Noob Tries to build a Bitcoin Mining Rig - £2200 down the pan??

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  • Dylan Galicia

    So, is there an update to this video on how much you've made and spent in continuing the operation of this set up? btw High-five.

  • João Marques

    This is painfull to watch to the extreme! I can't watch it anymore... Mate, i'm sorry but you are to dumb, i really feel sorry for you right now! If your a noob at building PCs, don't do it at your own risk, at least go to a shop and see if you can watch the technicians build it and try to learn from them!

  • Nicola Greene

    Are you from the uk or the USA???

  • ffcuk63

    How's it going Kevin high 5!!!! How's it going for you now any update... or did you stop ?

  • Alexis Sanchezinho

    He made 2.2k on this vid so🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Mr. J

    Kevin. If you're to stupid to use, I don't know, a fucking calculator, before building a mining rig, You deserve to loose 2200p

  • Harlan Lauzon

    ur Return of investment after 2 years,,how about the electricity bill and maintenance of the machine..?

  • Cdogmaximilian

    Epic level troll man. Congrats.

  • Kevin Talbot

    I see a lot of angry gamers saying I'm driving up graphic card prices...dudes, get an xbox why would you game on a PC anyway? They cost 10x more and xbox and have just as good graphics and are much more simple to set up. Gaming on a PC does not mean you have a bigger willy!

  • Xtoxin loli-necronomicon

    Sucessful troll is successful.

  • MillieIon

    ok i was about 2 mins in when i sent that first comment and im back to actually just to say stop mann this hurts to much to watch . you should take the time to study broo

  • Hosein Jalali

    It's the bright future of comedy.

  • Sumayyah Hussain

    Use green energy. Cut deal with wind turbine guy's. Set it up and leave it for a few years. Who cares it's self sustaining. It'll be funny if Bitcoin drops right st the end.

  • SameTubby2649

    How much do you currently make daily on Bitcoin

  • Don't visit this channel.

    Some thing to point out 1. Using windows for mining is just ridiculous, windows is one of the most resource heavy os out there. 2 you have ports for 4 more gpu in your mother board, you should have plug more gpu. 3. 1 cpu +4 gpu, i admit gpu is better for mining but what of the performing speed of pc. You are making cpu more work to manage those 4 hefty gpu/s.

  • Vickstar109

    Not bosting or anything but I know how to build a pc and I cringed the whole way through this...

  • Valley Kid

    Throwing out a thumbs up, regardless of profits; I 100% respect checking out the bitcoin, and more importantly adventuring into the world of tech. If you didn't know what a motherboard was, you 110% deserve a pat on the back, I've seen a lot of butchered setups, and that actually looks pretty clean. =)My personal opinion on the bitcoin though, is that the value of the bitcoin has a lot to play, I wouldn't look at it day by day, rather id mine it because you have the gear, and just realize its so volatile, you probably shouldn't look at earnings each day, just look back on it a few months down the road, look at the coins you have, and compare to current market values vs what you spent on hardware and what it cost in terms of a bill. (kinda like stocks?)You should probably also understand that when bitcoin was new, the math equations this rig solves (earning you these coins) were easier, the longer it runs, the more complicated it gets. So baring the value increasing, you'd have to expect that not updating the hardware might result in diminishing returns.On the plus side, you could probably get some solid gaming in at the end of this =)Anyways, I enjoyed the watch! I hope things worked out! =)

  • the truth

    I'm dying at all the comments from gamers who are so triggered over bitcoin miners, prices rising, etc. Get a life, go find a girlfriend & stop playing games losers 😂😂

  • TheOfficalDino

    I like all your other video's except this one, for 1 reason, you didn't do much research in Bitcoin, with Bitcoin you don't just buy a bunch of expensive parts and put it together you have to mine when Bitcoins worth a lot, right now Bitcoin seems to be dying, if you did this in 2016 you would have a lot more profit.

  • MillieIon

    youuuuu suckkkk but hell man keep it lol

  • Roksana Asru

    Ur PC build scared me

  • oslsc

    You are a idiot it's not worth crypto mining at the moment

  • Milton Edwin

    High Five and a like for your video . Good effort

  • Mixed Content

    you gonna go to hell for doing this,the PCMR Gods gonna make u pay lolafter painfully wasting 20 mins of my life watching this video to the end,i really don't blame this dude,he has no clue what PCs are about,what they can do,his comment on this video says why you bitching about PC part prices since PCs are not for gaming,so if you blame him you are a fool,he clearly doesn't know shit,he heard about this mining thing payed couple thousands to get em,and he started his journey.yes the likes of him are responsible for the shortage of the graphics cards but he is just a sheep going with the flow.


    u should get a better cpu ur cpu is bottle necking ur system get and intel i5 or i7

  • FuckNewChannelDesing

    Hi 5 :)) !!! and i guess you forgot to put thermal paste on the processors !!! :)) nice video!!!

  • j3001m

    It will have helped if you had got 1070 with only 1x pci power, you looked to be using a card that takes 2, that bad for power, I.e. the setup you got only needs 1x Psu if you got the Right cards

  • Jake

    I really don't know why there were no high school computer part classes in high school oh wait I know because it's common sense

  • David Gardner

    Did your chip burn up just wondering if you took the tape off the bottom of the heat sink?

  • cocplayer

    Is it me or should the gpus be in the normal pci express x16 and not the mini one for them to run 100%

  • Nemnem nem nem

    Guys dont speak shits. Ewerything was fine on this wideo. Just one moment they didnt show all instalations. Ir it would be ewerything shown. Then be great.

  • gimble

    just a big con by hardware companies and electricity suppliers :(

  • Don't visit this channel.

    Maybe you are just unlucky, try adding more power to this project. May be you get some return.

  • James Hovey

    The whole thing. Lol

  • ThxGamingWCs Community

    Your a dick, you know that right?

  • Jake Britton

    Now if you found another use for that hardware, it might actually be worth it.. I bitmine on my two PC's, which I also use for gaming, serving up files (on my massive 14+ Terrabyte RAID 5 array), playing video's (entertainment use in Living room on big screen TV) like streaming video's, downloading torrents, word processing, communications, forums, web browsing, banking, investing, commerce (ebay / Amazon / ....), SO.. Yea, Bit mining helps pay for some electricity costs, but to make money??? Nope. Bitcoin mining is not profitable, considering all the current costs. And yes, it is frustrating when you cannot upgrade your video card without paying 2 to 4 times as much, and waiting many weeks / months to get that hardware with all the bitmine hype ignorant people have been suckered into. Glad I wasn't the guy who wasted the cash to set your rig up.. would be about as embarrassing as stating that a Xbox is better than a PC. (Pun intended)

  • Navid Abdolmohamadi

    This really painful to watch...🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮

  • MlgS

    Legend says this is the most hated man alive in 2017 o.o

  • cody johnson

    Yeah dude highest of fives. That was hard to watch cause I don't know what the hell a miningbit is, I don't even wanna Google it. Dang homie, I'd tell your friend to get off his ass & help you out for real. I heard him setting his lazy ass down, he should have warned you bout that crap.

  • Squrtlemaster 3

    Give him some slack it’s obviously his first time

  • Jack.F Rost

    All these negative comments. The fella said he has never done this before ! We all had to start somewhere didn't we.

  • Roksana Asru

    Such a amature builder

  • Tommy Wikstrom

    The cringe 0.0, also the black thingy pops of when you tighten the bracket so you actually didnt do it wrong ;p

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