to make this now.How long would it take to pay off.???

  • miro skoric

    hey Vosk can you please tell me how do you overclock your 3gb nvidia for eth mining?

  • David N

    4 pin molex doesn't have 3.3v

  • Marcelo Aliberti

    Hi, I was reading a lot about GTX 1080 - 1070 and 1060. Most of the readings say the 1070 is the best for mining, but i can't find just one number that can verify that. Forget the electricity cost, I pay nothing for EE. The 1080 at the actual costs ($ 630 for a Gigabyte) has better hash rate per dollar than the 1070 and the 1060, the 1060 could have just a tiny better sol/$ (0.92 vs 1.1), BUT that is when you compare one rig vs one rig, but to have the same hash rate you have to put more 1060, so you have an step cost when you reach your mobo max GPU capacity, so you need a new mobo, cpu, mem, riser, SSD, rig, etc. with the 1080, at least you will need a new or an additional PSU. Do you or anyone you know do the math with the actual components cost and coin prices, and could you please tell me where those maths are?

  • Jason Nightingale

    Hey voskcoin, love the video, just built one of these and works great. Do you have a preferred miner program setting in

  • Dan Mac

    I bought that USB pen to use as hard drive and it sucks bit time. It was a Lexar 64GB just like the one you chose. It's a big no no. Had lots of problems, really slow system, and the worst: When you are tuning the gpu, it crashes and you lose a lot of time. I trashed it, it's a really shitty pen and I bought a 128GB Plextor SSD for 50 bucks. With the SSD I could push the GPU much further without the system crashing ( +316 core instead of + 222 core)

  • Ahmed Azzam

    Good work, I am thinking to use this card (ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-fan OC Edition VR Ready Dual HDMI DP 1.4 Gaming Graphics Card (DUAL-GTX1060-O6G) with the rest of your setup what you think?

  • Tim Schnedler

    Love this Video, Great Job! FYI your videos have helped me build my first rig, i am using the same motherboard, with 2x 750w power supplies, running 12 1050ti 4gb cards, Even though they are just 1050 ti cards they work great for the Average price I have paid for them. Hope to get them paid off in 5 more months, (been up and running for 1 month now) and then start buying some 1080 cards for my second build. Simple mining wow its so great, I almost went with awesome miner till i watched your videos. Any Suggestions on best ways to get and find the video cards?

  • Atlis07

    how long will this build profit?

  • Splitz

    how do i get more vga power cables for my graphics cards? or where but thanks for the video

  • Chris Rogers

    can you share your "linux" distro info - i like the concept of the thumbdrive but am literally linux "stupid" so ANY help you could provide would be great (even if it's in another video you have - just point me in the direction?) Thanks!

  • Jose DeLeon

    I would like to know at current prices which card would you recommend? Thanks

  • BooostedGTI

    How much do you think id make with 3 or 4 1060gtx? Rn i only have 1 but in the up coming future ill hook up 2 more

  • Kwee

    Hi Vosk , How do you monitor your rigs ? Are you using simplemining OS for all rigs ? Thanks

  • Peter Ellens

    Really hope you never have to go threw a earthquake... all those hanging gpus are going to smash into each other!

  • California Dreaming

    @VoskCoin - GTX 1060ti will these run well mining for ALT coins vs a 1080ti? Fraction of the cost...

  • Chad711m

    At 9:30 I finally realized that is a shirt

  • Doug Carpenter

    how do you feel about selling hash to nicehash?

  • starcatify

    Are the PCI-e power splitters holding the power up for two cards safely? The black/yellow cabling looks pretty thin to me.

  • Stan Warchock

    Is this still profitable?

  • Camdex

    Hope the government ruins mining for everyone....LOL.

  • aajake13

    Is this still relevant as in the equipment isn't outdated yet? Because it was uploaded almost 6 months ago


    What other coins can I mine with this setup?

  • germandude010

    very informative thank you!

  • Rog Rod

    I am really getting into watching this Vsok Channel. Thanks bro

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    is crypto minning still profitable if so i will invest

  • David Westenberger

    What cpu fan do you use?

  • Dominik

    Hi, few questions. 1) two gtx 1060s or one gtx 1070 better value 2) 3gb or 6gb gtx 1060 better value 3) usb stick or ssd for operating system and which operating system

  • Hamid Zebarjad

    Nice Rig.... should work for eth until April next year (dag file jump passed 3gb). At that point just mine something else. Just do the math

  • crypto cent

    Awesome. I want to mine and your video has been so informing. Thanks!!!


    The only problem with hanging them like that is the heat can't escape vertically very well. Neat though if temperature isn't an issue.

  • McRom37

    Looks like your DOG wants you to take him for a WAlk or toss thee OL ball around, just look'em, ok enough Mining videos no too make or if 95% of the people dont like the idea of yous people buying out the GPU Cards and making the Cost of them sky Rocket, therees Pissed off people, not cuz of you making money of coures not the more the better, but you now why

  • TechTV

    you ruined pc gaming

  • Imre Csoka

    Hi, i would like to know how you connect the PSU to the cards, u mentioned molex splitters, i know what they look like but i am confused.are you using 6 gpus on one psu 750 watt ? sighi obviously dont know what i am doing.i run a 750 watt with 4 GTX 1060s, i have 3 RX470s in another machine with 750 watt also.Not sure if i can try plug in 1 rx470 in to my 4 GTX1060 setup and THEN turn off the 2 RX470s and just save the electricity .I dont know

  • peppercar

    Unfortunately, the 'pea' method for the CPU paste you use is unreliable, in which you depend upon the contact and press of the cooling fan to spread the paste. The best way to spread is to use a clean finger to move the cooling paste across the entire surface of the CPU face and to also do likewise on the contact surface of the heat sink. Do not spread too thin. This assures proper transfer of heat. I have seen many heat sinks applied with the 'pea' method, and the paste only squeezes out about one-third from the center. This means the CPU is not cooling effectively.

  • Jon Sauve Theberge

    Nice video. I would like to know what do you use for over cloaking 12 GPU at the same time and monitoring, adjusting fan speed. Thank you

  • Chris Win

    What is the limit for the number of graphic cards you can connect to a computer after all parts are properly set up?

  • chase v

    Can this build mine other Crypos like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc?

  • Tempted INC

    How much could this rig make rn

  • PBNhous3

    Great video!My psus draw more power,when running linux instead of windows,but the cards draw the same power.Do you have any suggestions?

  • Michael Lerch

    Finally realized you're not really wearing overalls! Lol nice shirt

  • Greg OMeara

    As always your video is very cool

  • El Kogan

    is this still applicable in 2018?

  • David Sassoon

    Which card you suggest today?

  • Mike Fisette

    Why use 6 pin to 8 pin splitters. Would it be better to use 8 pin PCIE from PSU to 6+2 pin splitters?

  • bitcoin man

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  • Corporateair XXX

    hey was wondering which of these kits you would recommend? got the b250 and 8 Radeon RX 580 8GD5 sp I have a 750 and everything else/keep em digging.. get videos thx

  • Marty's Observation

    Why did you not use the last PCI slot?

  • Anestheti cs

    One question. Keep in mind that I'm new. I need 1200watt psu server to power all 12 gpu's with that? Also is it better to Power it with the server psu or atx psu? or do i need both at 1200watt to power it?

  • Ashrune

    Why does that dog look so virtual

  • ImStillGaming [Ricky]

    sad that it took me half the video to realized that his overalls are not real overalls.

  • Samuel Beach

    you are killing pc gamming a hole

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