Ethereum mining with 2 GTX 1070 65,3 MHs @ 57% Power Limit TDP - efficient ETH mining OC settings

Efficient ethereum mining with 2 overclocked GTX 1070 (Palit Super Jetstream @ 57% Power Limit). 266 Watt Power consumption für 65,3 MH/s. MSI Afterburner settings , Claymore dual eth miner.

2 x GTX 1070 8GB Palit Super Jetstream (both with riser cables)
Intel i5-4670
250 GB Samsung SSD
Win 10 Pro 64bit

Stable configuration: Power Limit 57% to save power at both GPUs
+965 MHz Memory Clock first GPU
+ 960 MHz Memory Clock second GPU
IGP Intel HD 4600 activated as primary graphic card to not disturb the both GTX while mining and I had less crashes with that.
  • Maksim H

    Nice setup! How much ETH this system gets for 24 hours?

  • justin KING

    Which one Is this gtx 1070 8gb gaming X / armor / aero ??

  • Mark Kevin Besinga

    Hi, I have 2 Palit 1070 dual and driver version 385.28 and I tried to mine ETH using claymore Miner V10 but whenever I start mining I only got 1~2MH/s.. it is that really hard right now to mine eth on windows 10 ? or I did missing something? btw i am a new miner

  • ChillR4R

    A Friend got Dual 1070s SC (Micron) and hits: PT (57%) Core (1400 with +140) Mem (+600) Volt (0,675-0,681) and gets smooth 31,2 mhs per -> 62,5 Rig Stable over 24h But if he puts his 1070s on fire (Mem +800, PT (66%)) he got 33,1 mhs each (comb. 66,2 mhs). I think its depend on homestate & energy-costs to hit a personal sweetspot.One advice: Micron guaranteed the OEMs max. of +800 Memspeed, so it will reduce lifetime of GPU, when u OC so much. This statement is based on 1070 FE, so your cards will die much earlier (think of it). p.s. im not a miner but couple of friends do it.

  • Diego Abbasbayli

    great VIDEO ! how do you go get your memory so high ? I have a GIGABYTE G1 1070 + Asus Strix 1070 and I can only go to 640 on memory :)

  • Milorad Trninic

    Have you tested your cards for Equihash? I have the same card and with core set to 0 and memory to 550 I get 410/Sols

  • dampi0

    Sooo, is your rig stable in the long run? Arent you getting claymore errors which happen because of the low power?

  • Gavin Huang

    Hi AL LA. I cannot hit more then 30M h/s even put memo +1000 , means 4352. Mine is MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X card. Why Is my default memo clock so low?

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