GTX 1070 385.69 ethereum mining driver modification - 58+ mh/s per card


The official Nvidia GTX driver 385.69 has been released on 09/21/17. Our team of IT specialists modificated and tweaked the drivers parameters to optmize the GTX Chip to perform extremely good in mining cryptocurrencies. It is working with the new coin Bitcoin Gold. In this video we show how easy the installation is and how much power the rig uses.
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Newest GTX 1070ti driver for windows :

other driver downloads for windows:

GTX 1060:
GTX 1070:
GTX 1080 (and Ti) :

Linux, EthOS, SimpleOS:
GTX 1060:
GTX 1070:
  • Mikail Bayram

    hi, on which brand display card did this result or whether the same result could be obtained for all graphics cards

  • mrpyro07

    Would this work with EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0 Black Ed. 8 GB cards?

  • Norbert Čierťašský

    What would be the speed with 1080 Ti moded? Can you show me any proof that it is actually mining 2x more with 1070? Info from pool itself for example... Thanks.

  • John Green

    Took me about 1h to install and its awesome! Thanks man!!

  • gag alex

    if I buy a driver for 1080ti, it will work at 1080?

  • marko patricia

    I hava 3 rigs. If i bay 1 driver can i upgrade all my rigs?

  • R Catalin

    Hi, i have 1070 and in the future i will get 1070ti.Should i choose 1070 or newest 1070ti driver?

  • Blaze Gaming

    How much mh/s will I get for GTx 1060?

  • Norad

    I have 2 rig x 8 with mix 1070 and 1080ti can one driver work on all ?

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