Manli GeForce GTX 770 Ultimate Unboxing & Review

Manli is a graphics card brand that you've probably never heard of before, but this is a pretty awesome looking card!

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  • Khalid Al-Ghamdi

    manli gpu is so bad and they die quickly

  • Bartosz Olszewski

    Peoples are bragging how awesome their cards are while I'm sitting here and writing this comment waiting for the rest of the video to load. In 240p...

  • President Platov

    4:15 Indeed, my card came in raped and murdered and they had to call in the CIA.

  • MSWindowsinside

    all of the jiggahurtz

  • Ryan foulds

    Ahh, back when LMG overclocked for their GPU tests.

  • Mazzen Saad

    what about manli ultimate 970 geforce gtx

  • M7MAD520

    this graphic card looks awesome and manly loooool i feel sorry for me because i have a laptop some day i'll have Freaking Awesome PC

  • Mark Park

    I just got 2 x 780Ti manli card, i paid £500.00 brand new for them. I was expecting them to be as reference cards. Then i overclocked them and boy did they overclock. Jesus christ did they overclock. 1 card gets just under 10k on firestrike not overclocked and when in sli and sync the overclock they hit 18k score and all with a 750w psu. Will be upgrading to a i7 4970k and a 12000w evga psu to see what i can push them to. Very good cards and the temps are well in the 65/70 degrees on full load. thats with the stock nvidia cooler. I would recomend manli as there refrence cards i purchased might be able to beat the gigabite ghz edition on firemark.

  • James Bondoc

    That VGA needs to stop.

  • Mikael Murstam

    I wish money had me...

  • In

    The Manli cards look exactly like the PNY Geforce GTX 770 4gb OC Enthusiast Edition.

  • Jere

    looks exactly same as PNY gtx 770. dunno if its the same brand then. atleast in finland its pny

  • Faren Sabri

    I've seen this brand back in the GeForce 7000-series days.

  • Sharif Sircar

    i wish i had money too

  • Techno-Kitchen

    Манли покупают короли!

  • Sir Pigles

    I WANT this card but I cant find it anywhere :_:

  • Makkfeju

    Manli-M GTX 770 4GB or Msi GTX 960 Gaming 4GB  ???

  • CrazyMetal

    the EVGA xlr8 enthusiast edition 4GB is just the same card but life warranty XDdamn 2016...

  • Dag Ryden

    It's just a copy of the PNY gtx 770.

  • blagy

    Thats the pny gtx 770

  • Dave Price

    The new format is good.....

  • Ian Wang

    Who the devil is manli?

  • Eden

    This is not manly at all compared to GEARS OF WAAAAR!

  • Nino Monster

    ... The logo on the front of the box is stolen from a character in a japaneseTV show called Kamen Rider Ryuga... thats like copyright infringement, not cool.

  • John Boulton

    you cant buy this in the U.S. or if i'm wrong i was unable to find it....

  • Broc Stefan

    comparing GPUs and HOLY DAMN it's 4am...

  • DaBadMan101

    4 gb ram is recommended for BF4

  • ypoora1

    Well,thanks Linus. I use the VGA adapter on both my rigs for my auxilary display xD

  • Spencer unknown

    i have a Manli 980 GTX , its not good, its ok most tests show it to be only 90/100 of what a 980 GTX reference card is. An overclocked 970 gtx gets near same results.Fans suck they spin at 1246 rpm at idle and wont allow unless bios tweak it to lower it , so its always audible.Going to try and fit a NZXT watercooler to it to see if it can over-clocked with lower noise.

  • Adam West

    I love the way this card looks, hope this manufacturer keeps going as I can't find their cards anywhere where I live.

  • Portalz Fps

    PNY was a copy cat on this one ._. look at pricerunner search for gtx 770 PNY ._.

  • President Platov

    with that cpu and ram, you will likely not get higher than 35 fps on medium.

  • Seppe Hoste

    how about it actual strength? will it stay straight or will the back start hanging downwards after a while? because it sure looks heavy

  • MrBananaFarm

    Manli Gtx 980 Ti Ultimate?

  • CoffeLover

    gtx a 780 :P no need

  • ShadowMassacr13

    This is the exact same cooler as the PNY GTX 770...

  • Fahim Khan

    @thecritic2013 go for it. it's one of the most factory overclocked gpu, more than gigabyte or anyother have, i have just tested Manli gtx960 Twinstorm, Manli gtx970 Ultimate Plus and Manli Gtx750ti Ultimate, the built quality is just too fine and temperatures are better than gigabyte and others has to offer, The built quality is as any gigabyte/asus/xfx/sapphire or anyone u talk about ... 3 years warranty, best thing

  • nobadesuuchan

    Looks A LOT Like The PNY One

  • Sonefiler

    Is that not the PNY cooler?

  • ThecpmasterX2

    Manli distributes cards to PNY. Thanks Google.

  • SuperCookieGaming

    that's the pny cooler

  • Vetle Westnes

    Still wandering who Manli is...

  • Juicy

    0:18 SO LINUS. MUCH MANLY... I mean MANLI.

  • Gay Shrek

    dude, that card looks identical to the PNY version!

  • Mega

    Hey guys! I have a gtx 770 windforce 4gb oc and it only gets 2000 on valley benchmark. When i oc it. i got less than 2000. It is normal?

  • Ben Rush

    Who the devil is Manli?

  • Ali Abdallah

    Manli is a Chinese company based in Hong Kong and they also have more of these models of ultimate cards.

  • Akiko Miwa

    I'd use those adapters just because I have terrible sleeving on my PSU.

  • doesn't matter

    Did he just mention a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS I have one of those.

  • MSN740

    no point of a good GPU with a CPU and RAM that bottle necks it

  • GeneralBlackNorway

    Get an education in IT and specialize in drifting/operation of computer systems (translated from what we call it in Norwegian) and the employers will come running after you. At least they do that here.

  • orley

    at least it ACTUALLY has 4gbs of VRAM xD

  • khalifa1942

    any one know temp are good for those leadtek or pny gtx 770 how much temp c ?

  • RE4PER

    @legowarhero1 no you wouldnt you need atleast 6gb of ram and a way better cpu

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