Top 10 Gaming Mice for FPS, MOBA, MMO (2017)

A roundup of my top picks for gaming mice in various categories. Links & deals to the mice in-order-of appearance below:
Top Wireless Pick - Logitech G403:
Top MOBA Pick Razer Naga Hex V2:
Top Budget Pick- Steel Series Rival 100:

♦Top Ambidextrous Pick♦
Razer Taipan (White):

♦Top Lightweight Pick♦
Finalmouse S1 2nd Edition:

♦Top MMO Pick♦
Logitech G600 MMO:

♦Top Productivity Pick♦
Logitech MX Master (Stone):

♦Top Ergonomic Pick♦
Mionix Naos 7000:

♦Top “Nimble” Pick♦
Mionix Castor:

♦Most Popular Pick♦
Razer Deathadder Chroma:
Razer Deathadder Elite:

♦Honorable Mention for FPS Gaming♦
Zowie FK EC & ZA Series:

♦Honorable Mention for Budget♦

♦Honorable Mention for FPS (Sniper)♦
Corsair Gaming M65 Pro:

♦Honorable Mention for Ultimate♦
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum:

♦Honorable Mention for Modular♦

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  • The Grape King

    You look so chilled talking into the camera. I feel like I just took mushrooms or LSD and you're telling me an amazing story. On a serious note, love the video. +1 sub.

  • Ryan Lamb

    (This dude is so cringy)

  • Gaming Tube

    It syncs with the music 2:12

  • Mihai Dobrin

    laser mice are terrible for gaming ... i had over 15 gaming mice in last 10 years.i bought my 1st gaming mouse in 2009 a Razer Deathadder 3G. my full list is like this:razer: deathadder 3g / deathadder chroma / deathadder elite / mamba tournament edition / lancehead tournament edition / habusteelseries: kinzu / sensei (1st one) / rival 300logitech: mx518 / g402 / g502 / g403roccat: kova v1 / kova v2 / konewhat i can tell you is the fact that laser sensors even if theoretically are better in real life they perform worst than optical ones. The reason behind this is the fact that in time your pad gets dusty and the lenses from the sensor too and as a result your sensor will freeze from time to time. so to be honest with you doesn't matter if is a razer / logitech / steelseries / roccat / corsair /mionix .... all the laser mice that i had are the same terrible experience. And now about quality are pretty similar every single mouse has his own issues like clicks or poor plastic quality or poor drivers. in my opinion all the gaming mice are overpriced you pay for the brand and lights they are made to die to buy another one. So if you chose one gaming mouse just go for one that fits your grip and the one that looks better for you

  • Waryas

    Nigga where the fuck is the g pro

  • Parker Bhramacharimayum

    Where is d fps category?

  • james martin

    I didn't catch the best fps mouse. Did anyone else?

  • Davi Sousa

    Nice vídeo, btw dont recomend mices with laser sensors

  • d3ad6ull

    someone needs to make a smash proof one

  • Thou Dan King

    You make me uncomfortable

  • Eduardo Oliveira

    Naga for fps wtffffffffff

  • xDaRkSuNx

    where in the hell is the corsair scimitar?!?!? i am offended that the g600 was put over my lord and savior.

  • Neisor

    I was in love with g402 but cable died after 1year, i have been always treated that with "love" D: So never ever again going to buy Logitech mice, they can keep their shit.Probably going to buy Rival next.

  • BouliFNA Bouli Bouliza cueli kativi

    roccat Tyon or Roccat Nyth

  • KrossFire

    For fps the best is hands down Zowie. All editions are just differently sized and they are ridiculously goof

  • Christopher KOFOD

    Steelseries Rival 300

  • FuckMyLife

    You look like that killer from scream

  • MyNameIsSteveYesitis

    I noticed you didn't include a collectible card game genre. Can you pls recommend me a good gaming mouse to use for hearthstone?

  • shnoopy doopy

    What if i play both mmo and fps like daily, all the time. Does an mmo mouse just kinda suck when playing an fps?

  • jwcurry83

    The Logitech G502 is still the best gaming mouse out there IMO. I haven't touched anything that comes close to it yet.

  • haruga

    where is the best fps category????

  • Destinygamer47

    FinalMouse = DestinyMouse

  • POINT HOPE Mlaea

    Razer Mamba tournament edition

  • daily_vlogers

    rite now im using a naga hex v2

  • MykeGaming H.

    im still using logitech g3 since it came out....that was like.... shit...i dont even remember anymore when it came out but im pretty sure it was more than 7 years. very simple and straight forward

  • yolo gaming and vlogging

    I have the normal death adder but it still is good XD

  • 2simplegamerz

    Top ten list under 90 mins already gets a like

  • Spycart Reborn

    Where's the deathadder elite

  • XEspenXx Rønning

    You look like RAWKUS from huston outlaws in oveteatch league.

  • Green Channel

    The best gaming mouse on (((eBay)))

  • xXXFirestorm27

    razer mamba tournament has 14000 dpi

  • timmy tijd

    I have the rival 100 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😍😍

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