1 RX 470 Mining ETH at 57 Mh/s??

Hey guys I came across this crazy card that is an RX 470 4g that is producing 57 Mh/s mining eth (Ethereum).

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  • Asad Ali

    i need this bios i hv 8x rx580 8gb cards tucshop8@gmail.com

  • Sanjay Chauhan

    hello, company name please ASUS or AMD?

  • Jone Nascimento

    Some sort of oscilation may have caused a corruption where the reported hashrate got wrong. It happened to me sometimes but it didnt change the amount of shares obtained.

  • ahmed hussain

    Hello dear i seen video ur total speed is 199 and showing shares 3445 but i have same mh but shares showing 150 or 100 so kindly guide me

  • ahmed hussain

    Plz sir tell me which model motherboard and ram used in this system plz reply sir

  • Imran shah

    My rx 470 4gb reference card running at 78 degree in ethereum . Is that normal? I kept fan speed at 80%

  • krokonosh

    I'd love to have such GPU4 all set in my rigs ;)

  • The PC gameS are PRO!

    Where can I get the mining program?

  • mdkrush

    Are those the mining GPUs? I got two mining 470 8gb's and no matter what tweaking/bios ive done I can't get either one to go over 19.5 mh... They started at 17 stock... I even have the clock at 1100/2200 without lowering the voltage... It's odd that both are slow... I have used claymore (mutiple versisons) Miner gate and simplemining and all get same mh...!@!

  • AverageAsianJoe

    I had the issue. Its nh legacy. If you move the cards around on the motherboard slots once the benchmarks have already been saved, you can get miss readings. Also, running afterburner and amd Wattman can mess things up also. I spend hours figuring things out if not days because hashrate would change. I am running Vega 64's and Rx390x on one of my rigs.

  • Lineage2MediaCom

    it s the miner soft glitch ffs man....

  • Tekin Sayıcı

    hi saying true, look it total speed mh.( 5 * 28.3 = 141.5 mh and 199 - 141.5 = 57.5 mh ...Omg 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Dunja I

    Many american bots dont even know they working for...

  • Crypto Media Lab

    I tried this... Got 63mh stable until I reset.. Kept happening every evening... Re moded the card today...

  • theonek79

    well, somebody explain me this one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-OIEwA_524

  • Amar K.

    One day I was getting 25 MH/s with r9 280x using nicehash without mod or oc... I saw it has changed DAG file at that moment. But only worked for few minutes and then I got gpu error and it went back to 11 MH/s (which is normal hashrate)

  • pratap parmar

    hello you use rx 470 8gb ya 4gb

  • Aquaponia BH

    como vc fez esta bios para esta placa

  • Ramon Pagan

    I had a rx570 running @ 83.2 MH/s but in reality it was hashing @ 0 effective hash. All other cards where finding shares except for that one, once I rebooted the system, it went back to normal and it starting finding shares.Reset it back to normal, you are just wasting energy for nothing.

  • Everton Silva

    Could you give me a gift computer? '-' i'm from brazil

  • Stef Angel

    Rx 470 1075 2025 core/mhz 29 :)

  • 美光伍

    Maybe put wrong processor on that gpu, probably vega 64 processor on your RX470..hihi

  • Mad Stuff's

    Btc- 1KFHADXFsoC5KMfCuQ9vdSo63seeFF3pFhEth- 0xA61e0Be91b7a2BDfDE38d10719c2310E2Ce2087ADonations please .....for little blind school

  • christopher Pearson

    Its not pulling 50 + guarantee you were not getting the share ratio. Its just a glitch.

  • Jose garcia

    Please... Backup this bios and share it me. XD

  • Marcel Inwisible

    u got 6 cards and your miner shows 5 u got 2x rx 470 in cros fire mode u dumb

  • JAM

    Im using my 4x rx 470 4gb OC to mine ethereum and I only get 15mhs!

  • Dean Winchester

    hallo kann mir jemand helfen mein miner einzusteellen am pc hab amd ryzenn und rx4708gb armor

  • Dee Ace

    You're in Durham? Really? So am i, I just set up my first rig. And it's not hashing as it should out the box. I would appreciate some pointers.

  • Proye Nuev

    how much is your speed internet connection?

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