Top 10 Gaming Mice for FPS, MOBA, MMO (2017)

A roundup of my top picks for gaming mice in various categories. Links & deals to the mice in-order-of appearance below:
Top Wireless Pick - Logitech G403:
Top MOBA Pick Razer Naga Hex V2:
Top Budget Pick- Steel Series Rival 100:

♦Top Ambidextrous Pick♦
Razer Taipan (White):

♦Top Lightweight Pick♦
Finalmouse S1 2nd Edition:

♦Top MMO Pick♦
Logitech G600 MMO:

♦Top Productivity Pick♦
Logitech MX Master (Stone):

♦Top Ergonomic Pick♦
Mionix Naos 7000:

♦Top “Nimble” Pick♦
Mionix Castor:

♦Most Popular Pick♦
Razer Deathadder Chroma:
Razer Deathadder Elite:

♦Honorable Mention for FPS Gaming♦
Zowie FK EC & ZA Series:

♦Honorable Mention for Budget♦

♦Honorable Mention for FPS (Sniper)♦
Corsair Gaming M65 Pro:

♦Honorable Mention for Ultimate♦
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum:

♦Honorable Mention for Modular♦

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  • dobby240

    Still got a logitech MX518. But the rubber texture is starting to wear out like hell. Lookin at the Logitech 502

  • NieanVlogs

    i need a razer DA elite

  • Seanny Cyber

    Armaggeddon starship 3

  • JuanFelipe {GD} Y Mas

    Mamba tournement edition and Logitech g502 Give fps?

  • jewfishnazifood

    so no best FPS mouse. its was supposed to be the first one but it was nowhere in the vid. good vid anyways though, good info.

  • Blarin Dragon

    I feel that this video seems to not have enough Corsair mice

  • Vince Friel

    He chose the Master over the 2s? I thought this was a 2017 list?

  • Yanuar Tri Aditya Nugraha

    Used Sensei, DA, EC1-A and lately moved to Naos 7000. So far, I think Naos 7000 is the most comfortable and the best for wider usage.

  • d3ad6ull

    someone needs to make a smash proof one

  • River

    G600 is perfect.... until some of the side buttons inevitably stop working correctly. I've had 3 and they've all had this issue a few months down the line, that's why I'm here.

  • JaydonPlayzMC

    I'm using the Razer Naga Chroma

  • High Gros

    G403 got broken in less than 6 months.I haven't dropped it a single time.regular gaming usage(was playing dota2)

  • God


  • Leaague Of OP Mains

    in 5:28 whats the game? plz answer

  • Ryann Verano

    Thermaltake is in number 99


    Did you guys hear the rap at 2:13

  • Casper Mroczek

    do the ibuypower zeus E2

  • Godly Dude

    im rocking the Lancehead TE

  • iraliX

    Best mmo: adx firepower v.03

  • everennui

    I will never buy a SteelSeries product again after purchasing their StratusXL.

  • Luca Shi

    I feel like the g900/903 is better than the g403

  • The Mask animated series

    I have the golden Rival 100 but I´m so hardcore gamer that the mouse wheel has worn down quite a bit already

  • John KD

    This guy looks so high

  • chad

    Where is the best FPS one?

  • Items that are penisified.

    why does he look like crippling depression

  • Siege link

    If anyone here is watching and you want a mouse like the Deathadder but without the lip on both sides of the middle, get the Lancehead. I tested both and they are basically the same except for that lip.

  • iTz_Dirt

    I caught it! “Hey, that’s my Onix “

  • Dot Zed A

    never buy a razor, just dont, their products are bad

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