My Frist Mining Rig FINAL FORM (How much money it earns a day)

This is my original mining rig which started out with 5 GTX 1080 TI EVGA SC Black Edition. The final form of this rig has 8 GTX 1080 TI with the addition of 3 EVGA SC2 cards. At current mining rates through nice has you can expect to earn between $28 - $34 a day.

Parts List:

Motherboard: ASRock H110 Pro BTC +
Graphics Cards: 5 x GTX 1080ti EVGA SC Black Edition
3 x GTX 1080ti EVGA SC2
CPU: Intel Pentium G440
PSU: 2 x EVGA HX1200 & 1 EVGA HX1200i
Storage: Sandisk 120GB SSD
Ram: 16 GB PNY Anarachy
Risers: 8 x PCIe Powered Riser USB 3.0 PCIe 1x to 16x Extender Card Adapter Blue Version 7
DIY Mining Frame ~$40
  • graffix3001

    You said you have 3 supernova PSU's?????? Looks like Corsair to me.

  • Rscthebull Gaming

    But can you rocket ride

  • Amir Yosef Mining ethereum cheap cooling rig

  • Tech Real Get your free 300 Gh/s and you will receive a pop telling you to claim your free 100 GH/s and you will see the miner works with the speed given I receive 12000 satoshi in 2 days so this is how it's done.

  • Daniel BTC

    Good day... I sell 1 btc for 5500usd and I will send you btc before I request payment. This is because I need us to build trust. My whatsapp contact is +15186286834

  • Layton Playz

    Fuck yourself dirty miner

  • Josh Otaku

    Hey i know this is random but if you're interested in bitcoin mining keep reading! i HIGHLY suggest this miner >>><<<< Why? well first off its free! you dont need any money needed to start, you dont even need to download anything nor do you need good Computer hardware :D, just open the link in google chrome and install the extension and youll start mining bitcoins!i been using this miner all week and so far i got about 1000$ in BTC

  • ClipsForGames

    So you only get $50 a week for all that? Wow that is horrible or do you make more? I don't understand you in the video.

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