Nvidia 1070 TI the Best Mining GPU? Ever?! 4.7 Sols per watt

Hey guys we just got our first couple Nvidia 1070 TI 8gb GPU's in, and we are putting them to the test! Is the 1070 TI the most energy efficient mining GPU to date? Is the 1070 TI good for mining Ethereum or is the 1070 TI the best GPU to mine Zcash / Equihash with? Perhaps Lyra (Vertcoin, MonaCoin etc)

Buy a 1070 TI here before their price is increased and/or they're out of stock!
EVGA SC (what I plan to order six of)
EVGA FTW (1070 TI shown)
Zotac 1070 TI (Cheapest and same specs)
Gigabyte 1070 TI (Solid price / same specs)

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Build your own GPU Mining Rig!
Zotac 1080 Mini 8gb (6x)
Zotac 1070 Mini 8gb (6x)
Zotac 1060 mini 6gb (6x)
Gigabyte z270 d3 mobo
Intel g4400 CPU
ATX power switch
USB (Harddrive)
Alternate PSU Parallel 750w (needs ATX adapter)
ATX mobo adapter https://goo.gl/BDbcGD & https://goo.gl/5G6pHU
Velcro (Useful for customizing placement)
Arctic Freeze Thermal Paste kit
PCIE Risers
Zip Ties
6x GPU Mining Rig Frame
MiningCave Coupon for entire site = voskcoin https://goo.gl/Qk1th5

Mining software used is nvOC made by fullzero https://goo.gl/pYgo8B
Alternate Mining OS smOS https://goo.gl/jMxTSS

Donations truly appreciated and accepted
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  • Franseven 7

    my 1080 make 6.0 sols per watt

  • Arthur Preston

    I am getting around 480 sols and 4.5 sols/watt on these exact settings with the EVGA SC black. You think the EVGA FTW has different memory or something, and that is why you are getting 500 sols and 4.7 sols/watt? I am also getting around 470 sols and 4.25 sols/watt on a Asus ROG 1070ti on these settings. I WANT THE 4.7 hahahaha! ;P

  • Ramon E. Auffant

    Vosk, love your videos. I have nooby question. If you were to build your first minimg rig, and priceof te buld was not an issue, what would be the most efficient GPU you would use?

  • Zon Zn

    When you will make video with 1070 ti hashrate comparison? please do that soon thanks

  • SuperLowdrag

    What do you want to look for and AVOID when shopping for Risers? I want to order some but I hear so many bad things. I also need a multi riser so I can add more cards to a box with few PCI-e slots. Advice?

  • Fraser Jean

    1070ti is still vastly inferior to Vega. With Vega your ROI with Monero is around 70-85 days. The 1070ti with any combination of Altcoin still struggles to break a couple of bucks a day and that's before leccy. Mining is just so damn competitive now


    Speaking of electric, I think I remember you talking 110v 220? Is it worth converting? Hard to find this info anywhere... : )

  • Mike

    So on your list to build your own gpu mining rig if i get the evga 750w psu do i still need to purchase the Alternate PSU Parallel 750w with the atx mobo adapter? Also what is the add2psu for? Thanks for your awesome videos i really enjoy them!

  • Mike Chin

    Spot on man. Mining Lyra2re2 (Vertcoin) I am running two evga 1070ti SC 8gb, getting 42-44Mh/s, 90% power, +200 core clock, -572 memory, temps around 60 C. Compared to my MSI 1070s, which run 10 C hotter, same power, but get 34-36Mh/s. They all average about 150 watts per hour give or take.

  • Bodie Robins

    Can I use six of the 1070 TI to build this rig. You were using a mix a different cards.

  • Voleurundercover

    Hi bro can you help me pls i want to buy 6 gtx 1070 ti what i need to build a mining rig with this cards???

  • jshockey34

    Hey @VoskCoin what's most important in a GPU mining card, Core Clock, Mem Clock or RAM?Love your channel!!

  • Aubrey Tyler

    $799. EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3 73-84 m h/s Lyrav2 ~ $3.56 USD/DAY *OUT OF BOX$449 EVGA GTX 1070 TI 34-47 m h/s Lyrav2 ~ $2.29 USD/DAY *OUT OF BOXAlso congrats on 10k bud!p.s. I bought the 1070 ti because of you ;)

  • McBiggie1

    I have a evga 1070 ti as well. I don't understand you're hitting 500 sols with those settings. I hit 518 sols with +700mhz only (0 core) with 90% power. Anything below 90% power, the sols suffer. at 60%, only 435 sols.

  • The Space Between Thoughts

    There's a fox in his lap :)

  • DUALUX3™

    great video do you think bitcoin mining will be profitable in 2018???1KSvjSqZkasGr2st3tzAaC5ze6ZzTVJzfU

  • Redz Rojas

    89MH/s mining Vertcoin? 😱Ps. Is this with 1 card?

  • #harizyoBatista

    how is gtx 1070 ti better than vega 56 in mining? looking to setup a mining rig. appreciate the reply thanks!

  • Harkaj33 - 2

    Does this mine more than the gtx 1080 ti?

  • Chris Wright

    Could you build a trio with 3 of these 1070ti? Thanks @voskcoin

  • Long Stock Silver

    I just got finished watching a LOT of your videos! Your channel is awesome!That said, i need some help. The one thing I havent seen you do is hook up your miner(s). How do you interface with the miner? Attach it to your desktop or laptop? Do you need to buy a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse?I'm going to build one of the trios. Your tutorial is awesome. If I used these 1070 TIs, what is the best mini to accompany them for your trio build?

  • Khalid Al-Ghamdi

    Maybe have your buddy order three bam 😂😂😂

  • Pagani Zonda

    How do you flash bios on 1070 Ti? there are no BIOS flash presets available online.

  • Tyler Brown

    Great video, what do you recommend watt psu for 4x of the 1070 ti mini


    does the specific Ti model matter? is there one MFG or variance better than another?

  • Dejan Bobetic

    +VoskCoin Can i run 6x 1070 Ti on 1300w evga power suply or i nead something stronger ?

  • TertiaryAdjunct

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487387&cm_re=evga_1070_ti--14-487-387--Product . Black friday 469.00

  • Joshua McClung

    Just wanted to run this with just 1 gpu

  • mark angelo Garcia

    can we dual mine with this card?

  • Dennis

    Hey Vosk! I love your videos. Great information. I'm new to the Crypto world and have an interest in mining, I'm aware of the "cloud" mining, but have an interest in owning the hardware and doing it at home. I am technical savvy and build my own gaming rigs so my technical knowledge won't be an issue. What would you suggest for a my minor; one that would give me a faster return for investment and allow me to grow my mining setup by reinvesting. I'm not looking to get in a ton of debt. I'm good with starting out small, but spend enough to get this going. I considered purchasing an Antminer L3+ or a S9 but also have in interest in going the GPU route. My budget cap is preferable $3000 or less to start. Thanks in advance!

  • brian miot

    Can i mix 1070’s and 1070 ti in my rig?

  • idkfakata

    wich EVGA 1070ti is this SC black or ftw2 i wanna know it there is a backplate on that card

  • Khalid Al-Ghamdi

    I like when you criticize pandaminers Lol actually i send your videos to them hahaha

  • pc_enthusiast eng

    Are these cards still running stable on these settings?

  • khal9000

    Is it worth to get into mining with one 1070 ti? how much $ can I make per day? I was planning to buy new gpu for gaming exclusively but after this vid I wonder if I should choose this card and make some cash with it?

  • Melpheos1er

    Bought myself 6 of them for a new rig. Will see.Waiting also for 6 Vega56 but i got impatient. Dont even know if i will receive them one day... :-/

  • Nishi Hahn

    hey, you've got a brain full of awesome mining info! I'm so excited to find this channel because I'm going to support cryptocurrency by start mining :) I have ordered another pc which is alienware aurora R7 for gaming and work. I like to know if I can start mining with my old dell workstation T3610 by removing quadro k2000 and adding 2 GTX 1080 GPUs. I've a doubt, if this 685 watt 80 plus gold can handle 2 GTX 1080. I don't have the GPUs yet, they are on the way. As soon I receive the Alienware PC, I will remove 1080 GPU from it and the other one which I ordered separately and add it to my workstation for mining. Please let me know what you think, sorry for the lengthy comment :)

  • Ed Smith

    Anyone run these on smos? It only recognizes the card as a generic NVIDIA for me and you can't set any overclock settings. "ERROR: Error querying connected displays on GPU 0 (Missing Extension).ERROR: Error resolving target specification 'gpu:0' (No targets match target specification), specified in query '[gpu:0]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]'.Available core offset for GPU 0 is inApplying CoreOffset:Available power limit for GPU 0 is 90.00 W, 217.00 WApplying PowerLimit: 217 watt for GPU 0============ Starting Miner ===============Binary file (standard input) matchesETH: 11/26/17-05:57:00 - New job from us2.ethermine.org:4444ETH - Total Speed: 26.824 Mh/s, Total Shares: 10, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:21ETH: GPU0 26.824 Mh/sGPU0 t=60C fan=35%

  • Greg Peters

    Link to the original thread?

  • Chao Li

    U think I can rock 8 1070ti with just one 1600watt psu?

  • Pohodacik 007

    nex time shop pls benchmark in nicehash.. oll algorithms

  • Jamie Galves

    I bought 3 1060s on overstock that turned out to be hynix memory instead of Samsung... How do I know before I order a card if it's going to have Samsung or not?

  • Theodor Ghannam

    IF only Vega 56's were $400 :( those would be the mining king, atleast in Monero but heck even ETH 43hash is good

  • zeake13

    Good video.. your intro and outro music volume is higher than the talking volume. I couod not tell you how to fix that though. ;)

  • VoskCoin

    Buy a 1070 TI here before their price is increased and/or they're out of stock!EVGA SC (what I plan to order six of)https://goo.gl/Wz6VuXEVGA FTW (1070 TI shown)https://goo.gl/epBAvoZotac 1070 TI (Cheapest and same specs)https://goo.gl/9BZPPmGigabyte 1070 TI (Solid price / same specs)https://goo.gl/GvRkJxBuild your own GPU Mining Rig!FULL PART LISTZotac 1080 Mini 8gb (6x)http://amzn.to/2zweEWMZotac 1070 Mini 8gb (6x)http://amzn.to/2xMruhBZotac 1060 mini 6gb (6x)http://amzn.to/2gOOIxKGigabyte z270 d3 mobohttp://amzn.to/2yvLVmhIntel g4400 CPUhttp://amzn.to/2yvIUThATX power switchhttp://amzn.to/2zxp4peRamhttp://amzn.to/2gOnmYKUSB (Harddrive)http://amzn.to/2znaPX9EVGA 750w PSUhttp://amzn.to/2hNSKpQAlternate PSU Parallel 750w (needs ATX adapter)https://goo.gl/ZFckQcATX mobo adapter https://goo.gl/BDbcGD & https://goo.gl/5G6pHUVelcro (Useful for customizing placement)http://amzn.to/2zgKDt8Arctic Freeze Thermal Paste kithttp://amzn.to/2zi6TD5PCIE Risershttp://amzn.to/2xMTKQYAdd2PSUhttp://amzn.to/2xMtVAMZip Tieshttp://amzn.to/2xIib2S6x GPU Mining Rig Framehttp://amzn.to/2zfQEcVMiningCave Coupon for entire site = voskcoin https://goo.gl/Qk1th5Mining software used is nvOC made by fullzero https://goo.gl/pYgo8BAlternate Mining OS smOS https://goo.gl/jMxTSS

  • R- StylezProd

    For someone who doesn't pay electricity, what is the best GPU ?

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