Sooo Powerful! EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming is one of the most powerful consumer graphics cards we've ever tested. It features some unique styling with thanks for the FTW3 cooler and also incorporates iCX technology giving it the upper edge of similar cards from their competitors.

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  • ardschuna88

    I had to RMA 3 1080 Ti cards, and have now ordered a FTW3 Gaming iCX. Can't wait when it's finally delivered and I'm hoping my fourth try will be working properly...

  • NYGiants4Natic

    I just got this card but the GPU thermals go up to 75c many times which I hate. How can I keep the thermals in the 50's and low 60s.... I had bought the FTW Hybrid used and that one was giving me at most 51C mostly 47c but this is crazy. I returned the hybriid as I did not feel comfortable with a used possibly mining used card for $900Any tips? Do I keep side panel off the case?

  • Monk

    Sadly, I've been through 7 of the elite versions of this card trying to get a working pair, and the clocks varied hugely from the straight up broken one unable to even maintain 1600MHz, to a monster that hit 2150MHz (but had bad memory sadly) average was bordering on 2000 with an overclock, ended up with a pair that will do 2050MHz, though they now have waterblocks so I'm hoping for more with the temps under control.

  • Mr. Riös

    Übertakten und schon hat man sicher 1 jahr ruhe , aber die schönste ist es bei weitem nicht :D

  • Logan Steffen

    I have this card, it’s such a BEAST!

  • Ivan Romero

    Hey man, how are you? hope you can help me with an issue or problem. i really dont know. I spend a full salary in a EVGA gtx 1080ti FTW3, when it come i saw a DT sticker in the BOX.... is DT a bad batch or what the hell is? I should cry or just enjoyed the VGA? . im not an overclocker.. Please help ME! NICE VIDEO thanks!

  • MacDaffyCH

    Looking forward hooking up my eleven 1080 Ti FTW 3 Elite Edition to the network. Finally a project that earns you money while helping the CGI and gaming industry!

  • Saeed Anwar

    great to see you back, I enjoyed the review

  • Bao Bao

    My evga gtx 1080ti ftw3 is hot af at 72c it not 59c ?, with aggressive or custom fan curve, it will be ~59c but stock fan speed, no where near 59c

  • Daniel Almeida

    Very nice card and the music was also good, what is the name of that song?

  • bladesofguyver

    If Volta wasn't on the way I'd have contemplated swapping my 2x 1080FTW's for a 1080 Ti FTW3... buuut I'll wait! :D Audio quality is spot on in this video. Good job.

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