How I find the most profitable crypto coins to mine

Sharing some of the tools and websites that I use to find the most profitable crypto coins to mine.

Coin profit calculators

Big list of hardware and their performance

Miner & benchmark tool

Hardware I'm using in this video

Nvidia MSi GTX 970 4GB


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  • Ryan Low

    Hi Lee, I appreciate all the work you are putting into these videos. Love your channel. Thank you.

  • Eoghann McPherson

    What about this article?

  • Dagobert Duck

    20170417 : BEST GPU-MINING !!!! at the moment is : Zcash mining with GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 !!!!!!!! :So what I actually found out (more research internet) is that a GTX can make about 700 sols @ 180 Watt (max. 250W), a RX 470 does about ~ 250 sols @ 120 Watt (max. 150W). Are these good numbers ? FOR ZCASH (ZEC) MINING: When this is true the GTX 1080 is significantly more efficient than the RX 470 (Rx 570). In sols/price it's the same... So One mining rig with 5x GTX 1080 (ON ZEC) does more ore same profit (After, and for the ROI) like rigs with 14x Rx 470 (ON ETH)... About 780 $ vs 580 $ ? So GPU-Mining ZCash with GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 series is at the moment most profitable... And you need the lees space... But you will need a 1500W or 2000W PSU for a 5x or 6x GTX 1080 Rig ? Does a rig with 5x or 6x GTX 1080 even work ?

  • Boply Tanguamos

    Hi lee, i'm using GPU GeForce GT 740m is this a good for mining bitcoin? can you determined how much can make bitcoin..??

  • shri saibaba financial servises

    pl send mine cost per

  • Well Being Academy

    Where I can download NiceHashMiner.exe?

  • Matt Dwyer

    If doubling the cards I'd double the MH/S count, right? So say I know my 1070 TI with one card has an average MH/S of 30, draws 150W power, and I pay .131 KW/h energy. So input that. But if I add a second card, just double the MH/S to the formula right? Sorry for the noob question just making sure before making assumptions and being the ass, haha.

  • Night Howla

    thanks 4 the help we appreciate it bro

  • Kumintah akakpo

    I appreciate all the work you are putting into these videos. Love your channel. Thank you

  • gcshaves

    nicehash is really one of the best services/miner in my opinion. pitty that nicehash miner is for Windows only...

  • J.D. Black

    I only have one algorithm in my Nicehash... How do I fix this?

  • Zimmo 1987

    we need all you help all miner pls have a open ear for that, we need you help to bing the ZEC Classic to 0.004 and we all can make a lot of profit i will tell all you people how but we need it back...!! For that change on day 23.05.2017 all you fuck Zen Cash in ZCL and let´s bring it back to 0.004 - 0.006 and it will be nice for all !!! NO Rigs need at home to make a lot of profit!!!!LET´S DO IT ALL TOGETHER!!!

  • beau eddy

    would you send me a miner ill pay and give you a couple hundred extra over a couple of months

  • Jan

    Interesting thing though, the cost is always the same (for every algorythm). The most important thing about knowing the cost is to see when your profit will be positive. But basically the algorythm with highest revenue will also have the highest profit right? Or is that not completely correct?

  • paul griffin

    made a comment about FC2 down below. I think you might be interested in taking a look at it, as it's rising at the moment.

  • BigMan7o0

    Personally i find the easiest to mine, and stockpile them. Currently have 15 BCN coins, 11 MCN coins, and some others. I got those coins from sub 2 hours of mining on my 1050ti. Basically i am banking on them getting more expensive than sub 1/10th of a USD. If they even go up to 20 USD i will make absolute fucking bank (i plan on stockpiling at least 500 of each of the easier coins to mine) i also mine some ETH and ETC, some VIVO (VIVO is currently my favorite, as you can get a decent amount of it, and it is worth like $5 i think) AEON is also really good. I have 0.000295 of those after only about an hour of mining, and only about 150-200 shares, and they are worth something like 20-30 USD i believe

  • RandoCrypto

    My profit has tanked today for some reason. I'm using a 980ti and a 970 and only making about $3 a day now.

  • Bogdan Velickovski

    Does it worth to spend money on buying equipment for mining eth(around 1500 dollars), or i am too late? Thanks for your honest answer

  • Kumintah akakpo

    please i want you to kindly assist me in this calculation of investing $150 dollar hashing power 5MH/s into genesis mining for 2years contract how much dollars do you thing i will be getting in a day. or week and overall total for amonth

  • BabiJungle

    i couldn't reach to the mining hardware comparison site =(

  • Gian Volante

    Hi Lee I need to get a desktop PC as my laptop is inadequate. Im thinking of getting a used machine to mine with, is it best to go with a gaming pc or regular desktop?Thanks for the great vids.

  • starkistuna

    .1256 Eth a day from 9 months ago is 40$ a day in todays prices. Im surprised you are not running GTX1080's Lee those 970 paid for themselves a long time ago!

  • Gabriel Davis

    Can you mine more than one currency at the same time on one cpu? thanks

  • shoeprano27

    hey what can i mine with an intel hd 4000?

  • paul griffin

    thanks for the video IMineblocks. I'm starting to find this crypto stuff quite fascinating. I'm off to Spain next week, so I can't use my comp, so I thought, why don't I keep it on while I'm away (6 months). Just trying to get it all sorted now. I was thinking about putting all my info on cloud just in case it screwed up my comp. Do you get many problems with the mining screwing up your comp?

  • Rose Tyler

    Is this information still viable or are there better coins to mine today?

  • Smart Crypto Trader Club

    Hi There, I live in UK too and i wanna start mining just want your help to start with what will be best components for me right now and is it profitable to do mining still in uk on my Bill it's like £0.13+ kw/s ? Thanks

  • Kaybe23

    Who the hell is mining feathercoin? Useless scamcoin ....

  • Moray Rose01

    Great information. Could you please explain dogecoin for Hobby miners mum and kids thanks

  • glare whatsappvideos doean't work.Are there any other similar website..?

  • merry merry

    where can you get HostCoin?

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