NVIDIA Ethereum Mining: MODIFIED MINER = INCREASE HASHRATE !! (GTX 1060, 1070, 1080)

This is the best mining program for NVIDIA CARDS
- DOWNLOAD MODIFIED MINER HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kghdxznnmmq32an/Nvidia_Improved_Miner.rar
This is recommended for GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. I don't know if it's good for GTX 1050 (or 1050 ti), but It's worth testing.

New version (v2) released in December 2017: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kghdxznnmmq32an/Nvidia_Improved_Miner.rar
  • Ethereum Py

    lolthis is only ethminer + gpu oc tweakif you're going to use this remember to default your ex: afterburner or equivalentotherwise expect a sudden restart

  • Gustavo Muzzi

    qual placa gtx 1070 comprar e para baixar driver 385.69 como faco passo a passo para minerar 58 mhs

  • Gustavo Muzzi

    boa noite qual placa nvidia gtx 1070 usar gigabyte geforce gtx 1070 g1 gaming 8g ou evga geforce gtx 1070 SC 8gb ou qualquer placa video nvidIa serve para alcancar 58 mhs qual hoje voce recomenda qual gtx 1070 marca modelo para comprar e chegar 58 mhs

  • olokix

    didn't work on my 1070 and 1050ti (maybe only 1-2 for whole rig...)

  • Hein Ehlers

    Your clip shows great promise, and ultimately delivers nothing if youre not semi "crypto concious" .........how do i do this???? JUST suck it out of my thumb!!. Give us detailed information (or would that hurt your feelings). The shit doesn't just work FFS!!! Where do i put the files, what else do i need to download, what other programs do i need???

  • Ulugbek Hamidov

    HI, thanks for share. Is driver version of NVIDIA is important for this miner? I have 384.94 version of driver installed, and so far same speed as claymore's miner

  • Samuel Charlesworth

    Hi, nice video. I am actually using similar overclock and undervolted settings to you on my rig. How does your performance compare if you use Claymore's dual miner v9.7 or 9.8?

  • Mytime34

    So when I log into Nicehash, it says I am mining BTC, but I want to mine ethereum?

  • Xo Xo

    This work on claymore? Im not using nicehash. Tq

  • chaba72

    modified miner, what pool is it? whats the settings, what is powhash?, see, its not as simple as you make it out to be, we mine on claymore , its not like we can just jump to another mining program,

  • boolee 4web

    Treba mi pomoć, kontam znaš srpski. Nekad se startuje normalno, i radi ok, onda počne da baguje, kad restartujem krene inicijalizaciju, nekako ispisuje lagano slovo po slovo , pokaže ovu grešku i stane. Initialising miner...Cuda error in func 'ethash_generate_dag' at line 123 : the launch timed out and was terminated.

  • Chitlins Laundry

    How can I use this with nicehash?

  • Alex Sun

    hi i like your video very much, i am trying my GTX 1070 and by using your settings i get almost 33Mh/s but the power usage is about 140w, the power limit is just like your seting, how can you reach 65w? or this is only the power usage for the graphc cards? because i am saying the system usage at the wall, thank you

  • Rap Player

    WTF??? How does this work? My GTX 1060 went from 22~23 MH/s to 25 MH/s and the temperature is lower. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  • TechnicsKuzya

    Can you give worked link?

  • Linoge279

    Hi.. can't download the modified miner from the link you provided, possible to email me instead

  • zVoxty S

    Hi, I use this miner, and my nvidia 1060 6gb strix is running on 19 MH/s and at 102W why is 102W and not like you 54W?

  • Mytime34

    How do I setup my current ethereum wallet with this miner? Do I need to make a new account with nicehash?

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