Cryptocurrency | What is the best Coin to Mine (for GPU)?

Based on your hardware and electric costs, what is the best coin to mine? Should you always mine the most profitable one NOW or hedge your bets on what you think is up and coming.

I am mining with Nvidia GTX 1060 and 2 RX 470's with ~75MH.

Hope this is helpful to you!

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  • rushingaming

    Antminer L3+ for litecoin yields 500mh/s at a profit of $22/day you can literally pay off your antminer within 4 months and turn profits at $600+/month

  • swagbabyswag

    what kind of hashing rate does a asic miner such as antminer would provide ? is it worth buying ?

  • Sarada Chunduri

    My friend Jerrybandfeild has launched a course which on mining and cost 12$Here us the course link I have already enrolled liked the course because soo many people charge 100$ to teach basic and he charged 12$ to teach this I liked it if you have 12$ it worth to join in it

  • Ggdivhjkjl

    Thanks for the tips mate! You're also welcome to use code "X08nQ7" to get 3% off every Genesis Mining purchase.

  • Jobless dude

    I have been looking into HostCoin seems pretty interesting

  • ralunger

    so how to mine ethereum by not using nicehash miner? could you pls teach..

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